Newton's Law of Conservation of Momentum

Another great story. Comments were a good mix of talking strategy and humor. 9/10

-Side note-
If Imperfect Lucky is the same person as Imperfect Luck & Lucktest on the PE Shoddy server, he is one of the best battlers I have met. Also a nice guy! Congrats on beating him.
This was a great warstory to read, and I especially loved the funny commentary (like other people have mentioned). It's nice to see that you also showed a lot of strategy throughout the battle, showing you weren't just battling with little thought about your moves. My only nitpick is that you seemed to be a bit TOO funny at times, which made the comments a bit weird (especially the "mustache" part...-.-). However, this is a high-class warstory, and I'm looking forward from more warstories from you! 9.5/10
Thank you very very much for the generally positive reviews. I would love to write another warstory but I have been too busy to even log onto PO. I'm waiting for the release of Genesect so I can incorporate him into my Standard OU team. I also want to try weather so lets see if I run into some battles worty of being warstory'd. Again, Thank you all very much!

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