New to the very specifics of Pokemon, UU team rate

Hiya, Ive been visiting the Shoddy battle sever for the past few days trying to iron out a few kinks in my team. Some pokemon may need to be replaced, and Ive never been that good with movesets, but i've tried this team out quite a few times, and tried movesets that are different than the ones you placed on your site, but some are from the site/very similiar to it. Ayways, here I go;

Team at glance:

Pain Split
Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse

As shown by the evs, Spiritomb is my opening tank. With its immunites and defences I am able to open with it succesfully on many teams with few problems. Taunt stuns the opponents chances of trying to use status inflicting or stat raising moves temporarily. Will-o-wisp burns any physical attackers that either try to switch in or are already there, I usually burn everything normally as it causes nice slow steady damage. If I happen to be low on health/predict I will be low on health in the next turn, pain split is good, and its also good against opposing tanks with high hp.

Im stuck between shadow ball and dark pulse. I think I should use dark pulse over it as I am able to attack other normal pokemon that usually switch in once they realise I have shadow ball, but I wont be able to hit fighting types as hard with shadow ball. I can hit both Pshycic and ghost pokemon with either of them though, so any suggestions there?

As mentioned earlier, I have a problem with spritiomb. If pokemon happen to taunt/spore me before I can use taunt, it kinda screws me over. Is there any way I can get around that?

Focus Sash
Drill Peck/???
Heat wave
Sucker Punch
Super Power/???

Honchkrow is great. A nice mixed sweeper. Drill peck allows me to hit fighting pokemon, and grass pokemon for harder damage than Heat wave because of stab. Heat Wave is there for steel and ice pokemon (ie frosslass and forretress) for decent amount of damage. Sucker punch puts a dent in alot of pokemon, and has been very useful to me. Super Power damages other dark pokemon quicker. I have focus sash to live long enough to take out one or two pokemon.

Im thinking I should replace Drill peck and super power, but I don't know with what, or whether I should or not.

Focus sash is great, unless ofcourse stealth rock is around which makes it useless.


Petaya Berry
Light Screen/Thunder Wave
Signal Beam
To be honest, I was trying to mess around with him when I came up with this set. Something a little interesting. Sub down to activate petaya berry, and light screen provides support against special attacks right before he dies. Signal beam takes out grass/psyhcic pokemon, like Selebii for example. Thunder bolt is there for stab. I have the ability static up so if I do die from a physical attack, atleast my opponent may be paralyzed. I invested in alot of speed because I want him to be able to get that light screen/sub before hes hit/dead.

Im not sure whether or not I should replace light screen with thunder wave. It will provide some more status against some pokemon, but most pokemon I've encountered that have beaten Manectric have all been/used a ground type move.

One of the major flaws I have with this guy is his frailty, hes also weak to the very common earth quake/earth power as well.

Choice Scarf
Ice Beam
Self Destruct
Water Spout
Hp Electric
This is pretty much the scarflord you have on the website.

This guy is my suicide bomer. Most of the time anyways. Ice beam covers grass, self destruct blows away opponents (and usually ko's them), water spout because I get to strike first usually, and a full power water spout hits hard. HP electric is for other water pokemon.

Wailord also has an annoying counter I've seen several times. Most people who happen to have a water/grass pokemon on there team will switch out the current to that one, rendering water spout useless. My way around that is to usually use self destruct on a pokemon that is weak to water spout just incase they happen to switch.

Another bad thing is that if wailord happens to be my last pokemon and im stuck on a move that is useless against the opponent/I have other moves that can beat it but the pokemon I have that will be coming out after wailord dies is weak to the pokemons attacks Im screwed.

Magic Guard
Toxic Orb
Meteor Mash

This is also one of the Clefable movesets you have on the site.

Magic guard usually lets me enter without having to be wary of spikes/stealth rock damage. With protect and toxic orb I set off the staus in the first turn, and am free to launch STABbed 140 base power Facade's on turn two. Meteor mash is good for putting a dent in things that may resist facade, and may give me an attack raise. Softboiled is there to help keep my health up.

Clefable is a great pokemon, I enjoy using it alot, the problem is that without fire blast several steels wall me, and heatran in general walls clefable with ease. Most fighting pokemon also have no problem taking me out whatsoever. But if I encounter one, I could always switch to spiritomb.

Life Orb
Close Combat
Psycho Cut
Ice Punch/X-scissor/Thunder Punch
Shadow Sneak
Gallade has nice typing and only one weakness - Ghost, which puts him above some other physical sweepers I may have chosen. Close Combat and Psycho cut do quite a bit of damage because of STAB and Life Orb. Ice punch takes out the odd Dragon/Grass/Ground that may come up against it. Shadow sneak is a priority move that also hits psychic and ghost pokemon for super effective damage. I tried to compensate its average speed by maxing out its speed as shown.

With the current moveset I can do super effective damage against 13 of the 17 types of pokemon which I also find very useful.

I am unsure as to whether I should replace Ice punch with the moves listed above. With Ice punch I take care of Dragons/Flying/Grass/Ground, with thunder punch I get rid of waters and bulky waters that may stall certain areas of my team, and X-scissor I just don't know whether to use or not.

Although Gallade is great, it is not without its faults. Shadow Sneak is a low powered move, even with Shadow Sneak, and will not Ohko all of the Psychic/Ghost pokemon.

The Life Orb Gallade uses may also be one of its biggest problems. Sure, every move is powered up, by alot. But I do not OHKO some of the pokemon I inflict damage one, and to beat them I must waste another 10 percent of my health inorder to beat them.

The bonus to using the life orb though is I can switch back an forth between attacks, and wont have to switch out to change moves like several CB pokemon.

Spikes/Toxic Spikes/Status can also screw him over because of life orb, and will quickly drain his HP

Over all:
I like my current team quite a bit. But inorder for them to be able to support themselves a little bit more I think I may need to add a Rapid Spinner (IE claydol) to get rid of any spikes/stealth rock so I can use HonchKrow more safely and not have to worry about Gallade becoming crippled upon entry. I think I also need to replace Manectric with Raikou.

Thank your for reading this, if I have done anything wrong with the format I have used/forgotten to mention anything then please make me aware of it in your post. Thanks again.
Manectric is completely outclassed by Raikou. It can do everything Manectirc can do, is slightly bulkier and has higher speed and special attack.

EDIT: For got about Flamethrower on Manectric

Also, use Swords Dance on Gallade. You said that you had difficulty OHKOing some Pokemon and that you felt Life Orb was a waste of health sometimes. Swords Dance should remedy that as it doubles your attack, making it way easier to kill stuff.

You might also want to look at your EV sets. Some of them arent very good at all.

Might add more later.


just who is the coon?
Spiritomb needs Sucker Punch and Pursuit to function effectively as a lead and to play mindgames with the opponent. However, that makes it redundant with Honchkrow so I suggest you make Spiritomb the lead with this set:

252 HP, 140 Atk, 116 SpD
-Sucker Punch
-Pain Split

This set allows you to play mindgames with your opponents and functions effectively as a lead since you are immune to Ambipom's fake out, you can burn Staraptor and you can sucker punch Crobat. Pain Split is there for a reliable recovery move. The EVs and nature are the ones stated in the analysis.

and replace Honchkrow with...

Roserade@Choice Specs
4 HP. 252 SpA, 252 Spe
-Leaf storm
-Sludge Bomb
-Hp Fire
-Sleep Powder

"Why Roserade?" you may ask. Well, the main reason I chose Roserade was that Toxic Spikes are really going to hurt Wailord and Manectric and effectively ruin their respective stratagies. Second, this team does not have a Hard-Hitting special attacker that can destroy many threats that switch in.

Also, some nitpicks..

1. As the poster above me stated, Swords Dance is definitely needed on Gallade, since it allows it to KO many pokemon that would normally survive its attacks.

2. Why is Wailord's nature Bold? Hasty is the best nature IMO. Even with a scarf, it needs all the speed it can get. Hasty is better than Naive because it can switch in easier to Fire, Ice and Water attacks that are common in this metagame.

3. T-wave and Light Screen are not that viable on Manectric because as you said yourself, it's too frail. Any free turns it gets it would be subbing anyway. I recommend replacing that with HP Ice, since it has great coverage with T-bolt.


Banned deucer.

It seems to me that you lose to heavy stall such as Hail teams. Stealth Rock + Spikes+Toxic Spikes take care of the majority of your team, and if said team holds a powerful lategame sweeper like Raikou, I feel you lose. Your Wailord seems to be doing little, however, I feel a Rapid Spinner can fit the role better, and accomplish basically everything better than Wailord with the addition of Rapid Spinning. This is from a theorymon perspective, so if your team is working without the need of a spinner, by all means keep the current design. However, from a pure theorymon perspective, Frosslass can set up Spikes fairly quickly. It can set up at least 2 layers of Spikes on your Spiritomb lead since Frosslass is faster and can surive an Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse thanks to Focus Sash or Frosslass can simply switch out and come back into the match later. Against a smart player, Stealth Rock and Spikes will most likely be set-up. Spinning away the entry hazards allows your teams life span, as well as deny residual damage from ruining your fun.

Secondly, Manetric is completly outclassed by Raikou and for that reason I suggest using Raikou over Manetric. The current moveset you are running for Manetric does not fit him at all. Manetric is to frail to be set up Light Screen and use Thunder-Wave. On the other hand, Raikou's SubCM set is feared and packs massive power and potential. With acess to Calm Mind, a base 115 Speed and base 115 Special Attack, and Substitute, with a potential for use of Life Orb, Raikou is walled by few Pokemon, including Sesimic Toss Chansey, Lanturn, Earthquake Registeel and very little else. Even so, Laturn can only wall it, but not beat it unless it uses a large amount of attack EVs and Waterfall. With very little setup, Raikou can devistate most teams with little effort making Raikou an excellent sweeper. I suggest using the following Railkou set:

Raikou @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk
Nature: Timid (+Spd, -Atk)
- Substitute
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power Ground
- Calm Mind

This is sort of offensive Calm Mind Raikou, however, Leftovers is used over Life Orb to give Raikou more survivability. Thunderbolt is for STAB and to hit Flying types such as Staraptor and Crobat. Hidden Power Ground is to hit Pokemon such as Drapion, Nidoqueen and opposing Raikou. Substitute can be used to protect yourself from status like Toxic. Calm Mind is to boost your Special Attack and Special defense to high levels preparing Raikou for an eventual sweep.

Okay, like I previously said, Stall teams tend to give you problems due to the fact that Stall teams utilize entry hazards like Spikes,Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes. Since your team has some problems against Stall teams, I suggest using an alternate Clefable set that can break apart stall teams. If you are wondering what set that is then wonder no more:

Clefable @ Leftovers
EV's: 252hp/252Spdef/4 def
Nature: Calm
Ability: Magic Guard
-Thunder Wave
-Seismic toss

This set has capable of crippling sweepers with Thunder-Wave, Encore walls attempting to set up, heal up any damage it may ever take, and Seismic Toss to damage any walls that don't have any reliable recovery to eventually wear them down. Due to Clefable's natural ability to force switches and its remarkable ability Magic Gaurd allows it to take no residual damage. Clefable is the worst nightmare of Stall Teams, being one of the only Pokemon to welcome damaging statuses, and annoy teams to no end making celfable an excellent Stall breaker. Clefable can also help you against Raikou who your team has some problems with. The Special defense investment helps Clefablecombat Raikou while Seismic Toss breaks Raikou's Substitutes. In addition to that, Clefable can also Encore Raikou's Calm Mind's or Substitute's preventing it from setting up. Overall, this Clefable is an excellent addition to your team.

If you decide to keep Honchcrow, I think you should not use Focus Sash. Stealth Rock is usually set up early in a match meaning that the effect of Focus Sash is negated. Hail is also another common factor in UU which negates the effect of Focus Sash as well. For those reason, I suggest using Life Orb. Life Orb gives Honchkrow more power making it capable of dealing more damage to your opponents team. However, as Dragonite24 stated, I suggest using Roserade over Honchkrow. Roserade absorbs those pesky Toxic Spikes which hinder your team significantly. Instead of Choice Specs, I suggest using Choice Scarf. Since I suggested replacing Wailord with a Rapid Spinner of your choice, Roserade can fill the roll of revenge killing if you give it a Choice Scarf. With a Choice Scarf and 252 Speed E's with a Timid nature, Roserade is able to outspeed threats such as Altaria after a Dragon Dance allowing you to use Sleep Powder on it before it attacks you.

On Gallade, I suggest using Swords Dance somewhere on his moveslot. With Swords Dance, Gallade Attack stat raises to a phenomenal level making Gallade a very scary sweeper capable of obtaining a 2HKO on many of the common walls that exist in UU such as Slowbro, Weezing, Spiritomb etc. The second suggestion I have is to use Stone Edge in Gallade's third moveslot. With Stone Edge. Stone Edge allows Gallade to hit Flying types in UU such as Crobat and Staraptor and after a Swords Dance, Gallade can 2HKO many walls with Stone Edge alone. Here are some damage calculations to show you what Gallade is capable of accomplishing after a Swords Dance:

252 HP / 252 Defense Bold Slowbro vs. +2 SD Life Orb Stone Edge: 51.78% - 60.91% -2HKO
252 HP / 252 Defense Bold Spiritomb vs. +2 SD Life Orb Stone Edge 67.76% - 79.93% - 2HKO
252 HP / 216 Def Bold Nidoqueen vs. +2 SD Life Orb Close Combat 57.81% - 67.97% - 2HKO
252 HP / 252 Defense Bold Uxie vs. +2 SD Life Orb Stone Edge 51.13% - 60.45% - Stone Edge
252 HP / 252 Def Bold Weezing vs. +2 Life Orb Stone Edge 57.49% - 67.66% - 2HKO
252 HP / 252 Defense Venusaur vs. +2 Life Orb Stone Edge 60.44% - 71.43% - 2HKO

Good Luck =D
nitpick: Gallade has two weaknesses, you forgot to mention flying.
also, celebi is not uu, so i guess its for exeggutor? Signal beam is not worth it, as flamethrower is the one thing manetric has over raikou and if you are intent on using it you should make it unique.

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