New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

Hi, I'm requesting a name change, I've had this account for a while now since 2016 and I wanna be more active now etc. and my days as a kid is over. New name would be just "Tort" like my discord account, don't see if it's taken but if it is then add some numbers, I don't mind.

tort is taken (, make a new post with the numbers pls because trust me you do not want me picking them
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Since it doesn't count as a name change per the rules(?), I'd like to remove the numbers from the end of my name so it's just "fian"-- it's cleaner and I switched from fian121 to fianketto on PS.

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Adrift and Alone

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Hello i would like to have my name changed to "Adrift" its just a lot more simple (and less edgy)

rejected, not eligible for a change
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Hello there,
Requesting a name change to R8 Konijn.
Reasoning: "R8 Konijn is my name in PS, and I've actually never used the name "R8bbit Konijn Lapin". The name I currently have is too long, and other people usually don't recognize me before I tell them this smog account is mine. It also sometimes generates practical issues, since R8bbit Konijn Lapin is hard to write if your not copypasting it, and hard to remember (even for me lol)."
EDIT: I changed my mind: for the mentionned reasons, i want to change it to "R8", because even if R8 Konijn is my PS Name, everyone just call me R8, and I always go by this name when possible. I didn't take "R8" in PS since the name is taken (This account being inactive for years). If i can't take R8 for any reason, then i'll be fine with R8 Konijn.

That's it. Thanks you for reading me, and have a nice day!

Please free me!

Have a nice day
So, when I joined Smogon I thought this site was going to do something sus with my info, so I made my join date say 12/2/1999. However, my actual birth date is 12/2/2007. Can you guys correct that?


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I'm making the request to change my name to SaberSeven. I learned recently that making a second account is against the rules (whoopsie) and I have also decided to come clean. Mods, you can give me an infraction on my account for this and I take full responsibility for my mishap not knowing about the rule. My reason in doing this was to start fresh live a better and more peaceful online life...and the SaberSeven name is an homage to my father who served in Afghanistan. I wanted to start new with nobody from gaming communities that I was a part of not knowing who I was unless it was someone that I trusted. I posted my story on why I made the move on the other account, but with me making the decision to make this the account and delete the other one (per tdp's suggestion), my story is bound to get deleted and I want to make sure that what was done is documented. I had plans to go full blown SaberSeven prior to me doing this move, but there were factors that accelerated it. What you choose to believe out of my story from here on out is all up to you. All I'm giving is my end of things.

Last summer, I was in some heated discussions with some former friends. One of which goes by the username of STABX4 (who also has an account on here by that name). These guys know where I stand on certain issues and while some were accepting of where I stand, STAB was not. While I saw STAB as a friend from my draft league days despite our disagreements, he thought otherwise based on statements he had made about me. STAB had accused me of both being racist and hateful based on my conservative upbringing and values. This is nothing but an assassination of my character and a disgusting LIE. There were two separate instances of him doing this. The initial name call took place in 2017 which made me FURIOUS. Then he decides to say it again behind my back after I decided to say that enough was enough with all these fake friends and purged multiple Discord servers that I believed were unhealthy for my mental health and made the name change (which took place in October 2020). You will always find out who your friends are in one manner or another. I was fooled twice by STAB and I want nothing to do with him again. I want it known and documented what he had done, but again I want nothing to do with him. From all the toxicity I endured, I wanted to go invisible from the Pokemon community aside from those whom I consider my real friends. I had no intention to deceive anyone but it was in my best interest to start fresh, happier, and healthier while having my past persona buried and nobody knowing who I was outside of those I trusted.

That's my story on why I did everything. If any of you have any questions, please let me know.

done, and dw about it--tdp
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For whatever reason, my Smogon account has my birthday listed as January 1, 2001 (maybe because I signed up with my Google account?). Could you please change it to April 1, 2005?

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Hey there,

I’m requesting a name change to ironwater
The reason is that it is the name I use on both Ps and Discord and it will be easier for people to recognize me. It also helps a lot for tournaments to have the same name on both Ps and Smogon.

Ty for your time.

Hey, it's been a month, can I have my profile unlock please.

Ty in advance.
Hello. I would like to request a name change to Christoss, which is my main username on PS nowadays. What I actually wanted was the removal of the distracting text from my username, making it Christos. However, that username is taken by an inactive/deactivated account and therefore it is impossible to remove the distracting text from my username unless I get a badge and claim the account.
Considering the above and that the change I am asking for is hardly a name change, I feel my request isn't unreasonable, even though this would technically be my second name change (christos21 -> Serpico -> Christos21 -> Christoss).

Eien: No. You reverted a name change, which is largely permanent. However, I'm willing to consider Christos if you get a badge
I would like to claim Christos now that I have a badge (see the post I quote above). Thanks !

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First of all, hi! I ask that they change my name to KoT (the abbreviation for Kokujo O Tatsumaki), and the nickname that I use 1/2 years ago in PS because MegaLucario was my first nick and it was something that I got when I was younger, now that I am a little more adult I would like a name that I like in the forum, thanks!

this is taken:
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Hello I'd like to change my name to S1nn0hC0nfirm3d. This name change was inevitable as my current name is now defunct. It was a matter of time and the time is now.

No one else has this account, and yes this is a serious request.

edit: I forgot but may I also change my real birthday to August 13th, 1997?

i can't outright reject this one in good conscience but if i grant you this change it's not going back at least until game release so final chance to retract ig

changed your bday

done after PM confirmation
Been a month since the actual change (March 13th), may I have my profile unlocked?
Requesting username change to Gryoine.

I stopped using this online moniker everywhere except here over half a decade ago, including Showdown, and its time to make it all match up. Thanks!

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Hey I would like to request the name "Silksong". I want this name because im looking forward to the game said name is a part of.
I grew tired of ziloXX as it's been my name for the past 7 years and i wanted to have a nick i relate the most to

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