New Year's Giveaway: Gale of Darkness (OVER, Mods can lock)

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Hello everyone :D this is frogoholic101, otherwise known as Frog, with my first-ever giveaway! (And thread). I'll be giving away 5 of these Salamence with EVERY RIBBON POSSIBLE attached to it!
Happy New Year's, guys!

Comes nicknamed 'Saleader', level 60, Ev'ed 64 Atk/ 240 Sp.Atk/ 204 Speed.
Dragon Dance/Fire Blast/Draco Meteor/Outrage​

How to Win:

As the Salamence is a soft reset from pokemon XD, there shall be a small series of questions about XD. Please PM me your answers (entitled 'XD giveaway'), but also post here to say you have entered the giveaway and PM'ed me your answers. There are 10 questions of ascending difficulty, but don't worry; prizes are given out on a relative basis. Just try to get as many right as possible! Some answers may require a bit more deliberation. Do NOT post answers here in the thread (unless they are joke answers). Send those answers in, even if you can only answer a few!

EASY-4 marks

1: What are the names of Miror. B's underlings in Colosseum/Gale of Darkness?
2: What is the default name of the protagonist in Colosseum?
3: What is the default name of the protagonist in XD?
4: What is the name of the Legendary Trainer who lives in Agate?

MEDIUM-6 marks

5: In Pokemon XD, your snag machine detects shadow pokemon. How are they detected in Colosseum? (2)
6: In XD, name two Cipher Peons with yellow armour (Yellosix doesn't count!) (2)
7: If you returned to Pyrite Cave after beating Miror B in Colosseum, who would you find in Miror B's place? (2)

HARD-6 marks

8: In Phenac Stadium, there are banners hanging from the viewing platforms. What do they depict, and what is missing from their sequence? (3)
9: Why is the shadow lugia in XD referred to as XD001? (3)

EVIL-4 marks

10: Over the timespan of the two games, the true leader of Cipher managed to keep his identity secret. How did he do this? (Remember, this spans Colosseum and XD) Clue-there was only ever one leader of Cipher over the two game's timespan. (4)

Off you go, and best of luck!
This Giveaway ends on the 8th January. Or sooner, depending on the response I get.


1: DittoForAll
2: Tyranitarphantom
3: Harlequin Boy
4: IceArceus12
5: palkiaqua

Everyone else who particpated can receive a semi-redis XD Dragonite. To get your prize, VM me if you see me on.
I will edit this when answers have been sent

EDIT: Damn, almost forgot about this giveaway. The answers have been sent.
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