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I'm on the TITANS hype train tbh

They're playing the best football right now. They're gonna do what the Texans did to the Chiefs through the first 20 minutes of the game except their defense isn't ass so they won't play like the other 40.


proudly reppin' 2 superbowl wins since DEFLATEGATE
I want a Tennessee San Francisco Super Bowl.

The way Derrick Henry is running I wouldn’t be surprised if his heart gives out after winning the Super Bowl John Henry style.


proudly reppin' 2 superbowl wins since DEFLATEGATE
Mahomes will win one eventually, as will Andy "The Walrus" Reid, but I am always going to root for the more exciting teams, over the ones coasting on previous greatness. Titans 49ers would be the dream matchup for me.


proudly reppin' 2 superbowl wins since DEFLATEGATE
Mahomes last season was 4 trillion times more exciting than mahomes this season. The Chiefs are doing the same thing they did last year except worse. That’s definitionally less exciting.


proudly reppin' 2 superbowl wins since DEFLATEGATE
I'm happy Kuechly retired only because for me he was the face of the concussion problem after this

This sport fucks people up bad. Helmets need to get way better and the protocols for taking care of people need to get better.
god thats fucking horrifying. i honestly never knew of that hit or moment..

what a decision by him. finished his 5 year 60mil contract and said yeah... 28yrs old seems like a time to stop
What the hell happened in playoffs?

Titans will probs lose, but considering that they beat the Patriots, there's always a chance of an upset. Be a nice story if Titans win super bowl lol.

Supporting the 49rs against Packers, but it's not super clear. Upset is not unlikely.

as for who to win the super bowl: 49rs are my pick, but the Titans would be a great story. Chiefs also have a good chance.
Aaron Rodgers has done basically nothing since 2014 except play risk adverse football and take a ton of sacks.

And despite obvious regression in his play, and not improving in a single area since then, he is consistently absolved of all criticism.

One of the weirdest careers ever, even weirder are the truthers that think hes some all time great QB.

Mahomes is what Aaron Rodgers fans believe Aaron Rodgers is, so they should stan him instead.
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