Tournament New Year NatDex OU Tour - Won by Zugubu Royale!

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Won in two vs Jordy, GGs (sorry for the crit in the first match, and I'm so sorry for my dumbass friend saying 'hoes mad hoes mad' while being on my fucking alt.)
Having multiple people on an alt whilst playing a tour game is strictly against the rules, as there is no way to determine that you are the one actually playing the match. Had this been an official tournament this would likely result in a tourban but since this is just a subforum tour it will only result in disqualification.

Refer to these sections of the rules:
Ghosting: Ghosting is defined as giving any piece of advice to someone playing a game. Any form of direct advice is considered ghosting. A player should be able to make their own decisions based on what they observe by themselves. Asking for suggestions or affirmation adds an unfair dynamic and greatly reduces the chances of making mistakes. Our tournaments are designed to be tests of individual skill, not the skill of one player with the support of others providing suggestions or preventing bad plays. Playing a game while in a voice call with someone else will always be treated as ghosting of the highest severity.

Impersonating: Impersonating someone in a tournament game will get you Tournament Banned for 1 year, letting someone impersonate you in a tournament game will get both involved parties Tournament banned for 1 year.
Jordy will take the win and move on

Also whilst we're here

won in 3 ggs
Please provide replays as mandated in the rules in the OP :blobthumbsup:
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