New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

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The Mind Electric

Calming if you look at it right.
Requesting a name change to "The Mind Electric".

I think that name sounds better than my current name, and I already use variations of it on multiple platforms.

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Hi i'm requesting a name change to Tinii, as i made this account when i was younger and through the years most if not all of my usernames have been Tini, so i would like my smogon account name to reflect that as well. I didn't find any active user with the username to my knowledge

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formerly Sgayt
I just want to change my name Sgayt to Æther because i don't use the Sgayt nick from 2 years ago, and i don't feel too comfortable with that name and make the people recognize me because of my PS! nick "aetherss"

sorry this is already a nickname of a PS upper staff member
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Banned deucer.
requesting my name to be changed to "Flex OKLM" because it's been a long time since I rename myself to sd because I regretted my old nickname and I no longer know me under the name of "Flex OKLM" now

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beware of coco
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hi, I would like to change my nick from hellpowna to coco
I have been using this nickname since 2 years everywhere and all people recognizes me like coco.
Also in real life my friend often calls me coco, coz it’s my third nickname.
It would mean a lot to me

thanks a lot!

still no can do sorry
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cloutimus maximus
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I would like to change my name in an effort to ditch my goofy younger persona so I can be taken more seriously.

That is why I am requesting the name Among Us on Smogon or the name Impostor whichever is cool with whomever decides these. I would simultaneously be changing my brand on Smogon and also representing my favorite game of all time (AIRSHIP OUT LET’S F****ING GO BROTHERS). My preferred color is Cyan with a winrate of 83.27% followed by Brown with a winrate of 41.98%. I know, stark difference right? To prove my love for the game, I own a total of 10 Among Us accounts all paid for. My MMR got too high and sometimes I want to just relax and play so I made a bunch of smurf accounts (aka alts used to play at a low rank for the electronically-unaware). I own pets on every single account. My signature pet I’m recognized by is DaBaby imposter (cute little guy). I hope this is enough proof.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

L (Among Us) ax

im gonna assume this is a joke
Bumping this
Hi, I would like to namechange to touc. It is not registered and I already use it on PS and discord. Thanks in advance

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Kingku ke charan pranam
I'd like to get my name changed to "Thunder" as I have been using that on discord for over a year and would like to have the same name on smogon.
That account was last online in 2005 and has 2 posts.

Also can my date of birth be changed to 20th june 2004, as I thought you need to be 18+ to have smogon, but it wasn't the case.

Requesting unlock, it has been a month, I think.


My Teas Gone Cold Im Wondering Why I
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Requesting to change my username to Aldrich.

Just found out that theres no user named Aldrich and I would prefer to be Aldrich than adding my 2nd name whenever possible

EDIT 1 :added reason

counting this as distracting text, done--mari
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hi! i'm requesting to change my name from dnagerbadger -> dnagerbdager
I just like the look and pronunciation of it better, and i've been going by that on discord+showdown recently anyway.

why not--mari
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Its been a month or so that my name was changed on smogon , could i get my account unblocked now?

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Requesting name change to Toto. I‘ve already had a name change last year but since then I've got badged so was wondering if I'm now eligible to take the name of this existing account. It is over 11 years old with the user not having logged on since the day after creation and has zero posts. I understand that I wont be eligible for future changes after this. Reason for change is I'm know by Toto everywhere and nobody calls me by my current username.

edit: if this goes through can I also not have the formerly title, it looks cleaner without it

done, ct is not optional--mari
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I would like to request a name change to K. Roolest Shark

Reason is that I don't want to be remembered under the ZardX name anymore since I have long since abandoned that lingo and I regret the past actions under it. In fact I've mainly given up Pokemon and would prefer the DK themed username instead to reflect upon that.

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Hello! I would like to request my name be shortened to "Sick". Literally 99% of everyone that I know through PS and Smogon calls me that anyways and I figure its time to clean house of the "ist", especially considering "Sickist" is grammatically incorrect. Thanks in advance, and I hope ya'll have a good day!

this is taken:
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you lost the game
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Hi! I would like to change my Smogon Username to awa! nderingcaelum. Most of the PS! userbase knows me by awa! nderingcaelum, and I use this name on Discord in all of my PS! related servers. If the exclamation point counts as distracting text, I'm totally fine with just having the name in one string (awanderingcaelum). Thanks!

Eien: done without the !
Hello again! A year and a half and one PS! namechange later, I'd like to shorten my name to just awa. Back around April 2020, I thanos'ed the "nderingcaelum" from my name on PS. I have been known as just "awa" ever since, using that name on Discord too. Thank you!

followed in thanosing footsteps--mari
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