New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]


formerly Luna Fantasia
To whom this may concern:
Greetings. I hope this message finds you well.

I'll get to the point: I'd like to revert to my old name.
Certain circumstances arose which provoked me to discard this name in other places, and I'd like to be active on the forums again.

I understand that, according to the rules, I am only permitted one name change and may revert after at least 3 months have passed.
To that end, the original name for this account is Tyrell D. Barnes.
However, if by chance I'm permitted another, I'd like it to be Shachaawaq, else the aforementioned name is fine.

Approved Request

i think i got this right? if i messed it up please pm me (Lilburr)
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formerly Officer Cactus
Hey can I get my name changed to Washh, it's my username across a lot of accounts like discord and games. I was pretty young when I picked this username. Thanks!

done -lily
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Hello! I would like to change my name to Shampagen.
I was doing something weird back in 2017 when I created this account where I decided to use Ryuka (Lucas from Mother 3's Japanese name Romanized) as my gamertag. Now, however, I went back to using Shampagen and will for the foreseeable future so I'd like my name changed to that please! Thank you!

did -lily
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after much deliberation with myself, im finally gonna do it, no more coming up with bullshit excuses on why this hasnt been done earlier.

change my name to churine, its been my name in many servers for a while now, my discord tag for even longer, and thats just what people call me, before, people would call me something outlandish like "chinchou table flip mr krabs overdoses guy" cause my discord tag was that or smth, theres more personal reasons why but i dont need to get into that now.

finally -lily
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hi, I'd like to namechange to "Eli" if possible.

I came out as trans here recently, I'm also planning to get the name on PS as well when it's possible, so there will be uniformity across platforms.
It hasn't been seen September 19, 2006, but it does have 19 posts so I'm hoping an exception can be made for the reasons given.

yea that's totally fine, gl--mari
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Hi there. So I have a bit of a situation. I made an account on Showdown in 2019 by the same name as this account, but I've forgotten the password. I've tried to look into recovering an old account but haven't found anything. Any help on how I can get my account back or other suggestions? I go by this name all the time so recreating a new account with a different name would be inconvenient, but if it's the only option.

that's a ps staff question but to my knowledge this isn't currently an option for regular users
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Hi I'm not sure if this is allowed but can you put spaces in my name. That is, from fishstickscat to fish sticks cat. I really hate my current name rn and I will request for a name change when I hit 100 posts but...

wow that's an unfortunate coincidence lol
did -lily

Yay thank you :D
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Requested name: UT
Reason: I would like a shorter name that does not get nicknamed 10,000 different ways, and UT still represents my original user name while also sounding cool/being shorter. Please let me know if I need to provide any more reasoning or do anything else.

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Hello, I'd like to namechange to "Kiwi" my name on PS is Kiwiko, discord name is Kiui, and I basically get called Kiwi most of the time, and if I haven't met all the requirements I'm also a public sim RO

:gallade-mega: - we reset the "Kiwi" username on PS! for them fwiw

done, no other changes bc this was a taken name but ya--mari
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hey i'd like to request a namechange to narukami. already got the approval to get the name resetted in PS to match w/ it
as for the reasoning, recently i'm not feeling too comfortable using my IRL name (my current username) in both sites so i figured to change things up. i already got a namechange before so i'll drop the post here
hi, i would like to request a namechange to Havi - looks like this username is still free and i’ve been using it across multiple platforms like discord since my namechange in showdown. i believe i meet the requirements as a sim public RO as well. thanks in advance :)
thank you!

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I would like to change my name to Corporate Donkey, since this is my current username and I'm mostly embarrassed with the content I've created and posted while under the name OG Fatalis, so I would like to change my name to Corporate donkey for this, and I've been changing all of my account names to Corporate Donkey lately, and I would like to do the same for this account.

you need 100 posts to request a change unfortunately
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Hi, requesting a smogon name change to Byleth. Earlier this year, I made a name change to 23Gz during a phase I had (associated with a rapper), but since then I have changed my PS Username from that completely "Two Z", for reference. After quite a bit more thought, I feel like Two Z doesn't really fit me either (can't be arsed to obtain anything simpler than that), so I'm planning on sticking with the name of one of my favorite fire emblem characters, something that won't change. I understand 100% that this is forever and I am 100% okay with that.
here's the old post
Ayo. Requesting to change my name to 23Gz.

Reasoning: Made this account a few years back when I was a kid and absolutely despise the username and im tryna change it to my PS name. (+3 year eligibility)

If my birthday could also be corrected to March 10, 2003, that would be lit as well unless I need to make that a separate post.

did -lily
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be nice:)
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a month before I requested a name change and Lily told me to ask again in 1 month

I would like to be luisin (all lower case) in smogon again, my main account, discord, and Genshin Impact account (irrelevant but :p) im luisin and nobody, literally nobody call me LightScreener.

I know this is my last change, thanks in advance:)

okay sure, final change though as you know -lily
Unlock please

did -lily
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u gon change my nane from 'Nathxniel' to 'natozuski'

- nathaniel


if you wanna delete old posts pm me (my username is Lilburr) and i'll help out
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Requesting name change to "clean" : fairly certain I checked this properly, did not see anyone come up under that username. if that is not available and I searched wrong, "clean cuts" (my PS name exactly) would also be fine

REASON: I have never gone by Fumes on PS, I am known by some variation of the word "clean" by basically everyone I know on discord, etc. Chose this forum name when I joined a year ago because I thought it sounded cool, didn't have much foresight. Choosing a name completely separate from what you are known as on PS is a huge hassle. Hope this is reason enough, thanks.

did -lily
Requesting unlock

did -lily
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requesting name change to heyman because of distracting numbers

did -lily
idk if you wanted it stylised as "HeyMan" or "heyman" so just pm me (Lilburr) if you want it the other way and i'll do it
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