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Banned deucer.
Missed the last couple upload announcements because I was busy relocationg, but here you go:

OU Pokemon Showcase: Mega Manectric

OU Showcase videos every other Thursday

SPL Week 1 DOU: TFC vs MajorBowman, BLOOD TOTEM vs Laga

Guess I'll run this thread then.

NU League Grand Finals Set 1: shaneghoul vs Realistic Waters
This series is being uploaded every Wednesday, the Final Series of this NU League goes up on Wednesday.

Doubles OU Winter Seasonal R9: Nido-Rus vs Raikoo
Doubles Content goes up every Friday for those interested who dont know.

SPL Week 4: Reyscarface vs Golden Gyarados

RBY SPL games done by Isa go up on Sundays for the duration of SPL.


name elevated but i still act average
OU Pokemon Showcase: Mega Pinsir

Doubles OU Winter Seasonal R10: Braverius vs Lohgock


Banned deucer.
Since the last post:

Pinsir and Claydol: NU Don't Use That, Use This!

OU Pokemon Showcase: Mega Gardevoir

DOU Winter Seasonal Winners' Finals: TUO vs Level 51

Intro To Ubers Part 2

Scizor and Sylveon: OU Don't Use That, Use This!
RBY OU Week 9: Alexander vs MetalGro$$

At most only 2 more of these until SPL ends, so if anyone wants to replace this series they should get in contact soon.

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