Tournament NeverUsed Snake Draft I: Player Sign-ups [Draft Sunday November 1st @ 4:00PM GMT-5]

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art credit: Zephyr2007

Player signups are now up for the first NU Snake Draft! Now that the managers are selected, they now need a pool of players to draft from. Each team will pick in order of the draft pick, for 12 rounds to end up with 8 teams of 12 players each. Managers can choose to purchase themselves in round 1, and that will overwrite their r1 pick.

The tiers in this tournament are: 4 SS NU / 2 SM NU / 1 ORAS NU / 1 Bo3 (SS/SM/ORAS). Indicate in your signup which tiers you would be willing to play. The draft will likely be the weekend of the 31st, or sometime in the week leading up to it. Player sign ups will be closed 24 hours before auction, and there will be a warning 24 hours before it closes as well.
The draft order and teams are as follows:

1. Kiyo & The New Bark Noctowls :Noctowl:
2. Eternally & The Dewford Duckletts :Ducklett:
3. Finchinator & The Nimbasa Ninjask :Ninjask:
4. Garay oak & The Solaceon Swellows :Swellow:
5. watashi & The Pablodors :Garbodor:
6. Sjneider & The Sav Mode Sjneasels :Sneasel:
7. Osh & The Only Rotom Fans :Rotom-Fan:
8. Oathkeepre & Coumarine Cramorants :Cramorant:

Signup with the following format:
Player Name: rozes
Tiers Played: SS NU / SM NU / ORAS NU / Bo3
Timezone : GMT-7
The tournament will likely be around 9 weeks long, so do not sign up if you have conflicting commitments that would cause you to miss a large portion of the tour.

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