New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

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hey y'all

i'm requesting a name change to Edgar

the reason i'm doing this is bc this is what i've been going by on ps, discord, what have you for years now and since it's finally free i want to request the name

ty in advance, even tho we've never talked lily i'm sure u are very very cute

sorry can't reassign a name that a longtime mod went by the entirety of their tenure

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hey, i'd like to change my username on here to Hightide, since it's the name that i'm referred to on pretty much every other platform now. also, i'm planning on requesting the same name on the sim.

edit: also i'm a global voice on the sim (hightide inkling) idk if that matters

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Heyo, I would like to request the name Clementine.
I would like to namechange because of the constant jokes and borderline harassment regarding my current username. I am member of the gstaff team and owner of the French room in case I wouldn't qualify for another namechange.

yea it's fine--mari
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Now that I finally have a badge, i'd like to request the name omi (all undercase, of course)

I want this name because, well, its what everyone calls me, its what I have been going by since I joined smogon and I would just want to close the omicorio chapter of my life. thanks and have a nice day

oki omi--mari
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Hi there! Not ready for a name change yet but wanted to ask a question, which is if removing the 'Moon' part of my name would count as removing distracting text, and similarly whether or not the name 'Rain' is actually taken? Surprisingly enough I couldn't find them on the list of users but it never hurts to double check. Thanks! :)

it'd count as a change yeah, rain is taken but inactive so it's possible to claim for someone with a badge. lmk if there's anything else -lily
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Hello I would like to request a name change from Jojos to Simipour. That’s an old nickname so i don't want it anymore. Simipour has been my favorite pokemon for years now and I feel more comfortable with it when with Jojos. I took a screen before them random connexion. I think they are inactive because they wasn’t co since 2019 and they didn’t talk since 2017.
Thanks for reading

you wouldn't really qualify for this name anyway since it has to be inactive for 3 years and it hasnt been 3 years since may 2019 just yet, but even then the august 2021 login seals the deal sry :x
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I would like to change my name to Mob709 since it's my name on Showdown and everywhere else. I'd also like to change my birth date, can I send it to a moderator?
This account was created in 2018 and I only made one reply to a thread.
Thanks in advance.

did, pm me whenever you get the chance and I can help you with your birthday -lily
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I would like to change my name to: Giyulol

I changed my PS name to Giyulol and I'm permanently going to use it so might as well change it on all the forums for less confusion.

Please and thank you!

you don't qualify sry, see the OP
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I'd like to request a slight name change to BlueAizu, if I'm able.

I want my name here to be consistent with my name everywhere else (including Pokémon Showdown and on the Discord). It also just sounds better than BaruAizu.


did -lily
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Attempting a namechange to just "Isaiah". It's what I've gone by on Discord for years at this point (and is also my irl name, not that that's a unique reason or anything) and I know I already had a change in the past, but after actually experiencing the suffering that is having 14 room tabs consistently highlighted in blue (on PS as I will be trying to get it changed there afterwards as well "Isaiah" is also now my main account on PS) and not knowing when people actually need my attention for something staff-related, I think it's time I got a different name than "Think". I also understand that changing to Isaiah would be absolutely final and accept that if this is accepted. Thanks for your time!

did, only typod like 5 times -lily
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Requesting a name change to Tranquility, while I know I've already had a name change in the past It's been my discord account name for about 6 months and ps! name for about 3 months and also something that suits me much more in the way I want to live. Thanks in advance!

did -lily
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Hello, would like to name change to iapt, all lowercase if possible. i go by this name on both PS and discord and i like having the simpler name, in addition to not calling myself trash. Tysm in advance!

did -lily
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