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NFE Viability Rankings
Welcome to the SV NFE Viability Rankings!

You know the drill; every Pokemon deemed viable by the NFE Council will be listed below and separated into rankings from S to C-. All sets will be taken under consideration when a Pokemon is ranked, be they offensive or defensive, and we hope to keep these rankings as up to date as possible as the meta evolves from here on out. If you want to make any nominations to raise or lower a Pokemon's listed viability, please leave your reasoning below and be sure to include replays if the Pokemon in question is unranked or if your argument centres around an innovative set!

SV NFE Viability Ranking Tier List


:Electabuzz: Electabuzz
:Gligar: Gligar
:Piloswine: Piloswine

:Clefairy: Clefairy

:Duosion: Duosion
:Misdreavus: Misdreavus
:Quaxwell: Quaxwell
:Tinkatuff: Tinkatuff
:Wartortle: Wartortle

:Koffing: Koffing
:Naclstack: Naclstack
:Servine: Servine
:Thwackey: Thwackey

:Drakloak: Drakloak
:Dunsparce: Dunsparce
:Gabite: Gabite
:Girafarig: Girafarig
:Hattrem: Hattrem
:Raboot: Raboot


:Monferno: Monferno
:Vigoroth: Vigoroth
:Vullaby: Vullaby

:combusken: Combusken
:Eelektrik: Eelektrik
:Fraxure: Fraxure
:Hakamo-O: Hakamo-O
:Ivysaur: Ivysaur
:Mareanie: Mareanie
:Sliggoo-Hisui: Sliggoo-Hisui
:Weepinbell: Weepinbell

:Dartrix: Dartrix
:Lampent: Lampent
:Pikachu: Pikachu

:Crocalor: Crocalor
:Fletchinder: Fletchinder
:Gloom: Gloom
:Mienfoo: Mienfoo
:Morgrem: Morgrem
:Prinplup: Prinplup

:Cutiefly: Cutiefly
:Dusclops: Dusclops
:Dragonair: Dragonair
:Glimmet: Glimmet
:Metang: Metang
:Murkrow: Murkrow
:Pawniard: Pawniard
:Pignite: Pignite
:Quilladin: Quilladin
:Stantler: Stantler
:Zweilous: Zweilous

:Braixen: Braixen
:Carkol: Carkol
:Charjabug: Charjabug
:Dewott: Dewott
:Grimer-Alola: Grimer-Alola
:Grotle: Grotle
:Growlithe-Hisui: Growlithe-Hisui
:Krokorok: Krokorok
:Hippopotas: Hippopotas
:Magnemite: Magnemite
:Meditite: Meditite
:Porygon: Porygon
:Rufflet: Rufflet
:Scraggy: Scraggy
:Snorunt: Snorunt
:Toedscool: Toedscool
:Vibrava: Vibrava
Removed banned Pokemon (Gurdurr, Magmar, Qwilfish-Hisui)
Ranked notable Pokemon released from the Indigo Disk DLC
Removed banned Pokemon (Vulpix, Sneasel)
v.2.2 Vote Sheet
Removed banned Pokemon (Qwilfish-Hisui)
v2.0 Vote Sheet
Ranked Dartrix in A-
Removed banned Pokemon (Misdreavus, Naclstack)
v1.0 Vote Sheet
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NFE Role Compendium
This is the Role Compendium for the NFE tier. Each Pokemon that is here is viable in the NFE metagame, and as such, it will change as the viability rankings get updated.

Entry Hazard Setters
Stealth Rock:
:tinkatuff::gabite::dunsparce::pawniard::glimmet::carkol::growlithe-hisui::krokorok::Gligar: :Piloswine: :Naclstack: :Clefairy: :Monferno: :Hippopotas::Metang: :Marshtomp:
Toxic Spikes:
:frogadier::toedscool::mareanie::glimmet: :Koffing::Gligar:

Entry Hazard Removal/Deterrents
Rapid Spin:
Magic Bounce:
:drakloak::Misdreavus: :Dusclops: :Lampent:

Setup Users
Swords Dance:
:tinkatuff::gabite::dartrix::raboot::fraxure::pawniard::sneasel::fletchinder::thwackey: :Qwilfish-Hisui: :Dewott: :Hakamo-O: :Monferno: :Weepinbell: :Mienfoo::Gligar:
Nasty Plot:
:pikachu::girafarig::murkrow::morgrem::Misdreavus: :Monferno:
Calm Mind:
:dunsparce::girafarig::hattrem::braixen::Clefairy: :Dusclops: :Stantler: :Lampent::Duosion:
Dragon Dance:
:Dragonair: :Drakloak: :Fraxure: :Hakamo-O::Scraggy:
Bulk Up:
:vigoroth::quilladin::rufflet: :Hakamo-O: :Raboot: :Monferno::Electabuzz::Pignite: :Scraggy:
:sliggoo-hisui::Naclstack: :Munchlax:
Iron Defense / Acid Armor:
:Naclstack: :Duosion:
Shell Smash:
:Grotle: :Wartortle:
Speed Boost:

:gabite::raboot::fraxure::pikachu::meditite::stantler::thwackey::rufflet::growlithe-hisui::Piloswine: :Krokorok: :Monferno::Murkrow:
:frogadier::girafarig::pikachu::gastly::Lampent: :Misdreavus: :Electabuzz::Duosion: :Glimmet: :Murkrow:

Revenge Killers
Choice Scarf:
:frogadier::gabite::girafarig::meditite::stantler::thwackey::krokorok::Servine: :Misdreavus:
:raboot::fraxure::meditite::pawniard::Thwackey: :Murkrow: :Pikachu: :Monferno: :Piloswine: :Dewott:
Naturally Fast:

:tinkatuff::drakloak::gabite::dartrix::mareanie::crocalor::fletchinder::quaxwell::quilladin::Naclstack: :Gligar: :Eelektrik: :Sliggoo-Hisui: :Vullaby::dusclops:
:tinkatuff::sliggoo-hisui::toedscool::dunsparce::mareanie::crocalor::eelektrik::grimer-alola::Naclstack: :Dusclops: :Clefairy: :Vullaby:
:tinkatuff::dunsparce::mareanie::vigoroth::Naclstack: :Gligar: :Vullaby:

:drakloak::frogadier::raboot::eelektrik::fletchinder::thwackey::rufflet::Gligar: :Monferno: :Mienfoo::Vullaby::Cutiefly: :Vibrava:
Volt Switch:
Parting Shot:
:glimmet::grimer-alola: :Koffing: :Misdreavus::Dusclops:

Knock Off/Thief/Covet
:tinkatuff::dartrix::toedscool::pawniard::thwackey::krokorok::grimer-alola: :Gligar: :Sneasel: :Pikachu: :Clefairy: :Dewott: :Eelektrik: :Krokorok: :Monferno: :Vigoroth: :Weepinbell: :Sandshrew: :Vullaby::Electabuzz: :Ivysaur:
:girafarig::meditite::stantler::hattrem::Clefairy: :Misdreavus: :Morgrem: :Frogadier: :Monferno::Metang:
:crocalor::Hakamo-O: :Zweilous::Piloswine: :Quilladin: :Pignite: :Scraggy: :Grotle:
Dragon Tail:
:drakloak::gabite::Hakamo-O: :Zweilous:
:Misdreavus: :Dusclops: :Monferno: :Carkol:
Thunder Wave / Nuzzle:
:tinkatuff::drakloak::dunsparce::eelektrik::hattrem::Clefairy: :Misdreavus: :Stantler::Duosion: :Porygon: :Vigoroth:
Healing Wish:
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NFE Speed Tiers
This resource aims to provide a Speed benchmark for all viable Pokemon within the NFE metagame. To be concise, EV spreads that are neither 252 nor 0 Speed shall not be listed.

SpeedPokemonBase SpeedNatureEVsBoost
512 :fraxure:Fraxure67+Spe252+2
483 :frogadier:Frogadier97+Spe252+1
466 :fraxure:Fraxure67Neutral252+2
442 :qwilfish-hisui::girafarig::stantler:Qwilfish-Hisui, Girafarig, Stantler85+Spe252+1
436 :floragato:Floragato83+Spe252+1
433 :gabite:Gabite82+Spe252+1
426 :thwackey::gastly:Thwackey, Gastly80+Spe252+1
406 :krokorok:Krokorok74+Spe252+1
406 :dartrix:Dartrix52Neutral252+2
400 :kubfu:Kubfu72+Spe252+1
384 :fraxure:Fraxure67+Spe252+1
376 :quaxwell:Quaxwell65+Spe252+1
367 :arctibax:Arctibax62+Spe252+1
361 :sneasel:Sneasel115+Spe252+0
360 :rufflet::meditite:Rufflet, Meditite60+Spe252+1
349 :fraxure:Fraxure67Neutral252+1
343 :quaxwell:Quaxwell65Neutral252+1
333 :drakloak:Drakloak102+Spe252+0
322 :frogadier:Frogadier97+Spe252+0
315 :raboot:Raboot94+Spe252+0
309 :murkrow:Murkrow91+Spe252+0
306 :pikachu::vigoroth:Pikachu, Vigoroth90+Spe252+0
304 :dartrix:Dartrix52Neutral252+1
SpeedPokemonBase SpeedNatureEVsBoost
295 :qwilfish-hisui::girafarig::stantler:Qwilfish-Hisui, Girafarig, Stantler85+Spe252+0
293 :fletchinder:Fletchinder84+Spe252+0
291 :floragato:Floragato83+Spe252+0
289 :gabite:Gabite82+Spe252+0
284 :thwackey::gastly:Thwackey, Gastly80+Spe252+0
271 :krokorok:Krokorok74+Spe252+0
269 :qwilfish-hisui::girafarig::stantler:Qwilfish-Hisui, Girafarig, Stantler85Neutral252+0
269 :braixen:Braixen73+Spe252+0
267 :kubfu:Kubfu72+Spe252+0
262 :morgrem:Morgrem70+Spe252+0
259 :thwackey::gastly:Thwackey, Gastly80Neutral252+0
256 :fraxure:Fraxure67+Spe252+0
251 :quaxwell:Quaxwell65+Spe252+0
249 :quaxwell:Quaxwell65Neutral0+1
247 :krokorok:Krokorok74Neutral252+0
245 :braixen:Braixen73Neutral252+0
245 :arctibax:Arctibax62+Spe252+0
243 :kubfu:Kubfu72Neutral252+0
240 :glimmet::pawniard::rufflet::meditite:Glimmet, Pawniard, Rufflet, Meditite60+Spe252+0
239 :morgrem:Morgrem70Neutral252+0
233 :fraxure:Fraxure67Neutral252+0
229 :quaxwell:Quaxwell65Neutral252+0
229 :growlithe-hisui:Growlithe-Hisui55+Spe252+0
223 :arctibax:Arctibax62Neutral252+0
223 :dartrix:Dartrix52+Spe252+0
219 :pawniard::rufflet::meditite:Pawniard, Rufflet, Meditite60Neutral252+0
209 :growlithe-hisui:Growlithe-Hisui55Neutral252+0
206 :qwilfish-hisui:Qwilfish-Hisui85Neutral0+0
204 :fletchinder:Fletchinder84Neutral0+0
203 :dartrix:Dartrix52Neutral252+0
200 :gabite:Gabite82Neutral0+0
SpeedPokemonBase SpeedNatureEVsBoost
192 :tinkatuff:Tinkatuff78Neutral0+0
176 :toedscool::morgrem:Toedscool, Morgrem70Neutral0+0
166 :quaxwell:Quaxwell65Neutral0+0
150 :quilladin:Quilladin57Neutral0+0
146 :growlithe-hisui:Growlithe-Hisui55Neutral0+0
140 :dartrix:Dartrix52Neutral0+0
136 :carkol:Carkol50Neutral0+0
134 :crocalor::hattrem:Crocalor, Hattrem49Neutral0+0
126 :dunsparce::mareanie:Dunsparce, Mareanie45Neutral0+0
116 :sliggoo-hisui::eelektrik:Sligoo-Hisui, Eelektrik40Neutral0+0
86 :grimer-alola:Grimer-Alola25Neutral0+0
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I'll flesh this post out more tomorrow when I don't have an exam within the next 12 hours lol.

Only thing to add for the role compendium is definitely add a Knock Off section. With distribution so limited its a big reason why toedscool and tink are as useful as they are.

Not gonna fiddle around with high/mid/low but the following mons should probably be on.

:Surskit: Webs is an option and this is the better of the 2 users.
:Shroodle: , :Psyduck: This now has 2 tournament game wins. Very scary rain team basis, especially difficult to deal with with Tera-Electric Psyduck.
Carkol should be mentioned as a Physdef/SpDef Wall as it's able to 1v1 alot of things and its typing is good against like Pawn, Misdreavus, Sneasel, Tinkatuff, Florgato, etc. Rest/Talk is a legitimate set as it helps against Toedstool and Tinkatuff's hazard game while putting a lot of chips against NP Missy. Mixed can also be mentioned.

Tinkatuff should also have been mentioned in SpDef and Mixed roles since it can check Missy and Girafarig.

Gothorita could be mentioned in Entry Hazard via Defiant/Competitive selection, as well at Nasty Plot, even if Girafarig almost outclasses it.

As Franziska said, Webs can be mentioned with Surskit.

And lastly, you could probably add more at Utility such as Toxic and Thunder Wave/Nuzzle as those two have been severely limited in this generation.

Thanks yall for putting a lot of work for NFE btw :)


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Hey, Frogadier is missing from the Speed Tiers.

Wondering about Dragonair since its UR and also not in the role compendium but its in the Speed Tiers. Also is Zorua-H any good here?
the speed tiers weren't adjusted for the most recent VR update like the role compendium had been; i've removed dragonair, flittle etc. and it should be up to date now.
both zoruas are pretty unexplored imo but between the two i'm more of a believer in the og; stronger knock off & uturn means you can pressure fast mons like misdreavus much better as a scarfer while covering switches better, and will-o-wisp (the main advantage of hisui) doesn't have a huge number of targets in the tier and horua is fairly subpar otherwise, particular since it has no good normal stab.
that said, i encourage you to try both of them yourself - it'd be cool to see them find a niche!
Some quick NFE nominations since I think the meta went into some development.


:Dartrix: UR -> A
The best Defogger in the game, and actually a good hazard removal. Has the bulk to become a solid Gabite or Missy check with solid chipping tools such as Knock Off and Night Shade, which is not only excellent but a very unique combination in this tier for its lack of viable Knock Off mons and low base HP stat. It's also a near-perfect answer as a switch-in against Toedscool, which this tier lacked on a singular Pokemon. Why it isn't higher is because it's not needed to be included as your primary hazard removal and the hazards being still skewed towards them means that Hazard Stacking and Offense are still in favor, which doesn't really need to have this Pokemon in their teams in the first place. I would still put Dartrix in the majority of defensive and balance playstyles, even some offensive and pivot ones because its valuable traits ensure it doesn't feel so passive in so many positions. Definitely deserved to rank highly at A for what they serve in the meta.
Should also talk about the Swords Dance and Nasty Plot sets should also be good in theory for their amazing wincon potential.
Examples such as SD with Trailblaze/Knock Off/Roost or Leaf Blaze, SD with Leaf Blade/Sucker Punch/Roost, or Nasty Plot with Giga Drain/Air Slash if you build it with Magnemite or teams that take advantage of Tinkatuff.

:Magnemite: UR -> B-/B
It exists only because Tinkatuff's presence gives it a niche. Yet the niche is extremely dangerous for any Tinkatuff teams as it removes one of the most important Pokemon in this tier that keeps a lot of dangerous threats in heavy check. There is a crazy amount of Pokemon that are very gatekept by Tinkatuff's typing and utility tools, which is the biggest reason why I wanted to rank this in the first place because it drastically matters to every playstyle. Defensive teams like it the removal Knock Off user and Stealth Rock at once, making Crocalor and defensive setup mons like Stored Power Girafarig stronger, and Offensive teams can abuse either Setup Sweepers like Dartrix, Murkrow, Sneasel, Girafarig, etc, or Choice Locked mons like Fraxure, Rufflet, Zwelious, etc. The picks are endless and speak a lot about Tinkatuff's value in this meta. It's not complete fodder as a standalone though. It has the bulk + Rest which is also for Tinkatuff lets it wall out defensive Mareanie at ease, and it can actually threaten Naclstack with Steel Beam, got the slow pivot aspect, and can break Sub Missy so you can't take complete advantage of it. I spammed mite teams on NFE Open right now and on at friendlies and I think this Pokemon deserves to be mentioned.

:Frogadier: A+ -> S
Perhaps a hot take? I think this Pokemon is ridiculously good for what it does right now. It gets the freest Spikes interactions and literally has the best hit-and-run game plan right now. I don't think I've seen this get damaged at all except for the Frogadier ditto or if it's forced to play 1v1 against Missy. It doesn't have the bulk Missy has, but I think it has such a big impact on the tier enough to consider me it's a level above A+. Their cleaning game gives me the Gen 8 Electabuzz vibes where the tier lacked mons that could revenge killing by speed alone, and their coverage is almost perfect. Except Frogadier doesn't need to worry too much about priority moves(still needs to be aware of sucker punches), and there are faster mons but they usually aren't used to revenge kill Frogadier so you're still forced to use walls/tanks strategy, though thankfully only with one mon instead of two cored mons. It's very spammable to be picked for a lot of teams for the value and easy synergy it provides. I'm very confident it's the 2nd best Pokemon in the tier as far as the meta goes ahead to.

:Gabite: A -> A+
>mfw trying to find any good Gabite switch-ins
Gabite is so insane lmao. This thing has actually a severe lack of good switch-ins that it feels criminal. Out of my head, I think Misdreavus, Dartrix, Hippo, Mudbray, and Bronzor(LUL) are the good ones. But out of these, Misdreavus is the only one that is good without being easily taken advantage of. Gabite getting Swords Dance means it can sweep while being a rocker. However, it's also bulky enough to take advantage of Substitute, making it a much more dangerous sweeper. I'm in a position where I think it's a big problem for the tier, and it should be looked at closely. It does have its fair share of issues where it does not like to switch in a lot of time to preserve its bulk and most mons should be able to revenge kill it, though be aware that most revenge killers are the frail ones since Gabite is privileged in speed themself. Misdreavus and Frogadier being popular mean it's slightly gatekept by them. I think it has a lot of key tools to feel like an S-rank mons, but because of meta stuff, I am not sure about that. It's definitely A+ though in my eyes.

:Mareanie: B+ -> A
I spam this thing way too much for my cores and seeing it in B+ is criminal as hell. Frogadier and its pivot teams are getting more popular and the t-spikes getting more dangerous with Hattrem losing in usage means this thing is very much needed right now. I also think it's the best defensive water type and unlike Quaxwell, you're not being as passive against Drakloak lol. Honestly just deserves a raise, it makes balance cores much more consistent.

:Eelektrik: B- -> B/B+
Besides its SpDef role and being an excellent slow pivot, I don't think people have pointed out that it's second to only Pokemon that can switch in against Tinkatuff while being able to pivot out of it. Making me feel like it's a stable mon for pivot teams, which has been a more popular playstyle with the introduction of Raboot and Frogadier. It's also much better than the mons in there so I think it's very obvious it deserves a raise.

:Toedscool: A+ -> A/A-
It has competition against Frogadier as a spiker despite the difference in their roles. Dartrix being introduced nerfed Toedscool because you have a good switch-in that not only gets rid of spikes and threatens you, but you can't leed seed them so Toedscool is more vulnerable to being worn down, ruining its longevity. Toedscool is also much easier to take advantage of teams with Sub considering it doesn't have the power to break them in the first place. And the main rockers have the ability of coverage to lure it, set it up, or cores with Dartrix in order to eliminate its annoying interactions. Now it's not bad as Knock + Spin + Toxic provides a lot of value and adaptation to every meta, but I haven't felt threatened by it and I do not think it deserves to be an A+. Not sure if it's A or A- since it has these traits that no one else has, but only it should be dropped 100%

:Quaxwell: A -> A-
In theory, it should be very useable with things like good base stats with reliable recovery, and spinning, and provides a different water type that doesn't lose to Frogadier while punishing their spikes. But in the paper, this MF is so passive holy shit. Their spinning game is so ass because it doesn't break Drakloak and Missy will find ways to take advantage of it it literally feels like a sitting duck. Loses to Mareanie and SD Gabite, can't 1v1 Naclstack in most cases, and gets worn down anyway so Tink rocks and Frogadier spikes will find a way to get their stuff lol. It's just too inconsistent based on how the meta is shaped right now and I found it way too frustrating to build around it. It's not bad at all, just at large too inconsistent for me to think it's A atm.

:Crocalor: A -> A-
I've never been too fond of this mon, and it reflects very well with the builds I've with it are probably lower than 5% in stats lol. Most offensive mons are naturally prepared for it and defensive mons such as Mareanie, Naclstack, Rest/Talk do not care about whatever it's doing lol. It has also a huge dilemma against the hazard where using Boots Crocalor is optimal because it's still bulky, but the loss of the bulk from Eviolite is extremely noticeable. I've been trying to experiment with it recently with Magnemite balance teams, but I still find it very awkward to build around and it doesn't have the flexibility compared to the A rank mons. The biggest issue I've had with this mon is that it doesn't have any relevant threats that are needed for it and those it can counter can be heavily countered/hard-checked by other mons. This Pokemon was one of those mons that got heavily nerfed by Tera ban, and I am not convinced that it deserves A rank atm.

:Fletchinder: A- -> B
They have their pivot defog thing going on but as the meta has gone their defog game is too specific. Even if it's for Tinkatuff only, it's not like Tinkatuff can run with Stone Edge to lure them(though SE is very niche tbh) or cripple them with para and let the other teammates pressure Fletchinder. I just their roles are heavily outclassed by their competitors and their only niche is not worth it in the future.

Potential Rise/Drops
:Tinkatuff: A+ -> A?
I've mentioned Tinkatuff so much in the Magnemite section. But I think if Magnemite stuff gets actually super legit stable wise then I think Tinkatuff may be dropped. At the same time, Tinkatuff is one mon I would still use a lot despite the Magnemite dilemma since it has that much importance for the tier tbh. But the drop is more like the scenario I am speaking of, hence why I am not confident to rank it lower.

:Raboot: A -> A-
Bit unsure about this one. Being a physical pivot and having that crazy speed tier is a statement in itself. But the issue I've with it is kinda it needs quite of support in order to work and I find it very difficult to build around it except for pivot-based teams. Having that 4mss frustration when the building is also annoying when you're taking account of Drakloak, Naclstack, and Mareanie. But I realized many of the issues were more like personal problems and Raboot can the right support in order to make each set work. Hence I am on the fence about this drop.

All of them above take advantage of Magnemite like hell if the Magnemite could be very legit. Where I would place them is uncertain. Will say Girafarig is criminally underrated as hell even without Magnemite.


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We've updated the Viability Rankings, as well as the rest of the resources! not sample sets (or teams) but i'll do those soon™
There were a lot of differing opinions on this slate - I'd recommend checking out the votes linked in the Changelog if you're interested in seeing how each council member voted individually.

Let us know if you have any nominations!
Some early 5 am quick noms since my sleep will be inconsistent bc of pollen allergies :bat:

:Varoom: UR -> B
Servers as a slow pivot against such Tinkatuff, Frogadier, and most noticeable Sliggoo-Hisui which is notoriously difficult to have flexible switch-ins due to Acid Spray + Draco Meteor combo is very effective against most teams, enforcing teams to use steel types more and Varoom serves a strong niche to cover this threat. Other things it has going for is Toxic/Toxic Spikes spread and it can act as a Knock Absorber by learning Thief as well.

Here's a replay where FranziskaSkye utilized the pivoting potential with Meditite and Frogadier, which creates a ton of problems for the opposing team as they were very vulnerable to Meditite being able to break their cores and Frogadier being able to clean the endgame.

If you want to try a team out of Varoom itself, here's one I made myself https://pokepast.es/762c43ab6d709435
Had more I wanted to build, but it was unfortunately deleted by my old cache not existing anymore. Some tips with Varoom is that you could go 115 for the speed creep if you want to guarantee the free switch-in against Sliggoo-Hisui, but the normal 130 works if you want a quick pivot that pressures Mareanie while you don't want to stress yourself about your pokemon getting poisoned, so it very much depends what you are after. Wish you could cover both at the same time, but unfortunately, Sliggoo-Hisui being slower created this imperfect coverage. Highly recommend using it with like Raboot + Qwilfish-Hisui combo or Pikachu + Frog + Gabite as long you have the mons that are able to pressure Sliggoo-Hisui defensive cores such Slig x Tinkatuff/Dartrix/Mareanie etc.

:Wooper: UR -> B
Despite its base stats, Wooper has a ton of relevancy that works very well in this meta. Being a Water/Ground type + Unaware means that they will be able to check some sweepers in a decent fashion such as Qwilfish-H, while being very solid counters against Tinkatuff sets and CM Dunsparce as well. Unlike its unaware counterpart Crocolar, they don't suffer the same problems it has. While they can't compete for the bulk aspect, they aren't suffering from the passive aspect as Spikes + Toxic gives a ton of flexibility, and being forced to use Eviolite/Boots due to their typing. Going back to Spikes, I would compare Wooper similarly to Toedscool as a spiker but actually having a recovery and better longevity. Both are different in their own rights though, but my point still stands that its spikes game is quite good as it can beat the spikers/defoggers in the long term such as Dartrix, Quaxwell, and Toedscool if they don't have an attacking move. Obviously, the biggest problem with it is that it does rely a lot on Eviolite and it'll stay behind if it encounters rest/talk Hattrem, however, I think Wooper can still make turns even without Eviolite and Hattrem has a bad reputation being used right now, so there's not a huge matchup fish for using Wooper anyway.

252/252 Physdef is possible, but if you want to check things taking account without Eviolite for example, having Spdef EVs to cover Modest invested Dunsparce(164 e.g) is very much possible while having physical bulk as well.

One last nomination for a rise that I want to talk swiftly on and it's an obvious that has been creating problems which is...

:Dunsparce: A- -> A+ (A is fine, but I think A+ is very worthy for what it has going for)
The addition of Qwilfish-Hisui has not only given Dunsparce an important use to become an extremely solid check against Physical and sudden Special Attackers but also eliminated scary threats it was previously getting annoyed by such as Tspikes Mareanie, very pivot-based teams that could annoy it and sudden setup mons as CM Rest Girafarig and Vigoroth for example. Not only is it important for covering a lot of holes, but it's also quite oppressive as it preys on the teams having to take into account on Qwilfish-Hisui and other threats, often ending up becoming very difficult to stop as there's a decline of getting Status onto it and Fighting Types has always been kinda not used much. While CM Dunsparce was already difficult to switch in regardless, the introduction of Qwilfish just changed and made the defensive cores being prey to it pretty noticeable. So a lot of endgame would become Dunsparce 1v1 which happened twice at OMPL right now. Hence Qwilfish-H x Dunsparce is a combo you'll have to face a lot of times due to the powerful synergy.

They have also viable sets such as Rocks and Coil sets as well. Although I do think they are inferior to the CM set, they've their reasonable use enough in this meta that it's nice to mention. Also being a normal type is a blessing since you're only afraid of one type that isn't very common and it makes you not worried like Drakloak sets. I think Dunsparce is arguably top 5 right now, with Hwilfish, Tinkatuff, Frogadier/Drakloak/Dartrix ish. Very possible in the top 3 spot with Hwilfish and Tinkatuff fwiw.
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Posting a quick NFE VR since it's been a month since the release of the meta.

S rank - Meta defining. Fits in tons of teams and has to be prepared. Has controversial strengths where the checks are faulty, and every team has to prepare for them.

A+ rank - Meta staples that are very easy to fit in a lot of teams due to their important role in the tier. The things that hold them back are if they're heavily prepared by everyone else which isn't an easy case to solve, and in some cases have some 4mss problems.

A rank - While not mandatory like A+ mons, they all have their important roles that define certain aspects of the tier. They're consistent in what they're doing.

A- rank - Has potential to be meta-defining or controversial, but is held back by inconsistencies due to how the meta is shaped and the requirements of the support are high.
:Vulpix: (Sun is a very powerful archetype, but has its inconsistencies against Ice Shard and Gurdurr/Hwilfish-h centralization)
:Mareanie: (Good on paper since it checks a ton of mons here, but is very difficult to build around)

B+ Rank - The strength is really good but does not completely fit in the current meta. May not fit in all of the teams, but you can build teams around them.

B Rank - Covers certain aspects and can be only good at that aspect, otherwise would be fodder for your team due to lower coverage against everyone else.

B- Rank - Has a better niche than C-rank mons, but still barely viable due to the meta circumstances.
:Nuzleaf: (Sun abuser)
:Cutiefly: (Webs user)
:Drizzile: (Best "meta relevant" Screens user)
:Fraxure:(probably underrated)
:Morgrem: (Screens user but also NP sweeper)

C rank - Specific Niches
:Charmander: (Sun abuser)
:Skrelp: (Poison Point + Slow pivoting)
:Grotle: (Shell Smash user)
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Could Snow possibly be good? With Alolan Sandscrew, it feels like Slush Rush could be abused. Especially since Alolan Sandscrew gets Knock Off, Earthquake, Ice Spinner, Rapid Spin, and Iron Head.
No coz lots of teams have good answers to ice types, i am mainly thinking of quaxwell, piloswine, tinkatuff, and gurdurr, so i dont think snow is good.
Furthermore, with sun being a reliable style in the tier, it makes snow even harder to build and justify, i think the only viable weather is sun

I dont think that was the right place to ask this, but at least u got the answer now :)
New NFE Council Member elleapple here with a teamdump of my UMPL teams! gonna go over the thought process for each team and what changes I'd make to them now!

WEEK ONE: https://pokepast.es/4e436ccba83b3493 Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9nfe-1950376021
Definitely the team I'd make the most changes to now, understandable for my first foray into a new metagame. Starting with the star of my game against Mirbro, Expert Belt Frogadier was able to secure two early and crucial OHKOs on Clefairy (with a lucky crit) and Piloswine. Expert Belt Frog has always been a favorite set of mine, and even after the Protean nerf I believed in it's potential. I have no idea why I decided to put Low Kick in its fourth moveslot however, given that the pokemon I wanted to KO with it was sneasel, which outspeeds and threatens to KO you instead with Knock Off. U-turn is a much better option for this set and Frogadier in general.

Only other major change I'd make to this team is running Eviolite over Choice Scarf on Thwackey, and put Grassy Glide over Drain Punch. Frogadier and Sneasel are generally enough speed control for a meta as slow as NFE, and a Thwackey without Grassy Glide is Neutured versus both Piloswine and Gurdurr. An Argument could be made to keep Scarf in order to have faster priority than Sneasel's Ice Shard, but I think the bulk from Eviolite is more generally useful.

Some minor changes in order of important are Poison Jab -> Ice Shard on Sneasel, Trailblase -> Body Slam/Facade on Piloswine, and Bulk Up -> Mach Punch on Gurdurr.

Overall I think this team was solid for a meta very early in development, but it wouldnt do very good now most likely.

WEEK TWO: https://pokepast.es/722a2c35360a5c74 Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen9nfe-720784
I decided to try and MU fish with sun, got a bad matchup because sun has no good matchups in this metagame. Don't use sun.

WEEK THREE: https://pokepast.es/4ba7564945759f7e Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen9nfe-722285
A team that uses a mon I think is pretty cool, Rufflet. It didn't really get to do much in the UMPL game but it has a lot of potential. If I were making the team now id impliment the obvious change of High Horsepower over earthquake on both ground type, since I'm running Thwackey. another change I'd probably make is Encore -> Surf on Quaxwell to have an actual attacking move and a more standard set, but Encore performed well in the game so its still a good option in it's own right.

A much more major change that I just realized I could've made was building the entire team around Vigoroth instead of Rufflet. Vigoroth is a bulk up sweeper with better overall stats and access to knock off, and would've done a lot more in this game and throughout UMPL if I remembered it existed. Though the Vigoroth team would probably look very different from this one, It'd probably be much stronger overall.

WEEK FOUR: https://pokepast.es/cbb18637bc6d1564 Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen9nfe-723251
Modest Nature Scarf Frogadier is probably my second favorite Frogadier set after Expert Belt. It's only slower than Timid Scarf Frog and not many people run Scarf on their Frogs in general right now. and the +Spa nature gives you the boost needed to safely run surf over Hydro Pump. My inspiration for this set came after I won my Week 3 game due to Scarf Frogadier Surf not killing my Piloswine, I did the calcs and Modest had a chance to kill while Timid did not

252 SpA Frogadier Surf vs. 248 HP / 0 SpD Eviolite Piloswine: 218-260 (54 - 64.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ SpA Frogadier Surf vs. 248 HP / 0 SpD Eviolite Piloswine: 242-288 (60 - 71.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Changes I would make would be Toxic Spikes -> Sludge Bomb on Koffing as well as changing its spread to something more useful for its role countering Gurdurr. I would also probably change Misdreavus to a Defensive set with Will-O-Wisp and Night Shade, or get rid of it entirely in favor of a Pokemon with removal (Either Quaxwell or Defog Gurdurr)

WEEK FIVE: https://pokepast.es/d377167d003d8b5b Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen9nfe-725537
My most offensive team of the tournament, this one is probably the team im most proud of. Max Spa Hattrem did exactly what I wanted it to and more thanks to a lucky crit, and Pikachu actually got a kill! I was a bit upset I didnt load into Qwilfish-H because thats the whole reason I brought Prinplup, but as far as bulky waters go its probably the best option without removal right now so it did its job.

There's not really anything I'd change about this team other than make a Vullaby spread that does something specific rather than 128 in both Def and SpD. Eviolite 4 attacks Thwackey is what I think is it's strongest set right now, perfectly balancing bulk and offensive power with both Grassy Glide and Wood Hammer and not giving up either the utility of Knock Off or pivoting with U-turn. Swords Dance sets have their place but I haven't found it yet.

Switching Prinplup for Quaxwell and removing Vullaby for something different is a possibility, but I like both mons' place on the team as is.

WEEK SIX: I was on vacation and scheduled for 4am Saturday morning instead of 4am Sunday morning like I thought. I have no idea who built Tuthur's team or where the paste is, sorry! Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen9nfe-726870

WEEK SEVEN GAME ONE: https://pokepast.es/ca33945dd0ef0216 Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen9nfe-729090
My team was already very much out by the time Week 7 arrived, and Dragonillis and I agreed to play a Best-of-3 for fun. In the spirit of fun I decided to bring my favorite new set (Max Spa Hattrem) 3 times, along with some very silly Pokemon for games 1 and 2.

Pupitar is a Mon that I've declared to be "theorhetically viable in every generation of nfe" more than one, and Gen 9 is no exception. Unfortunately Pupitar fell flat this game, as did my building. I don't know what kind of team I'll build next time I slot Pupitar, but it probably won't look very much like this one.

WEEK SEVEN GAME TWO: https://pokepast.es/969db854b78607f9 Replay: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen9nfe-729110
After being unjustly banned for the crime of trapping Tinkatuff with Magnet Pull, Magnemite makes its triumphant return!!! And gets its specs knocked off immediatly... Specs Magnemite was brought to Lure Piloswine and then do a lot of damage to it with Flash Canon, unfortunately this did not happen.

Thwackey without Grassy Glide lost me the game so it's a bad set don't run it. Glide 4 lyfe.

WEEK SEVEN GAME THREE: https://pokepast.es/dc767a876c0d9955 Replay: I lost 0-2
Idea behind this team was that it tricks the opponent into thinking theyre facing standard balance before whipping out both Choice Band Piloswine and Swords Dance Gligar, wish I had gotten to show it off.

Explanations kinda degrade as I got more tired writing them but I think the teams can speak for themselves for the most part. UMPL was the most fun I've had playing Pokemon in ages, and I'm looking forward to both the next one and the future of NFE and UMs as a whole.
I helped Ivar57(and maybe some others?) through the NFE Seasonals and OM Champ and decided to post them here. Even if they aren't useful in this newer meta, it's always important for me to post teams for the story otherwise.

NFE Seasonals
https://pokepast.es/3720bf4450e9191d (Lots of teams)
OM Champs
https://pokepast.es/4ffdddf1d592047d - vs TTTech
https://pokepast.es/4935e964c4bc929a - vs Clas
https://pokepast.es/c43374a397afa3d7 - vs Career Ended(Gladly change Ice Shard >Low Kick on Sneasel)

DLC1 meta was my second least favorite meta behind the Dunsparce x Qwilfish Meta, but I am glad I somewhat figured out what to build and be satisfied with them. I struggled pretty hard at building teams IMO. So much left me dissatisfied in my mouth on so many teams, and it wasn't till the end aka at OM Champs period that I finally accepted some things and began being satisfied with the teams. After seeing how my teams lost so easily vs Greybaum's teams at SSNL Finals, I had to change my approach for once and all. I've all the johns I could pull out reasonable reasons, but I'm still blaming myself for that. Even though the team Ivar used in finals lost, I was very happy with how it ended, and there were some minor adjustments I could make to make the team just perfect in my eyes. But that's expected since I don't get to test with my teams that much.

I'm still in disbelief that Gurdurr, Gligar(to some degree), Misdreavus, and Qwilfish-Hisui, were somehow not banned, or didn't have that much discussion about being banned in the tier. Even after some talks with others, and eventually "adapting" to play around them they ruined the tier for me at that point. Everything revolved around these shits, and I was always back in mind feeling like I needed 3 Physdef mons or use broken mons to check other broken mons. I don't care if it made "actual progress" through the gameplay, it was just horrendous to play in it and especially build teams. The current DLC has arguably more broken offense, but atm I'm having much more fun with how things handle each other. I could go on and on why I find them not fun in the tier, but it's the past and I'm not gonna end up with a rant.

Anyway, I'm happy to see Ivar57 getting into the Finals both times, being close to winning 2 seasonals and 2 Championships. I'm glad I could pull out my final tricks for the final OM Champs NFE will be included(for now). Huge shoutout to Maybca, Pandadoux, and Greybaum(even if I am very opposed to how you view things should work in mons) for inspiration. But especially Ivar57 for giving me a reason to push myself to build in this meta. The only thing I hate more than disliking a meta is ending things unsatisfied, so appreciated it very much Ivar. You're one hell of a talented player in Pokemon brother, good luck in the next OM Champs <3


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Hello NFE! Coming off from the conclusion of the Kickoff Tour and with our first round of NFE Open, we all have revamped the VR to reflect the Indigo Disk slate. Here are the changes:
:Electabuzz: New -> S
:Magmar: New -> S-
:Duosion: New -> A+
:Wartortle: New -> A+
:Servine: New -> A
:Ivysaur: New -> B
:Combusken: New -> B
:Marshtomp: New -> B-
:Gloom: New -> C+
:Metang:New -> C
:Electabuzz: New -> C
:Pignite: New -> C
:Porygon: New -> C-
:Vibrava: New -> C-

:Scraggy: New -> C-
:Clefairy: A+ -> S-
:Gligar: A+ -> S
:Quaxwell: A -> A+
:Hattrem: B+-> A-
:Raboot: B+ -> A-
:Gabite: B -> B+
:Girafarig: B -> A-
:Vullaby: B -> B+

:Sliggoo-Hisui: B- -> B
:Gurdurr: S -> S-
:Frogadier: A+ -> A
:Hakamo-O: B+ -> B
:Weepinbell: B+ -> B
:Lampent: B -> B-
:Prinplup: B -> C+
:Fletchinder: B- -> C+
:Charmeleon: C+ -> UR
:Cutiefly: C+ -> C
:Dusclops: C+ -> C
:Quilladin: C+ -> C
:Stantler: C+ -> C

:Braixen: C -> C-
:Carkol: C -> C-
:Dewott: C -> C-
:Snorunt: C -> C-
:Toedscool: C -> C-
:Floragato: C- -> UR
:Foongus: C -> UR
:Munchlax: C -> UR

:Vulpix-Alola:C -> UR

The VR slate can be viewed here. Happy building!
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Hello NFE! Coming off from the conclusion of the Kickoff Tour and with our first round of NFE Open, we all have revamped the VR to reflect the Indigo Disk slate. Here are the changes:
:Electabuzz: New -> S
:Magmar: New -> S-
:Duosion: New -> A+
:Wartortle: New -> A+
:Servine: New -> A
:Ivysaur: New -> B
:Combusken: New -> B
:Marshtomp: New -> B-
:Gloom: New -> C+
:Metang:New -> C
:Electabuzz: New -> C
:Pignite: New -> C
:Porygon: New -> C-
:Vibrava: New -> C-

:Scraggy: New -> C-
:Clefairy: A+ -> S-
:Gligar: A+ -> S
:Quaxwell: A -> A+
:Hattrem: B+-> A-
:Raboot: B+ -> A-
:Gabite: B -> B+
:Girafarig: B -> A-
:Vullaby: B -> B+

:Sliggoo-Hisui: B- -> B
:Gurdurr: S -> S-
:Frogadier: A+ -> A
:Hakamo-O: B+ -> B
:Weepinbell: B+ -> B
:Lampent: B -> B-
:Prinplup: B -> C+
:Fletchinder: B- -> C+
:Charmeleon: C+ -> UR
:Cutiefly: C+ -> C
:Dusclops: C+ -> C
:Quilladin: C+ -> C
:Stantler: C+ -> C

:Braixen: C -> C-
:Carkol: C -> C-
:Dewott: C -> C-
:Snorunt: C -> C-
:Toedscool: C -> C-
:Floragato: C- -> UR
:Foongus: C -> UR
:Munchlax: C -> UR

:Vulpix-Alola:C -> UR

The VR slate can be viewed here. Happy building!
Honestly these rises from a while ago makes me think that it looks like the meta is getting a bit fatter, and they seem to benefit fraxure of all things as mold breaker + being a generally scary pokemon to switch into even for fairies after it sets up.

Has fraxure gotten better in NFE or worse? Because genuinely I could see it doing well in this meta, as there are a lot of things it can set up on that are very viable, plus being dragon dance sweeper with mold breaker is kinda huge


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Honestly these rises from a while ago makes me think that it looks like the meta is getting a bit fatter, and they seem to benefit fraxure of all things as mold breaker + being a generally scary pokemon to switch into even for fairies after it sets up.

Has fraxure gotten better in NFE or worse? Because genuinely I could see it doing well in this meta, as there are a lot of things it can set up on that are very viable, plus being dragon dance sweeper with mold breaker is kinda huge
Welcome to NFE! Yes, the meta has been quite bulky due to the importance of Eviolite and prominence of tanks and walls like Piloswine and Misdreavus. Fraxure has been a decent pick thanks to its decent variety in setup and coverage choices with Scale Shot and Swords Dance paired with coverage like Stomping Tantrum and Iron Head, though its merely passable bulk and lack of secondary typing means it faces competition from other Dragon-types like Hakamo-O and Gabite. Following the bans to Magmar and Gurdurr, Fraxure's viability remains roughly similar - a decent choice as a setup sweeper, but faces broad competition from other Dragon-types. Hopefully this post is helpful to answering your questions!

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