new method for competitive pokemon in scarlet & violet?

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…hacking aside, it’s pretty easy to get competitive ready Pokemon in SV. Nature mints are effortless to get, EV vitamins and Ability Capsules can be bought as well, Bottle Caps can be grinded for with raids, hyper training doesn’t require you to be level 100 anymore. The hardest parts are getting enough Tera shards to change your Tera type, and getting an Ability Patch if you need a hidden ability.
Tera Shards are absolutely the most annoying grindy part about this.
At least with Ability Patches, in 90% of instances, you can probably just find a raid with the Pokemon and SR for its HA that way. god help you if you need the 10% that can only get HA through Patch.

Like I've actually been doing a number of raids just for fun, and even with all the Delibird raids, you just get them at such a pitiful rate. Even now there's still tons of types I dont have enough for a single type change for.


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They've made it easier than ever before for competitive mons.

You no longer have to breed for IVs (unless youre desperate for 0 Att/Speed)
You no longer have to breed for natures
You no longer have to EV train

Just do the work.

Also we do not allow hacking/sharing of hacking platforms anywhere on Smogon.
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