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You ever just watch the ravens offense play and be alarmed at how fucking fast they are, but also how stacked they are talent wise on the offensive line and tight end positions too. God they’re so good.
And that was with our backup centre and backup left tackle too!
Miss me with the "Belichick knowingly sent a dude in Patriots gear to film the sidelines of a 1-12 football team from their own press box in plain sight after paying a 500,000 dollar fine out his own pocket and losing a first rd draft pick" shit.

Also miss me with whatever the hell that video tape shows

But hit me with the "Patriots have a reputation and should have known better to put a dude with a camera anywhere near another team so they deserve some sort of punishment"


proudly reppin' 2 superbowl wins since DEFLATEGATE
what weird self flagellation is this? "We have a reputation of being harassed for dumb shit so if we get harassed again it must be our fault, we're the bad ones"
Do the Aaron Rodgers stans throw another coach under the bus or do they blame Rodgers for having the same exact offensive struggles as last year and the year before and the year before and the year before.


proudly reppin' 2 superbowl wins since DEFLATEGATE
The Patriots can defend the run they're just scared to. They got punched in the mouth by the ravens and Texans and have been gunshy on trusting the secondary ever since. Man with single safety or man with no safety was their signature D at the start of the season, freeing up more action to be pressed inside the box. If they return to that, leaning on their strengths as a Defense, then they bottle things up pretty well. The Patriots gave up 164 yards rushing yesterday. 79 was the first drive. 29 on the following. That was just the first quarter. For the remaining three quarters of the game the Patriots held the Bengals to 56 yards of rushing. After the first two drives they started selling out to stop the run more and let their back end cover for that weakness through sheer talent. Also worth noting the longest run of the day (29 yards) should've been a two yard loss, but Mixon slipped out of the tackles of two Patriots defenders to burn up the sideline.

The Run Defense is definitely it's weakness but "porous" is extremely uncharitable.
Yup, unfortunately the Bills had to have either the Browns or Ravens (they had their chance against the Ravens) win to really threaten to steal the division. Patriots own the tiebreakers on common opponents and at worst tie the Bills series, so the Bills can only win with an outright better record. I estimate the odds of that being 1.04859848%.

Now, the Bills should try to win anyway so then the Chiefs move to #2.
At the very least, as things look right now (assume if the season ended now), either one of the Texans or Bills will be in the divisional round. And that road goes through Baltimore, so something new from that side of the bracket.

Baltimore Ravens
New Orleans Saints
San Francisco 49ers
Kansas City Chiefs
Seattle Seahawks
New England Patriots
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings
Houston Texans
Buffalo Bills

Ravens and Saints laid primetime beatdowns to assert themselves to the top of the ranks. Probably won't be moving either.

Won't be docking the 49ers much in the ranks as I feel they're stilll ikely the next best team, but the loss was big as far as the standings are concerned. They're also banged up on defense a bit. Good news is that they still can take the #1 seed by their own power. The Chiefs have been cruising for a month with Mahomes getting healthier and have quite a winnable road to get a bye with a little help. If the secondary stays at an upper half level, then they have a shot at a run.

The fake team group felt disrepected and all four of them won last week it looks like. Now, I could put the Seahawks at #4 or even #3, however, it's quite fucked at the injury front right now on defense and I'm legitimately worried about how many guys will be able to make it to weeek 17. The Patriots offense sucked so bad that even the Bengals tapes they viewed during film sessions didn't help and it was somehow close for half the game. Then Andy Dalton decided to do his best Philip Rivers impression and watch Gilmore and Jackson get more interceptions than Rivers has kids.

Yeah, Rodgers is not up to his usual self still (and it's been like that for a couple years now). You can't mask this receiving core. No one takes them seriously as a threat right now for a run. They'll need a bye to have any shot at getting to the NFC Championship. The Vikings are right behind them and have an excellent hold on their own wildcard spot. Monday's a good matchup.

Texans alternating between winning and losing. At this point, we know who they are at this point. What matters is how long they can hold together for the tournament? Will all the pieces work as one? Can't seem to move the Bills up higher than where they're at now. They're a playoff team with a great defense, but we've seen this movie before. Good defense, average or below average offense with a bad QB. It really gets you nowhere and you'll never be able to cross over.
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