Tournament NeverUsed Snake Draft II Sign-Ups

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Player signups are now up for the second NU Snake Draft! Now that the managers are selected, they now need a pool of players to draft from. Each team will pick in order of the draft pick, for 14 rounds to end up with 8 teams of 14 players each. Managers can choose to purchase themselves (or their assistants) in round 1, and that will overwrite their r1 pick.

The tiers in this tournament are: 3 SS NU / 1 SM NU / 1 ORAS NU / 1 BW NU / 1 DPP NU / 1 ADV NU / 1 GSC NU / 1 RBY NU. Indicate in your signup which tiers you would be willing to play. This will close 24 hours prior to the auction -- the date is TBD.

The draft order will be randomized tonight and posted then. The managers are as follows (team names to be edited in soon):
Signup with the following format:
Player Name: Finch I. Nator
Tiers Played: SS NU / SM NU / ORAS NU / BW NU / DPP NU / ADV NU / GSC NU / RBY NU
Timezone : GMT-5
The tournament will likely be around 9 weeks long (or longer depending on tiebreaks) with 7 regular season weeks for each team, so do not sign up if you have conflicting commitments that would cause you to miss a large portion of the tour.
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