New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

requesting name change to "Blax", made this account when I was an edgy teen in the midwest boonies and I've just shortened my name to Blax on all other platforms at this point. if i did something wrong and blax is taken, "blaxithan" would be an alternative that I use cause I'm a clown.

blax is unfortunately taken so i did blaxithan instead - if you'd rather the b be lowercase just feel free to pm me (username: lilburr), couldn't really tell which you'd prefer
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ayo could i have my old name back? among us imposter is cool, plus the name stuck out to people more. thanks

slightly confused but your old name isnt "among us imposter", i may be misreading / reading too much into things but yea plz confirm that it's indeed your old name that you want

when i said among us imposter i was refrencing that my old name is cool, not that it's my name. hope this clears up some confusion

your old name got taken in april -

:( this user looks like their account got deleted, could i still have the name or no?
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formerly Pure Beas
I would like to change my name to "Bea5"

It is my primary showdown account name as well as my discord. I am playing in an OM league and it gets confusing because my forum name is not what people know me as. It is my primary online alias.

My forum account is not very active, but it is 11 years old.

Thank you

oh i did this and forgot to say so but yep np -lily
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I registered today.
Unfortunately I used Masterchu19155 instead of MasterChu19155 with capital C.

Would it be possible to edit this please.
I'm veteran in competitive play from 2001 era (Azure, Pokemonvillage etc.) and wanted to register here under my correct username. Unfortunately I made a mistake I did not see. :(
The difference is not big enough to register again.
So it would be great if someone could correct my mistake.

Thank you very much.

(I know, I have no 300 posts, but since this is only a correction and not a complete change...maybe someone has mercy. ^^)

ya no sense in being stingy about a typo--mari
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requesting to change my name to Frito without the numbers, I didn't know that the account Frito was unregistered when i originally made my account and would prefer to not have the numbers anymore (if this is applicable before 100 posts)


done -lily
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I'd like to request a final change to "Revenge Killer" . There was a person with this nick in yt and without him I wouldnt have ever discovered Smogon and wouldnt have met so many good friends online , means a lot for me

since your revert was so recent we're a bit hesitant on this one, if you really want this name then ask again in a few months and we can revisit it
and now?

few months as in not 1, you've had so many changes that i can't really do this until then
if you still want it in 2 months from this request i'll do it then but it's going to be absolutely final w/ 0 chance at a revert so please keep that in mind
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formerly 85percent
Hey, I'd like to request a name change to "tingling ツ" (I hope the ツworks, it's actually an important part of the name - I saw other usernames have symbols, but I couldn't really figure out if this works in a name. I don't want just "tingling").

The main reason for this is mostly just that 85 shows up everywhere on showdown - damage calcs, base power, base stats. I want to set highlights that work properly. And also I've had the tingling ツ account on showdown for a while and like it more than my old one now. (And lastly I want to stop DnB and czim from making 85% puns)

Thanks :)

can't use the ツ bc it counts as distracting text unfortunately
if you've got anything else you'd like then feel free to edit this/post again but yea symbols and stuff are unfortunately a no go
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formerly Gravesy
hi can you change my name to "Marrless" without quotes of course
i made this account in 2017 and i don't use this name anymore

did -lily
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formerly ppödd
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Requesting a name shortening to "peap". The letters are a bit different but still abbreviating the first part of my name and have used as my Discord tag for a year. Mainly wanted to ask since people have trouble tagging me on Smogon with the 'ö', if not allowed then I understand, thanks!

did -lily
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formerly LightScreener
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a month before I requested a name change and Lily told me to ask again in 1 month

I would like to be luisin (all lower case) in smogon again, my main account, discord, and Genshin Impact account (irrelevant but :p) im luisin and nobody, literally nobody call me LightScreener.

I know this is my last change, thanks in advance:)

okay sure, final change though as you know -lily
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