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So I had hoped to release the next version BatCap last month, but an expanding workload couple with lots of little technical issues that had to be addressed prevented me from making that possible. Now I've found myself with a little bit of free time and have put it to use creating an experimental new mechanic, dubbed - X-Attack - !

Some might note the reference to the darkstalker's/streetfighter's EX-Attack...

If you're unfamiliar with how it works, it is essentially a suped up variation of a Special move that either has a totally different functionality, added invincibility, or just does more damage. This, of course, has a cost, but instead of meter being used, it's an item.

Both players start off the match with an X-Attack each. When a character uses an X-Attack, hit or block, the item gets transferred to the other player. Thus the two X-Attacks get traded back and forth between the fighters throughout the match.

You can view a demonstration of how it works out here:

So far only the first six CAPs have had their X-Attacks done. What I'd like would be to get some playtesting done to see if this mechanic is worth being fully implemented, or if it detracts from the game/is broken and should be scrapped or whatever. Ideally, I would like the game released for Oct 31st...(which would be the anniversary of BatCAP's v.01 release!)

If you'd be interested in helping out with the playtesting, please post here, send me a PM or try to find me in the chat. You preferably have some experience with BatCap already, or if not, with fighters in general. I look forward to hearing your opinions on the subject in the coming weeks!
I might have more free time soon so i'd love to help.

initial, no use, thoughts:
You might want another way to move x icons(Steal one if you land a throw?). This would make the incoming balance nightmare a little easier to handle. If a certain X move makes a 7-3 a 5-5 but you have no way of getting charges back when you've used yours then you're kinda screwed.

That said i really like the concept.
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