Sports NFL Fantasy Football 2022-23 Season


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Goro Yagami

If you could all DM me your email addresses affiliated with your yahoo accounts that would be great.

lkapkd1 - confirmed team name
explodingdaisies - confirmed team name
Rabia - confirmed team name
gg i guess lmao - confirmed team name
Del Rio - confirmed team name
MK007 - confirmed team name
BigBallerBrand - confirmed team name
lexeas23 - confirmed team name

Let me know your team names so I know who to kick out to make way for the newbies.

Once everyone is in I'll set up draft times etc.
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As far as I'm aware of, Leagues C and D have extra spots open. If you are currently in a League and would like to join another one, please post in the thread as to which one you'd like to join

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