NFL Thread: 2021-2022 Season

Tom Brady: Considered system QB
Tom Brady: Replaces Jameis on Bucs and wins SB in one season
Drew Brees: not considered system QB
Drew Brees: Replaced by Jameis, who immediately throws 5 TDs against the Packers with literal whos at WR

Is Drew Brees a system QB?
I've Always disliked the Saints since bounty Gate so anything that throws shade on them is a go by me kekw
I wouldn't say Payton is better than Belichick, but something can probably be said for Belichick teams being ranked no.1 in PPG with Brady and mid 20s without him.
Late post but what an ugly loss by the Ravens. What started as a strong offensive performance turned extremely sour by the end of the game.

Some takeaways:
- The offensive line is going to be a recurring problem. I’m willing to accept Stanley might be rusty, but Villanueva is a disaster. Not that I’m surprised.

- The secondary worries me. Losing Peters is going to hurt, especially when Anthony Averett and Brandon Stephens see extended playing time.

- Can we please ride the hot hand? Ty’Son Williams had a great start to the game, but for some reason we insisted on giving Latavius Murray a lot of work in the second half. Ride the hot hand.

- That game absolutely needs to be closed out in regulation. I felt an immediate sense of dread once the game got to OT. Then the Ravens proceeded to lose twice. Gross.

Despite all the doom and gloom, I think the Ravens will be okay given some time. 0-2 is looming now though with KC coming to town, which worries me.

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