(New Set) Scarf Mismagius [QC Rejected 3/3]


name: Utility Scarf
move 1: Trick
move 2: Shadow Ball
move 3: Hidden Power [Fighting] / Thunderbolt
move 4: Destiny Bond / Thunderbolt
item: Choice Scarf
ability: Levitate
nature: Timid / Modest
evs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd / 4 SDef

<p>Scarf Mismagius plays an extraordinary niche in the Underused metagame. Once again, its Spikes immunity really helps, as it will be switching in often to deliver surgical strikes onto the opponent. With a nice 105 Base Speed, it ties with Scarfed Pokemon such as Mienshao and Zoroark, and can possibly get a surprise KO on both of them with the fitting move. It is important to note that Choice Scarf Mismagius isn't a sweeper, but instead a utility Choice Scarf user, because of its relatively lower damage output. Shadow Ball is obviously going to be it's main move for attacking the opponent. Trick will be its main weapon, as it can cripple big walls like Suicune, Umbreon and Snorlax, all of which are likely counters to Mismagius&mdash;especially the SubCM set. By Tricking a Choice Scarf onto a support Pokemon, they will be locked into one move for the remainder of the match, making them predictable and forcing them to switch out continuously to use the other moves in their arsenal. Hidden Power Fighting is great for hitting the Dark types that would normally trap it, such as Krookodile and Weavile. It is also able to revenge kill the likes of Zoroark and Krookodile. Destiny Bond is a great move that can kill an opponent if that opponent KOs Mismagius on the same turn. Coupled with Mismagius' awesome Speed, this allows her to quickly take down an unsuspecting opponent free-of-charge, and even encourages the tactical sacking of Mismagius. This can be useful to take down pesky opponents that Mismagius cannot defeat in one shot, for example Umbreon, Snorlax, Zapdos, and more.</p>

<p>The spread is straight forward; to invest as much speed and power as possible. Timid is a great nature for speed tieing with Positive natured Base 105 Choice Scarfers, and can function just as well without the Scarf. However, a Modest nature can grant an important power boost, especially the valuable 2HKO on Blastoise with Thunderbolt, the guaranteed OHKO on Chandelure with Shadow Ball, and the chance to OHKO Cofagrigus after Stealth Rocks. Destiny Bond and Hidden Power Fighting will be your best choice for this set, as it gives you the fabulous Ghost+Fighting offensive synergy and an almost guaranteed kill on at least one Pokemon. Destiny Bond will also be your best friend when facing Choice Band Snorlax and other Pursuit trappers. Thunderbolt is an option if you need to remove to bulky Water-types or Flying-types, such as Suicune or Crobat, but it will not be a guaranteed OHKO.</p>

<p>Pokemon like Cobalion and Snorlax are very good defensive partners for ScarfMagius, as both of them appreciate a Ghost-type that is immune to Fighting moves, while they can help to defeat the Special Walls that Mismagius hates. Mienshao is a great offensive partner for Mismagius, as Mismagius can Trick a Choice Scarf to Pokemons like Registeel and Umbreon to cripple them and prevent them from using Protect on a High Jump Kick. Meanwhile, Mienshao can easily defeat Mismagius' checks such as Darmanitan, Zoroark and Snorlax. Other powerful special attackers, such as Chandelure and Victini, make for great partners with Mismagius as well, as they can take advantage of the special walls that Mismagius cripples.</p>

Note: If this gets on-site, please remove "Scarf Mismagius" from OO on the main set. Thanks!

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I don't see the merit in Scarf Mismagius. It is weak for a Scarf user, mostly due to Shadow Ball not having that much power. Ghost STAB is not easy to spam in UU with Umbreon and Snorlax in every corner, not to mention you're massive Pursuit bait for Snorlax and Krookodile. Scarf set is also quite weak in general, and does not have the sweeping potential of other Scarfs like Heracross and Krookodile. For these reasons I'm highly doubting this set's viability.
Trick the scarf away and you get a perfectly normal Mismagius.

Trick it to Umbreon / Snorlax and you crippled one of their key Special Walls. ( so yanmega/chandelure on your team can sweep and win)

Destiny Bond Snorlax and Krookodile and its a guaranteed kill.

All of these methods to get past the counters/checks are listed in the write-up :)
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I wouldn't say that Scarf Mismagius can deliver powerful blows, like Scrafty says it's pretty weak. Choice Scarf Mismagius isn't a sweeper, it's a utility Choice Scarf user, make sure you emphasis that. But aside from that, this is good enough to go onsite imo.



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QC Rejected 1/3

To be blunt, Mismagius is a pretty bad pokemon, and the NP set is really its only niche in UU. This set is done far better by other special attackers. Mismagius is already weak as fuck and it's strongest move is 80 base power, meaning it can't even OHKO frail attackers like Mienshao. Porygon-Z/Azelf/Chandelure/Victini can do the same thing this set tries to accomplish while also being useful, and I can't imagine a scenario where I'd want to use this over any of the aforementioned pokemon.
Hey RT! I think I will have to emphasise more in my write-up that it is a Choice Scarf utility user and not a sweeper?

The main perks of Scarf Mismagius is the combo of Trick and Destiny Bond. The Choice Scarf, I admit, is relatively useless, considering Mismagius' poor power output.

However, you need to understand that 80% of the time, ScarfMagius will donate its Scarf to something like Umbreon, Snorlax, whatever, and receive a valuable Leftovers in return. The Speed boost was unnecessary anyway, and even after losing its Scarf it is still as fast as ordinary Timid Mismagius... which is... pretty fast.

Next, is Destiny Bond. Perhaps you would prefer to use Mismagius as a lure for the opponent's special walls: Trick an Umbreon and Destiny Bond his Snorlax. With his walls crippled/killed, you can proceed to unleash an Azelf / Chandelure / Victini sweep at the back of your team.

Mismagius is very versatile, especially with its Spikes Immunity and 3 immunities, and Scarfmagius is no exception.

Its Shadow Ball packs a punch, and HP Fighting allows for perfect coverage in the tier, being able to clean off a team in endgame fer lulz. It also functions as an offensive Spinblocker, with Thunderbolt being able to shit on Blastoise and Ghost-typing + Trick stopping Hitmontop(although the SubCM set is better at this). Finally, her special bulk is pretty good and it can take Scalds from Blastoises with no problem.

I hope I have convinced you about this set's viability, and perhaps you can get me to write this down in the write-up if you feel that this requires more emphasis so readers will get the right idea.
(I can contact you on irc to convince you that this set is indeed viable!)
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Oh, cool, I actually used Scarf Mismagius a bit myself, and if I may, I'd like to say a couple things in its defense. First and fore-most, I can definitely understand the arguments against it, as it is a moderately niche Pokemon; if you address exclusively as a specially-inclined Choice Scarf user or Ghost-type, then it is by all means just a poor man's Scarf Chandelure / PZ / 'Tini / whatever (in fact, I definitely had either a secondary Scarfer, priority sources, or something to that effect to accommodate for that on the teams I ran it), and the slightly higher Speed and [T]Spikes immunity isn't enough to put it over the top. However, it isn't entirely fair to address Scarf Mismagius solely on this, because as PK Gaming mentions, it's more a utility 'mon than anything else, trading higher damage output, secondary STAB, etc., for utility options, such as a fast DBond (giving it a more immediate method of dispatching 'Lax, which plenty of 'mons can really capitalize on nicely). While I'm not quite sure its deserving of a set, it's hardly fair to dismiss it as "outclassed" =(

And since I'm posting, few things I thought I'd point out. For one, it shouldn't be written up yet, so that's kinda a thing '~' Nonetheless, it kinda needs to really stress that its usefulness its utility value, because frankly its a very mediocre revenge-killer (and Scarf user overall, for the most part) aside from that. Also, I hardly think its fair to call this set a stallbreaker, since a well-built stall team will hardly fold to a single surprise Choice Scarf getting slapped on one of their 'mons lol. It disrupts some defensive cores on balanced teams (ie.'Lax / Umbreon + Fighting-type check) and can effectively wear down a decent chunk of generalized special walls, but stall usually has more than one answer for a non-boosting Missy, even if it isn't totally intentional. Speaking of, partners. The reason to use Mismagius (Scarf or NP), or at least my understanding of it, is because it does pretty well to beat down special walls and keep them beaten down, so that a more generally threatening special sweeper can comfortably clean up. That being said, treating the "partners section" of AC is hardly fair at all, since it implies that Missy is the intended win-condition, which it almost never is. I'd say partners like NP Azelf / Mew, RD Kingdra, CM Raikou / Suicune, Agility Zapdos, etc. etc. all are much more appropriate examples of partners. Spikes mentions wouldn't hurt either, since most of the 'mons you're aiming to wear down are grounded, and Missy is an adequate enough spin-blocker (and Trick at least forces Hitmontop to predict Missy coming in the first time if you get it off there). Oh, and maybe it's just me, but I found Nasty Plot way better in the last slot than TBolt; following up the idea of battering special walls for another sweeper, Trick+NP Missy can actually stall-break to an extent, since after their primary Missy switch-in gets crippled by Trick (presumably having to come into Spikes+SR), chances are good they won't have an incredibly comfortable answer to a +2 Missy for the next time it switches in.
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QC Rejected 2/3

I would probably rather eat a sock than use this set. It is miserably weak, and it's niche is so damn small that it doesn't deserve any more than a mention, only NP Missy really deserves an analysis.

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Before I do anything, I'd like to see more description, particularly on Trick and Destiny Bond. Set comments needs a description of the function of Destiny Bond: how does it work and what does it do? Trick could use elaboration in the "how it works" category. As for teammates, this set needs to focus on teammates that take advantage of the walls it cripples. It looks like it'd be used on an HO team, as an all in one spinblocker, wall crippler, and clutch scarf user (assuming target is weakened or frail). Hense Utility Scarf, which I believe should be the set name. I might test this out, I'd rather not assume its bad because it looks like between nice immunities, good Speed, and most importantly Destiny Bond, it might be worth using over P2/Azelf for TrickScarf.

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From the theory, I think this thing is viable. However I can't really play with it, and there are two votes against it. So I'll approve it, but wait for 1 more QC approval (make it 3/4). I hate to delay this longer, but I want to voice support without ignoring the fact that 2 QC members disagree.
If I may.

Clearing some things out.

Revengekillling: Killing off a weakened/exposed pokemon. High speed, 105 base Sp.atk, reiable coverage.

Late game sweeping: Killing off several weakened pokemons late game. It has the speed to do it, the power to do it, and cannot be OHKOd by common scarfers that outspeeds it (ie Raikou/Mienshao). Azelf could run the rare Shadow Ball, and you could face a rare Scarf Zoroark tho.

Stallbreaking: Cripple a pokemon with a scarf (Prefferably one that really hinders your team if possible), and basically switch in on common moves that it can take, such as EQ/CC/Return/Body Slam/Scald. Nasty Plot actually seems as a cool option if preffered. Can also kill off a pokemon with Destiny Bond. 2/6 pokemons crippled. Nowadays, most UU stall teams kinda depends on these pokemons, especially Umbreon (#1 counter to Mismagius).

Now how come Mismagius is a poor mans Chandelure? What Scarf kills, the specs set kills as well, while the Scarf set is just easier to counter, and OHKOd by alot of common scarfers (Mienshao/Heracross/Flygon), it's slow as fuck and doesn't get any significant KOs. It's worse than the Specs set in any way possible!

Now Scarf Mismagius has different benefits than a standard SubSet. Those two sets works in very different ways, and while a Standard SubPlot Mismagius will have a hard time beating the likes of SubCM Raikou and CroCune, ScarfMagius can simply trick them a scarf. Drop dead please.

Scarf Mismagius is also the only ghost in UU with the power, speed and tools to run a good scarf set. Chandelure has the movepool indeed, but lacks speed, getting the same 2HKOs (Tho of course can be a situational OHKO from 60-70%), While Rotom-Ghost has the Tools and Speed, but lacks power (And speed to take on common scarfers as Darmanitan/Flygon/Mienshao). Mismagius has enough power to 2HKO what it must, the tools to cripple the rest and the speed to revengekill all these scarfers mentioned.

As for Pz/Azelf/Chandelure/Victini doing all of this better, I can't imagine, as they all lack Destiny Bond. They also have weaknesses to the most common scarfers (As Heracross/Mienshao/Darmanitan can't hit Mismagius with SE move, baring a rare Night slash from Heracross. Darmanitan can OHKO with Flare Blitz tho). Mismagius also has the merit of being able to switch in on the common fighting type move, which none of the aboves can (Baring Chandelure, which is OHKOd by Stone Edge from Shao/Hera if it's Scarfed).

A bit messy, but should explain some stuff at least.


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OK, I talked to the rest of the QC members and none felt strongly this was more than decent. Still Sonic, don't let this prevent you from submitting sets in the future if you think they're worthy (only next time, please use the right format for the first part, lol). Also this allows you to take more people by surprise, which is probably the biggest selling point on this set.

I already explained my thoughts to you, so I'm confident you understood me. And don't worry, we got what you were saying, it isn't a matter of explaining yourself here!


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