New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

Hi, I'm requesting a name change, I've had this account for a while now since 2016 and I wanna be more active now etc. and my days as a kid is over. New name would be just "Tort" like my discord account, don't see if it's taken but if it is then add some numbers, I don't mind.

tort is taken (, make a new post with the numbers pls because trust me you do not want me picking them
What about Tort6087, (my discord #)

that works--tdp
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hiya - I'd like to namechange to Sectonia if possible, please! I've had some time after declaring my intentions to a few others to seriously reconsider my timetable to get my name changed on Smogon - I'm very attached to the shortened version of my current username, and people commonly call me Sectonia at minimum, if they don't go shorter, and I already go by the name on discord. i'd also like to finally be rid of the Servant part - it's been a source of common annoyances for me, so getting rid of it will hopefully reduce those annoyances significantly.

been one month, requesting profile unlock and all that, pls and thanks :)


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hi there! i'd love a name change to KM. this account is about 8 years old at this point and when I made it I was a teenager with a strange tendency for questionable usernames (i was voiced on showdown for a while as "pleasure kitten", so it could be worse). practically speaking it would be nice to have a name people can refer to me as without it feeling weird. most people abbreviate my name as km already because every other abbreviation is painful lmao.

as far as I can tell, the account is inactive / has never posted / doesn't exist -- but this might just be me being bad at searching for things. the profile also seems to be unused on the main showdown server, but I understand that i'll have to wait at least a few months to line things up on there as well.

I realize this is probably a super high value username, so if it's totally out of the question, no worries! thanks either way :)

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Hi, was looking to change my name on here to Y Parahax. Matches up with my main SD account and about every other username I've made recently, and I also just want to drop this cringey ass name I made when I was like 13.


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Requesting name change to Reece. (With the dot) I would name change to just Reece, but that account was registered very recently:(. I’m called Reece pretty much everywhere on Disc and PS, and the Hughes makes my name longer to type out. If Reece. can’t be taken though, I would be fine with Reeece as well I guess.

can't give you reece. ya, did reeece--tdp
It’s been one month, plz free me from Jumpluff pfp

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Requesting username change to Gryoine.

I stopped using this online moniker everywhere except here over half a decade ago, including Showdown, and its time to make it all match up. Thanks!

Been a month, requesting profile unlock. No rush at all, but I don't want to forget either
I would like to change my name to Hugo since it hasn't been used by the account wich is now named Hugo for about 8 years or so ( and the name Hugo47850 is pretty generic and I ofcourse I relate more to my normal name then my name with some numbers. My profile is 3 years old.

you need a badge
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I would like to change my username to Khaz because that is the user I've always had and am known as on every other online platform. When I first made this account, I tried to get that user but it said it was in use, but now when I search for the profile (and yes, hit enter -- not just the dropdown) it appears to be gone -- so I am thinking it is available now. Thanks so much.

it is taken:
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I want my name to be changed to a girlboss, since that is my identity on Showdown and most Showdown-related Discord servers and such. No one has claimed the username yet, also.

Secondly, I would like it if my birthday was changed from September 22nd, 2000 to September 22nd, 2003. This account is quite old so I believe the 100 message rule doesn't apply. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I would like to change my name for Mushi instead of Mushi Musha, some people call me Musha when my real nickname is Mushi, i also think that it is too long, I changed my name for Mushi in many other sites so i would like to change my name, thx you

need 100 posts or 3 years account age sorry
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Requesting name change to Maya. People tend to adress me as such in many places. I think this is a cool sounding name that I don't feel cringy when using (unlike this one, which was a joke way back when in 2016). So yea, all in all, that's the main reason for this request.

this is taken so you would be ineligible for future changes:
I accept the name change.

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Requesting name change to Aquarius ❤ I believe the name doesn't exist sooooo, if it's possible to get it without the heart then I would prefer just Aquarius more.
Reasoning: I'm usually called aqua, aquarius, or ag, but I never get called ghost, so like might as well trim the fat yk.

can't do the heart sry and the name aquarius is taken with 80+ posts
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Requesting name change to Yokago as i have been on hiatus and this is my new name i go by on discord.

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