NFL Thread - 2019-2020 season

People are really so sick of the Patriots that they're picking the Texans to beat them and are just making stuff up about the performance of their offense.

Every talking head begging the Patriots to just go away would be more entertaining since that's what they actually want
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How many bailout calls are the packers gonna get tonight?

Just absolute bogus calls going against the Lions all night. I don't have a horse in the race but that is a damn travesty for a division game to be decided like that.
Just absolute bogus calls going against the Lions all night. I don't have a horse in the race but that is a damn travesty for a division game to be decided like that.
Be glad you aren't a Lions fan. Because we aren't one of the popular teams (and our owner was a fucking pussy and refused to complain to the league) we regularly get unfavorable or outright bullshit calls against us.

I can understand the penalty for unnecessary roughness on Traci Walker even though it wasn't, purely based on safety reasons. But the two facemask calls on Flowers was just the refs being complete and utter sellouts to give the Packers the win. I wish he would have decked that asshole ref. Martha Ford better be calling in to bitch out the ref office tomorrow. She's got more balls than her husband ever did
The only thing is that Crosby was still gonna make the kick and the Lions would have had to make a final drive with less than a minute. Not really robbed by that last one. Still, absolutely horrible officiating. Those are the moments the league needs to be able to step in and say no, that didn't happen. You can't let refs affect the game like this.

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Still on their bye, but the Patriots need a WR badly. They might not be able to go on before Harry can get back, and even then, there's other guys on IR to also bring back. They're getting AJ Green or Corey Davis before the deadline, that's my guess.

While I'd still pick my Seahawks any day against the 49ers, I'll go ahead and put them ahead due to their victories being more dominant, especially against the Rams.

I'll be fun and put the Seahawks ahead of the Packers. The Lions should have won. Both they and the refs gave the Packers the win. The offense without Adams is not good at all though.

Watson has his team on his back. The Chiefs is a big win there, who on the other side, is getting wasted by their defense.

The Panthers are very quietly at 4-2 now with Allen, Buffalo was on bye, while the Vikings are finally starting to show life in their air game.

As a bonus, the Ravens are #11. Bengals aren't good, but whatever. Jackson is fun though. Really hope they get into the postseason.
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Too much. He's the best young guy, but two first round picks is too much to give for any non-QB player. Peters was doing better than he was last year as well.

Now, they have to win, regardless of if he's good or not. The higher the 2020 pick gets the deal will be even worse. And coverage at the back wasn't their main problem, it's the offensive line.
The Madden curse finds a new victim...
No joke! What are the odds of a qb getting injured on a successful qb sneak!? Like Brady should have shattered both his legs and arms by now with the amount he has completed. Fuck the madden curse. Wish Aaron Rodgers was on the cover every year lmao

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