Announcement New Series 6 Rules (Top 10 Pokemon in BSS and VGC combined from July are banned for 2 months)

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Yeah this isn't a joke. Sorry if the annoucement tag isn't kosher, but this is pretty crazy and important news.

The page for Series 6 of Battle Stadium Singles was found, and here it is

This means the following Pokemon are going to be banned for 2 months:

* Cinderace
* Rillaboom
* Porygon2
* Togekiss
* Dragapult
* Mimikyu
* Hippowdon
* Excadrill
* Indeedee
* Venusaur
* Tyranitar
* Torkoal
* Gyarados
* Whimsicott
* Magnezone
* Incineroar

This is a MASSIVE shake up, like as big as the DLC shake up. I think it's really stupid gamefreak is causing yet another huge shake up before this metagame has even settled, but it is what it is.

Series 6 starts next month, so September, and lasts until November. Good chance this means it lasts until Crown Tundra.
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