New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]


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hello! could i have my birth year changed to october 20th, 2001? thank you!

did -lily
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I would like to request for my name to be changed to TeacherMark
TeacherMark is my main on showdown, and I find this name does not represent me anymore(much younger me came up with it).

did, please don't register alts in future bc the one you made caused this to be a bit awkward -lily
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Hi, it's been over a year since I name changed to Maple but I'd like to name change back to 'DugZa'
Spoke to Lumari over discord and they approved it. Thanks in advance!

her approval is good enough for me, did, last change obviously -lily
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Please change my password. Google warns me my old password was used in a security breach

you know you can change it yourself right?
if theres something i'm missing though please PM me (Lilburr) and i'll help out'

Aaron: Hey it worked! Thanks. I don't know why it failed last time I tried, but, success WOO o/
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formerly OofTheQuagsire
Requesting name change to Earthflax. I have the PS! account and have been going by this on Discord and PS! for a bit of time now, and my current name is something I never really intended on keeping anyways.

did -lily
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requesting name change from "CKW" to "ckw". Everytime someone calls me CKW i feel like they are screaming at me :puff: Since this change is v minor, I was hoping if I can avoid the custom status part but I understand if that is not possible

did, doesn't count as a change so no need for the ct -lily
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requesting name change to "Beraldinho". Beraldinhoo is too long and ugly, Beraldinho sounds a lot better even if it's basically the same thing

did -lily
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formerly Nougami
I want to change my name to: NaK
Reason: NaK is my actual and definitive nick in everywhere since years ago.

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formerly Hikaru54
Hey so I'm requesting to have my name changed to: "be_woke"

Yes I have never used this account because I genuinely forgot I made this. I got into pokemon again wanted to use my email but it was already taken and then I found out I made this acc 4 years ago somehow. be_woke is the name I use everywhere though which is why I'm requesting a name change

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ayo could i have my old name back? among us imposter is cool, plus the name stuck out to people more. thanks

slightly confused but your old name isnt "among us imposter", i may be misreading / reading too much into things but yea plz confirm that it's indeed your old name that you want

when i said among us imposter i was refrencing that my old name is cool, not that it's my name. hope this clears up some confusion
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hi, requesting the name adem on here, talked to lumari the first time i requested, it shld still be available (hopefully) now that i’ve got a badge ^^

i have no memory of this but yea sure it's fine--mari
Hi, its been a month, requesting unlock !

couple days short sry feel free to repost or ping me on discord sep 12th
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hello i'd like to change my name to "Daruma" cuz McSim is my old minecraft pseudo lol i don't want it anymore + Darumaka has been my favorite pokemon for years now and I like that name

did -lily
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Hello, I'd like to request a name change to Eggs. Most people know me/refer to me as "Eggs", and the "McGee" has become increasingly irrelevant as time goes on.

did -lily
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Name change to siras please, no caps. Most of my friends refer to me as siras, so i decided to take this name for good. thanks

boa tarde -lily
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