New Team, New Ideas (OU RMT)

Well, after the reasonable success of my older team (75% wins), I decided to make a new one, so that opponents I fought before have a new team, so they cannot remember what I used. This is team has a new idea I want to try out aswell, so please give me your ideas. Anyway, on with the team:

Azelf @ Focus Sash
Timid - 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
- Stealth Rock
- Psychic
- Explosion
- Taunt
A standard Azelf lead, but not Niave unfortunatly, so Explosion's power is down. Taunt is there to prevent other leads trying to Stealth Rock or set up, while I can set up on them. Plays nicely against most leads it has come up against, seeing as it is quite standard.

Jirachi @ Choice Specs/Scarf/Life Orb
Timid - 80 HP / 252 SpA / 176 Spe
- Psychic
- Thunderbolt
- Grass Knot
- Trick?? / Calm Mind
This little beasty has fought well beyond what I thought it would at first. Unlike several other Special Sweepers, Jirachi has the bulk to switch in and do damage. I am considering using Life Orb and Calm Mind, to increase the bulk and do alot of damage, as Jirachi has great ability to set up. Works well for defensive coverage.

Togekiss @ Leftovers
Calm - 252 HP / 124 Def / 124 Sp Def / 8 Sp Atk
- Aura Sphere
- Air Slash
- Nasty Plot / Roost
- Thunder Wave
Now, don't ask me why, but I have always liked this guy, and I decided to try out my own set for him. The EVs allow for a little more damage to be dealt, and still retain the Defensive ability. Nasty Plot and Roost are on separate clones for it, but I would like to know which to use more. It is a nice thing to switch in on Special Attackers, Thunder Wave, screwing the switch if they want to, or crippling them, then proceed to Nasty Plot + Attack, or Roost off damage, then Flinch them away.

Cressila @ Leftovers
Modest - 96 HP / 252 SpA / 160 Spe
- Moonlight
- Ice Beam
- Psychic
- Thunder Wave
Think of this as my back-up Special Sweeper, with alot of bulk. Moonlight for extra recovery, and the EVs for enough power to dent most Pokémon. Thunder Wave to keep the Status Spread around, helping Togekiss and the others to do their jobs. Also used as my Tank.

Lucario @ Life Orb
Jolly - 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
- Sword Dance
- Close Combat
- Extremespeed
- Ice Punch
This is where my team gets Physical, though it is kinda limited to just this fella. A basic SDLuke, Sword Dance and sweep. I use this to break any walls, and to Sweep late game. A nice tidier, and very fun to use.

Kingdra @ Life Orb/Choice Scarf
Modest - 92 HP / 252 SpA / 164 Spe
- Surf
- Dragon Pulse
- Signal Beam
- Hidden Power Electric
Again, a Special Force, but not just that. This is for almost one thing and one thing only. To counter Rain Teams. I have a fear of those things, being destroyed by them a few times, so I decided to use their best weapon against them. Surf is for STAB, and gets rid of things that aren't rain based, Dragon Pulse for other Kingdra, Signal Beam for Ludicolo, HP Electric because it is there, and hits other Waters hard.

Synergy: Most of my plan has been mentioned, but a few threats I want to consider are Stell types like Scizor, as I have few methods of dealing with them. Most of my team functions effectivly, and I think my descriptions have enough.

Please Rate!!
I share your love of Togekiss as well, although I play it differently then most would expect!

You seem to base the team around spreading the Paralyze Status with Bulky Pokemon, which is an awesome thing to do. However, I noticed your only para move is T-Wave, which fails against Ground Types and Volt Absorbers (Jolteon, who would hate to be Paralyzed). I looked around and saw some Bulky things that learn Stun Spore, along with base defenses:

Vileplume 75/85/90 (This thing is so unpopular, could add surprise factor)
Bellossom 75/85/100 (Even less used then it's first-gen counterpart, furthering the SURPRISE!)
Tangrowth 100/125/50 (Power Whip, double Status, Knock Off?)
Parasect 60/80/80 (Another Rain Counter with Dry Skin, and comes with Spore!)
Exeggutor 95/85/65 (SpAtk is big.. :o)

Another option is Roserade, who is surprisingly NICE on the Sp Def side, who can Double Status, set up Toxic Spikes (and absorb them, which is nice), Leaf Storm, SubSeed, whatever you need.

As for who to replace? Hmm... good question, another one being "will it fit on the themed team?"


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Note that a Body Slam from Togekiss or Jirachi is going to have a 60% paralysis rate. Consider it over Thunder Wave (although this won't hit Gengar). This will help you get some paralysis coverage - as VashTheStampede has pointed out, the only other way to paralyse those immune to electric is through generally weak Grass pokemon. Don't rely on the "surprise" of a UU grass pokemon, the surprise will probably last longer than the pokemon itself.

Tangrowth can hold its own in OU, and so can Breloom with a doublepowder set. Roserade can be useful with [Toxic] Spikes. Beyond this, not many Stun Sporers are worth considering.
I know about the Immunity to Eectirc attacks, but I cannot get Body Slam on Togekiss, due to this team being a DS team, and I only have Togekiss on my Pearl, and same issue with Jirachi. Do I have any other options in that area, other than the rather ineffective Stun Spore? And on Kingdra, should i run LO or Choice Scarf, LO for power, Choice Scarf to ensure I out run all but other Choice Scarf Kingdras?
Secret power is an option. But I find T-wave much better. Togekiss could also just run Water Pulse for the jerks who are immune to T-wave (60% Confusion rate, anyone?). I Run the standard Togekiss with the Lum Berry and a this moveset: T-wave, Water Pulse, Air Slash, and Roost. I also run it on a rain team, but hey, water+flying is a great attacking combo. (Better than flying and fighting on Togekiss, in my opinion.) Especially since you're relying on side effects so heavily.

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