Tournament NFE The Crown Tundra Discovery Tour (Finals at post #121)

:morgrem: HELLO EVERYONE sign ups are officially closed and here begins round 1! :morgrem:
Below are the matchups for round 1, as reminder Pawniard and Haunter are no longer part of the NFE Metagame.

SBPC  vs  Rav3ndan
BloodAce0107  vs  Dragonillis
85percent  vs  Ho3nConfirm3d
Monsareeasy  vs  Yubellia
 vs  raf
pileosand  vs  Skysolo
 vs  AntaresLN
Goblin DerpyBoi  vs  Thimblebony
King Leo V  vs  Elgino10
blinkboy  vs  Captain Funk
SpacialRendevous  vs  xavgb
Hys  vs  velvet
Cheryl.  vs  zio
Albinson  vs  melancholy hills
Spiderz  vs  professor tox
CrazyStevy  vs  Arkhan
Kaif  vs  Calucha anime sans
 vs  RaJ.Shoot
Teggun Burcs  vs  Gentle Berserker
T0T0DI!E  vs  pqs
xFloatz  vs  WMAR
OranBerryBlissey10  vs  Menace17
iKiQ  vs  Cheese5555
RahelGamer03  vs  Jordy

Adrianic Love, DerpyBoi Sagisolar anime sans TJ

As a reminder this is a bo3 tournament and replays are mandatory!
Check out the new resources thread which will shortly be updated to help you all in your building adventures!

Deadline for Round1 is Monday 9th at 9pm GMT+1
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Fuck it, time for predix

BloodAce0107  vs  Dragonillis - luck gets BA to at least round 4
85percent  vs  Ho3nConfirm3d - pre sure ho3n is playing in 12 tours atm, leading 3 tiers and campaigning for the senate. Meanwhile 85 is back from a holiday
Monsareeasy  vs  Yubellia
uhuhuhu7  vs  raf - Heat, will see some weird shit this set
pileosand  vs  Skysolo
 vs  AntaresLN
Goblin  vs  Thimblebony - flip
King Leo V  vs  Elgino10 - play off Leo when?
blinkboy vs  Captain Funk
SpacialRendevous  vs  xavgb - could he go 18-0 and win?
Hys  vs  velvet - impressed by velvet after their nfepl
Cheryl.  vs  zio - cheryl will throw in round 1 cause nfe sux
Albinson  vs  melancholy hills
 vs  professor tox
CrazyStevy  vs  Arkhan - crazy is as crazy does
Kaif  vs  Calucha
 vs  RaJ
Teggun Burcs  vs  Gentle Berserker - flip
T0T0DI!E  vs  pqs
xFloatz  vs WMAR
 vs  Meance17 - massively under rated
iKiQ  vs  Cheese
RahelGamer03  vs  Jordy

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