[NEW] Official Smash Bros. Tournament Series for 3DS/Wii U

Due to, currently, going on a haitus due to being driven to the point of nearly breaking not only my 3ds but a table as well, I will be exiting the tournament. Just, don't want to do stuff like this if its gonna make me more mad than I already am these days.


You thought you could challenge me?
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Broke my GC controller and haven't been able to fix or replace (and probably won't for the near future) so drop me out of the tour sorry crestfall, giving opp the win this round and next round in losers too.
I, Akenaga X [翔疾盾斬撃], have defeated my opponent Haruno with my Ninjutsu!

Thanks for the matches!

Details - Taunt then 0 to death after powering up from taunt. Backslash kill. I'd make out with that match ending. Mwah mwah mwah!

See ya in my next super-cute post!

Then Haru Vanishes! Scary ninja powahwhatswrongwithme

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