NFL Thread: 2021-2022 Season


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Of course there's a lot of hype. He's a white guy. Nothing boston sports loves more than overhyping a mediocre white guy. On top of that he's replacing a mediocre black guy so this is like christmas.
Neither of them are gonna be doing much with their no.1 receiver being Jakobi Meyers.

Cam will probably be the scapegoat while their 2019 first round draft pick N'keal Harry runs like he has a backpack full of rocks on and big free agent pickups Kendrick Bourne and Nelson Agholor drop 15 passes.

Then Mac Jones will come in and they'll still suck, but the fans will blame the receivers (which have been the actual problem for 3-4 years.)
Predictions for this season and whatnot:

East: Bills
North: Ravens
West: Chiefs
South: Titans
Wildcards: Chargers, Browns, Patriots

East: Cowboys
North: Packers
West: Rams
South: Bucs
Wildcards: 9ers, Falcons, Seahawks

NFC Champ: Bucs
AFC Champ: Bills

Superbowl winner: Bucs (Not to brag but I've picked 4 of the last 7 winners)

MVP: Tom Brady

Rookie of the year: Mac Jones or someshit.

Prediction for when the annual "Is Tom Brady washed after this bad game?" discussion starts: Week 3 after the Rams game.

Worst team: Jags

Most improved Team: Niners

Most disappointing player: Saquon Barkley

Most improved player: AB

Comeback player: Austin Eckler
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Just feel like the Bills are going to take a step back this season. Hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see them as big favorites for much beyond division.


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This year is my first football season in Michigan, I cannot actually believe I'm seeing real Lions fans in the flesh. I thought they were just shitposters on the internet.

SKOL (even though we're gonna go like 8-9 rip)


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As a lifelong Bucs fan it still blows my mind that we're in this position. I suppose this would be more of a mindfuck if I were a Lions or Browns fan but regardless it's a strange feeling. Now my only struggle as a fan is having to explain to everyone that I was a fan pre-Brady. At least my close friends believe me. :)

With all that said I'm thrilled for tonight's game. Barrett's gonna end Dak's career.

Someone explain to me why anyone with a brain would choose to attempt a field goal in that situation at midfield and give Brady (or any good QB) the chance to score again. 15 seconds is two plays at worst for the Buccaneers, and they ran four, capped off with an endzone shot.
Where are the lifelong Ravens fans, and how do y'all feel about the football gods hating your RBs' ACLs?
I would have traded any of our RBs' ACLs (besides L-Jax's because dude's about to be playing every offensive position at this point) in order to keep Peters' ACL intact

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