Multi-gen NFEPL IV - Announcements and Administrative Decisions


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LC Announcements and Administrative Decisions Thread

Art by Zephyr2007
This is a post for the schedule, rosters, auction and other general information regarding NFEPL IV. The hosts for NFEPL IV are myself and HSOWA
Any administrative decisions made during the tour will also be posted here.

Week 1
The Monferno Mafia vs. Cursed Corsolas
Wacky Thwackeys vs. The Ferrocious Ferroseeds
Morgrem Freemans vs. Deez Nuzleafs
The Burning Heart Brionne vs. The Ravenous Roselias

Week 2
The Monferno Mafia vs. Wacky Thwackeys
Morgrem Freemans vs. Cursed Corsolas
The Burning Heart Brionne vs. The Ferrocious Ferroseeds
The Ravenous Roselias vs. Deez Nuzleafs

Week 3
The Monferno Mafia vs. Morgrem Freemans
The Burning Heart Brionne vs. Wacky Thwackeys
The Ravenous Roselias vs. Cursed Corsolas
Deez Nuzleafs vs. The Ferrocious Ferroseeds

Week 4

The Monferno Mafia vs. The Burning Heart Brionne
The Ravenous Roselias vs. Morgrem Freemans
Deez Nuzleafs vs. Wacky Thwackeys
The Ferrocious Ferroseeds vs. Cursed Corsolas

Week 5
The Monferno Mafia vs. The Ravenous Roselias
Deez Nuzleafs vs. The Burning Heart Brionne
The Ferrocious Ferroseeds vs. Morgrem Freemans
Cursed Corsolas vs. Wacky Thwackeys

Week 6
The Monferno Mafia vs. Deez Nuzleafs
The Ferrocious Ferroseeds vs. The Ravenous Roselias
Cursed Corsolas vs. The Burning Heart Brionne
Wacky Thwackeys vs. Morgrem Freemans

Week 7
The Monferno Mafia vs. The Ferrocious Ferroseeds
Cursed Corsolas vs. Deez Nuzleafs
Wacky Thwackeys vs. The Ravenous Roselias
Morgrem Freemans vs. The Burning Heart Brionne

| The Monferno Mafia - neomon, anime sans | - neomon, anime sans, Hys, Hamhamhamhamham, Bugzinator, mael, PH, Euphonos, Meri Berry, Thiago Nunes
| The Ferrocious Ferroseeds - SBPC, Tack :] | - SBPC, Tack :], Caetano93, jrdn, Ren-chon, TJ, Waves, Djokra, melancholy hills, Bloodace0107
| Deez Nuzleafs - quagg, 85percent | - quagg, frisoeva, EviGaro, byronthewellwell, DnB, czim, aesf, gorex, UBERLandon21, Roseybear, Xayah
| Morgrem Freemans - Jett, Marjane | - Jett, Marjane, GL Volkner, xavgb, pazza, MAMP, Lord Thorx, Catalystic, Fille, Skysolo, Rav3ndan
| Cursed Corsolas - King Leo V, Monsareeasy | - King Leo V, Monsareeasy, ggopw, CrazyStevy, Tomahawk, Kaif, DonnoTheFirst, velvet blood, pileosand, ayedan
| The Wacky Thwackeys - Ho3nConfirm3d, rabia | - Ho3nConfirm3d, uhuhuhu7, RaJ.Shoot, Jordy, OM, MZ, martha, SpacialRendevous, Felucia, tlenit1, OranBerryBlissey10, Lasen
| The Burning Heart Brionne - BP, Toy Time King | - Toy Time King, Shing'n Streets, Elgino10, SOMALIA, raf, PD, trace, I want Atago to sit on me, Thunder~BALLZ, SaDiSTiCNarwhal
| The Ravenous Roselias - Cheryl. Miyami~~~ | - Cheryl. Miyami~~~, -Voltage-, Ninjadog, kaori, Plas, Nalei, Mirbro, faded love, Dragonillis, Calucha, DugZa

Manager and Assistant Manager Pricing

The Manager and Assistant Manager can choose to buy themselves as a player for a set price of 15k each. Every team is required to have a Manager and Assistant Manager prior to the draft.

Tier Lineup

The tier lineup for NFEPL IV is as follows:


More information on the oldgen slots can be found under the 'General Information' Tab.


The tier lineup for NFEPL IV is as follows:


All slots are bo1 by default. However, all slots can be played bo3 if both parties agree to bo3 beforehand via PUBLIC SMOGON VM. It needs to be public and visible to the hosts; a private Discord confirmation or PS message just before the game is not valid.
SM NFE will be played in the gen 7 OU format. The banlist and resources for this metagame can be found here.
ORAS NFE will be played in the gen 6 RU format. The banlist and resources for this metagame can be found here.
BW NFE will be played in the gen 5 Ubers format. The banlist and resources for this metagame can be found here.
DPP NFE will be played in the gen 4 UU format. The banlist and resources for this metagame can be found here.
Managers and Assistant Managers are responsible for ensuring that their players do not bring illegal teams to their games. If a player brings an illegal team, the opposition are free to either take the win or offer a redo.
To this end, the ROM server has a functional team validation system for Generation 4-7 NFE. I highly recommend checking the validity of any Old Generation teams on the ROM server prior to any games. However, please play your games on either Smogtours or the Main PS! Server in the formats listed above, as ROM has been known to be glitchy mechanically and in terms of uploading replays.
There will not be any retains from last year's teams. Managers will be permitted to purchase themselves along with an assistant manager prior to the draft. Assistant managers will not be required to sign up prior to being purchased.

The full list of rules for Smogon Tournaments can be found here
The main two things about Identity are as follows:

About playing on alts: It is entirely allowed to play on an alt other than your own main forum name, though if your opponent wishes to confirm your identity, you must log on to your main PS account to show them you are who you claim to be. This is to prevent people from pretending to be who they're not.

About playing on different servers: Tournament matches should be played on the Smogtours server. The Main PS! server is also acceptable if both parties agree to that. Any timeout loss, even if DC, cannot be changed or redone if playing on the Main PS! Server. Protect yourself from this by playing in Smogtours, where TDs also have the power to recreate games that end due to DC's.


On scouting opponents: Going through your opponents replays of tournament and ladder games is entirely allowed, as long as a game is public there is nothing preventing you from watching it. An exception to this is abusing powers granted to you by being staff on Smogon or PS! to gain access to information a normal user wouldn't have access to, which is strictly forbidden.

On leaking teams: Divulging private information about someone's planned team to their opponent is never allowed, and will be heavily sanctioned. Requesting that such information be divulged is also grounds for punishment. Keep your scouting to publicly available information and you'll be fine.

Total money for teams is 100,000 credits.

In the weeks preceding the Live Auction, a time will be chosen where at least 1 Manager or Assistant Manager from each team can meet and perform a live auction in order to choose players. The Manager and/or Assistant Manager present will be expected to remain at the auction for the entire duration, which should take approximately 2 hours. If both the Manager and Assistant Manager cannot attend the Live Auction, then a new Manager + Assistant Manager who can find time to make the Live Auction will be found to replace the old ones.

Once a time is set, all attending Managers + Hosts will enter the place where the auction will be held - most likely a group chat for the auction. Spectators are allowed to join in to watch the auction, but will not be able to speak. Discussion on the bidding should be relegated to the NFE room, NFE discord, or any other appropriate chat outlet.

The hosts will first ask a team to nominate a player. The order by which teams will nominate players will go in a randomized snaking pattern from the first chosen team to the last chosen team, then the last chosen team to the first chosen team. Details of said player will be displayed and bidding will commence, starting at 3000 credits, with the nominating team automatically placing the first bid. The auction will then be in real time. Managers will simply put in their bids in the chat, raising a minimum of 500 credits. If after 15 seconds there are no new bids, the player is sold to the highest bid in the channel. Updated credit totals will be displayed and then the next manager in the rotation will be prompted to nominate a player.

Managers are asked to please have a predetermined list of players you intend to nominate as well as potential bid caps, in order to make the process go as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Managers: it is necessary for you to field a roster of 8 starters and a minimum of 2 substitutes. Playing Managers and Assistant Managers are included in the roster number. Therefore, you need to buy at least 8 players if both Managers are playing, 9 if only one is, and 10 if neither are playing. This creates a soft cap of 73,000 credits on any particular bid - that is, the maximum amount of money you can spend on any one player and still have enough money left over to pay at least 3000 credits a piece on 9 more players. In addition, you cannot buy more than 18 players, including playing Managers. If a team buys more than 18 players, then their roster excluding playing Managers will be randomised, and any additional players will be removed from the team until the team has 18 players.

There is no midseason this year. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all teams spend all of their credits in the auction, as there is no use for them afterwards.

After the Live Auction, the tournament will commence. Each team will play each other once through 7 weeks of play in a round robin format, then the top 4 teams will advance to the playoffs.
Every week, the Managers will be required to submit a lineup, no later than the deadline of the previous week. If a lineup is not submitted on time, the previous week's lineup will be used. Once all lineups are received, the hosts announce all the matchups, with one team's SS NFE Slot 1 facing the opposing team's SS NFE Slot 1 and so on, and all teams have one week to play all of the games against the team they are facing. Whichever team has the most battles won against their opponents will be declared the victor for that week, and awarded two points. If teams tie and have the same number of wins at the end of the week, then both teams are awarded one point. At the end of the round robin format, the top 4 teams advance to the playoffs, the 1st seed plays the 4th seed, the 2nd vs the 3rd, and the two winning teams advance to the finals.

Further clarification on events that may occur during the tournament are outlined below:

  1. Substitutions - At any point in the week, a team can substitute out a player from a game if they are inactive or cannot play the game due to IRL issues or a schedule that does not match up at all with their opponent. In order to make a substitution, the manager must post the substitution in the week thread, tagging the hosts, the opposing managers, and the opposing player, stating which player is being subbed out and who the substituting player is. However, a player who has been substituted out for a week cannot be substituted back into a slot in the same week. In addition, the hosts can veto any substitution if they believe the reason for substitution is to gain a 'favourable' player matchup in the SS and SM NFE slots, where player order matters.
  2. Trades - Trades between teams for players are allowed from the end of the auction until the end of week 2. In order to formally complete a trade, both managers must submit a PM to both hosts, outlining the details of the trade. If both managers agree to the trade, it will go through and the hosts will announce the trade. If a trade is performed mid-week, then the traded player cannot play or substitute in for that week. Any team playing each other cannot trade with each other for that week.
  3. Inactivity - If a bought player is inactive/cancers, they can be reported and replaced with a player from the undrafted pool of players. Hosts have final discretion on what constitutes inactivity/cancering, and all situations will be treated on a case-by-case basis. After week 3, managers can still report inactive/cancering players, but they will not be allowed to pick a replacement player.
  4. Activity Decisions - If any game is not completed by the deadline, the hosts are required to make a thorough investigation on why the game did not occur, who is to blame, and to make a decision on the outcome of the match (activity win for either team, or dead game). To avoid being on the wrong end of an activity decision, schedule early (Monday) on Smogon VM, with clear timings and days you can do. A late 'Play Now?' or 'I'll tag you on Discord if I see you online' won't cut it. If you, as a manager, think your player cannot make a scheduled time, ask them to reschedule or sub them out.

At the end of the normal round robin, the top 4 teams will advance to playoffs. The 1st ranked team will play the 4th ranked team, and the 2nd ranked team plays the 3rd ranked team. The winners of these two series will advance to the finals. In order to decide ranks, the following system is used:

• Overall Points >
• Battle Difference (total # battles won - total # battles lost) >
• Best of 3 - each team picks a unique tier with the winner of the Head to Head matchup picking second, then SS bo1 NFE is the 3rd game. In the event that the two teams tied in the Head to Head matchup, the team with better results against the higher seed will pick second.
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After seeing the number of signups so far in the last three days, and taking into consideration an approximate estimate of ~140 signups by the end of the signup period, HSOWA and I have decided to expand the tournament to 8 teams.

The current 6 teams are:

:corsola-galar: Cursed Corsolas - Managed by Thimo and King Leo V
:nuzleaf: Deez Nuzleafs - Managed by Quagg and 85percent
:morgrem: Morgrem Freemans - Managed by Marjane and Jett
:ferroseed: The Ferrocious Ferroseeds - Managed by SBPC and Tack :]
:monferno: The Monferno Mafia - Managed by neomon and anime sans
:thwackey: Wacky Thwackeys - Managed by Ho3nConfirm3d and Rabia

The two new teams added are:

:brionne: The Burning Heart Brionne - Managed by BP and Toy Time King
:roselia: The Ravenous Roselias - Managed by Cheryl. and Miyami~~~

Congratulations to the two new teams. The auction time will now be discussed and announced soon. In addition, managers and assistant managers will have until the end of player signups (24 hours before the tbd auction time) to decide whether or not they will buy themselves for 15k each. That will also be announced when the decision is made.


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Auction Date and Time is Friday 10th July 4pm GMT -4. Therefore, player signups will close Thursday 9th July 4pm GMT -4.
Confirmed list of managers and assistant managers who are buying themselves, plus how many credits each team has walking into the auction, will be announced Thursday around the time player signups close.

The schedule has also been updated - see OP


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The following managers/assistant managers have chosen to buy themselves as players for the PL.

:corsola-galar: Cursed Corsolas: thimo, King Leo V
:nuzleaf: Deez Nuzleafs: quagg
:morgrem: Morgrem Freemans: Marjane, Jett
:brionne: The Burning Heart Brionne: Toy Time King
:ferroseed: The Ferrocious Ferroseeds: SBPC, Tack :]
:monferno: The Monferno Mafia: neomon, anime sans
:roselia: The Ravenous Roselias: Cheryl., Miyami~~~
:thwackey: Wacky Thwackeys: Ho3nConfirm3d

Each team has the following amount of credits going into the auction:

:corsola-galar: Cursed Corsolas: 70k
:nuzleaf: Deez Nuzleafs: 85k
:morgrem: Morgrem Freemans: 70k
:brionne: The Burning Heart Brionne: 85k
:ferroseed: The Ferrocious Ferroseeds: 70k
:monferno: The Monferno Mafia: 70k
:roselia: The Ravenous Roselias: 70k
:thwackey: Wacky Thwackeys: 85k

Reminder that the auction draft is Friday 10th July 4pm GMT -4 in the NFEPL room. Draft discussion should take place in the NFE room and/or NFE Discord.
Auction results:


Shing'n Streets17500
GL Volkner10000
velvet blood5500
I want Atago to sit on me5000
melancholy hills4500
faded love3000
Meri Berry3000
Thiago Nunes3000
Lord Thorx3000


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Auction logs:

Week 1 of the PL will commence on Monday 13th July, managers have until Sunday 12th July 7pm GMT -4 to submit their LU to me/HSOWA for week 1. If you wish to do any prior to week 1 trading, open a VM with hosts, your assman, and the other team's manager and assman. Schedule for this PL can be found in the OP.
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Ghosting/Speculation during games

I'm somewhat annoyed that I have to make this announcement day 1 after the first game of the PL for something that's common sense, but any ghosting, set speculation, telling people their wincons etc is banned by Smogon Tournament Guidelines and is punishable by NFE-related Tournament Bans. Don't speculate sets during games, don't suggest plays or ghost, don't say 'X wins' etc, regardless of what stage the game is in.

To give specific examples from this ORAS game of what is not allowed:

Turn 15: Powerman103: metang go
Clear instance of someone suggesting a play, going metang on the free switch, this is ghosting, do not do this.
Turn 29: rafooa11: clef wins tho
Suggesting a wincon, there's no need to tell a player which of their Pokemon 'wins' during a game, regardless of how inconsequential it may seem, this is also a form of ghosting, do not do this.

Consider this an official warning. Us hosts will be keeping a close eye on the chat in future games, don't ghost, speculate sets, suggest wincons or do any other form of ghosting, you will get bopped.

You can read the Smogon Tournament Guidelines here if you want more information on what is allowed and not allowed in Smogon Tournaments.


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Cursed Corsolas
The Cursed Corsolas have decided to sellback both OminousDraco and thimo on the basis of inactivity. They have picked up ayedan and pileosand as replacements from the undrafted pool. Both these new players can play starting from week 3 (tomorrow onwards).

Since the Cursed Corsolas lost their manager, King Leo V is the new manager of the team and Monsareeasy is the assistant manager.

thimo has also been banned from participating in NFEPL V on the basis of complete inactivity as a manager.


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New Sleep Clause in BW NFE
After the recent BW NFE vote on Tangela/Sleep, the BW NFE Council have banned all sleep moves from BW NFE (i.e BW NFE is now adopting the BW OU Sleep Clause). You can read about it here.
This ban will be in effect from week 3 (tomorrow) onwards.
Since BW NFE is played in Gen 5 Ubers, this essentially means that the following moves are banned and cannot be used in any BW NFE game from week 3 onwards: Dark Void, Grass Whistle, Hypnosis, Lovely Kiss, Sing, Sleep Powder, Spore, Yawn.


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MAMP vs DonnotheFirst
MAMP messaged Donno on Monday via Smogon VM to schedule. Donno has not been on Smogon since last Sunday and did not reply. Unfortunately, due to other team issues, the Cursed Corsolas had no one to sub in over Donno.

Act win to MAMP and the Morgrem Freemans.

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