NFL Thread - 2019-2020 season


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I hate this. My poor baby defense is being hamstrung by this shitstain of an offense. I cry.


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And yet something will still somehow happen to give the pats the 1 seed and they'll win the Super Bowl. I've seen this movie too many times.
Can't wait to watch Jason Garrett become the coach of the Giants.

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While they didn't run over their opponents, the Ravens managed to fight in bad weather and get the win. The Saints are still good regardless if the game looks pretty or not. They have enough pieces on both sides (though you want the vintage Brees performances more common). The Seahawks keep winning only in the fourth quarter. Don't bet against Wilson in primetime.

You wonder what a game without bad weather would have looked like, but all the same, the 49ers held up and lost only by a field goal. Patriots continue to field a horrible offense. Offensive line sucks and the receivers have little experience with Brady. And who would think that this late in the season there's an outside shot that they'd be competing with the Bills for the division? Watch them magic their way to a bye though. Chiefs buried the Raiders and should have the division on lock. Defense played well, but they need to get better. Otherwise, they'll end taking a disappointing loss like last year in the playoffs.

Impressive victory for the Texans. They hit the weakness of the Patriots offense very well. Edelman can't do everything himself. Pretty much a get-right game in the case of the Packers. Giants are trash though.

Cousins just can't win in primetime under the big lights. Fortunately for them, Cook is OK. Thielen is a big loss for them. Seahawks held Diggs under control. While the Cowboys don't win against teams with positive records (how bout them Cowboys?), it was still a good win for the Bills. Still have reservations about the offense (Cowboys defense is struggling in getting numbers up), but they're probably sturdy enough to at least have potential to reach the divisional round.
Bill Belichick
The New England Patriots
The Refs
Andy Reid after a bye week
Lamar has more running yards than Ingram
The Steelers
Having your opponent kicking into the open end
The bills defense in the cold
Any team worth a damn playing afc/nfc east teams

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