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Hi all,

We've decided to discontinue the global moderator position due to the gradually decreasing utility we've experienced with it over the past year. In its place, we've introduced a new rank that we feel better reflects the attributes that we want a policy position between regular mod and smod to have.

Here are the relevant details of our decision:

1) The gmod position will be discontinued moving forward.

2) The gmod position will be repurposed as a "Community Leader" position, which is a new rank above regular mod but below smod.
  • All present and future section leaders will be community leaders by default. This encompasses leaders of all major sections on Smogon and PS, including PS admins (~) and leaders (&).
  • Forum moderators who have shown impressive leadership skills and done exceptional work on the forums can be promoted to community leader, even if they do not lead a specific section (aim and ryan are good past examples).
  • All community leaders (non-SS obviously) will receive a new badge (same as the gmod badge) and a banner (if they don't have one already as a section leader).
  • Community leaders will not receive any additional moderation powers.
  • The current gmods will keep their banners and badges, but lose their global moderation powers.
3) Community leaders will not appear on the staff online list. This list will be limited to smods and admins only.

Apart from our current gmods, the following users will be promoted to community leader in accordance with their current leadership positions:
bludz (OU Forum Leader)
Finchinator (OU Forum Leader)
Hack (Ubers TL)
Hogg (UU TL)
phantom (RU TL)
Kiyo (NU TL)
Memoric (Doubles TL)
Eien (Monotype TL)
Paleo (Monotype TL)
The Immortal (OMs Leader)
Lutra (RoA Leader)
blarajan (VGC Leader)
Jio (VGC Leader)
Hulavuta (Battle Spot Leader)
DHR-107 (OI Leader)
GatoDelFuego (GP Leader)
Haund (Translations Leader)
LifeisDANK (Art Leader)
shade (Social Forums Leader)
Da Letter El (Circus Maximus Leader)
Marty (PS Admin)
sirDonovan (PS Admin)
asgdf (PS Leader)
bumbadadabum (PS Leader)
DTC (PS Leader)
OrdA (PS Leader)
Raven (PS Leader)
Ridaz (PS Leader)
Scotteh (PS Leader)
verbatim (PS Leader)
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