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-which reminds me, who the heck is the second string on the Jags and the Texans, because if either of those guys get hurt they're screwed-
Sorry for the double post, but apparently I said this without knowing the Jags were on Monday Night football and apparently Trevor Lawrence hurt his leg. Like actually what are the odds of that?
On the contrary, I feel like a lot of people get their hopes up too high for rookie quarterbacks in the NFL even if they stay healthy. I always try and consider with these prospects that they're usually coming from a lower level of the football hierarchy, so to speak, and that as a result, things that worked for these guys in, say, their college days might not work anymore. Also relevant are the people working around your quarterback. Case in point, my biggest issue with one of your division rivals that being Tennessee. At some point you have to consider the possibility that, if your team is having issues at the position no matter who plays, than maybe it's not the players' faults, but rather whoever is coaching the position. I understand that people were giving your Colts a bad rap with the whole "QB carousel" thing, but at least for now things seem to be working out so that's nice.

-which reminds me, who the heck is the second string on the Jags and the Texans, because if either of those guys get hurt they're screwed-
I understand your comment but in the offseason, Coach Steichen named Richardson the starter over Minshew for a reason. He simply does things that Minshew can't and is a better QB because of it. The small sample size before his injury showed pretty amazing stuff, and I look forward to seeing him next year. As for the QB carousel, that's more on the front office trying a bandaid solution rather than a real long term answer imo


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Congratulations, you guys deserve it, and y’all got a legit shot at a Top 2 seed in the NFC now

(still kind of feel bad for the Vikings getting injured so much this year though)

Bonus Fact: Since the expansion to the 14-team playoffs in 2021, 2 seeds have yet to lose against a 7 seed so far. If the season ended today this would lead to a Lions/Seahawks rematch, notable as teams that play each other once in the regular season and once in the playoffs historically don’t get the 2-0 (or 3-0) sweep very often.


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NFL 2023-24 Season, Week 18 Spoiler Warning:


Well, apparently the first since 1935, but for all intents and purposes this might as well still be true.


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Various funny stats from Packers @ Cowboys:

Dak Prescott got his first passing yard with 12:34 left in the 2nd quarter, a 4-yard completion. Before then, he was 1-4 for 0 yards and 1 INT.

Dak Prescott was the game's most efficient rusher, averaging 7.5 yards on 6 carries.

At halftime, Romeo Doubs had 102 receiving yards. Dak Prescott had 87 passing yards, 4 less than the yards Dallas lost to penalties, negative plays, and interception returns in the half. He did exceed his team's kick return yards (not counting touchbacks), by one, for the half.

Packers had one All-Pro player, KR Keisean Nixon (second team). He returned zero kicks, instead co-leading the team with 11 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 pass deflections.

Dallas All-Pro WR Ceedee Lamb had more rushing yards, 5, than receiving yards until an 8 yard completion at the first 2-minute warning. Dak Prescott targeted Lamb the next play, throwing a 64 yard pick-six to Darnell Savage. Lamb would finish the half with 2 receptions for 18 yards on 7 targets, and 1 rush for 5 yards.

Green Bay scored 7 touchdowns in 7 drives. The pick-six balanced out one punt in Dallas territory. Green Bay would not punt again for more than two full quarters, when its backups were in.

Both teams missed an extra point.

Aaron Jones has had 4 consecutive 100-yard games after an 11-month drought. 4 is also the number of games Jones has played against the Cowboys, and the number of times he exceeded 100 yards against them.

Saturday, Joe Flacco became the fifth QB in the Super Bowl era to throw multiple pick sixes in a playoff game. The next day, Dak Prescott nearly became the sixth; he had one pick-six, and Jaire Alexander returned another into the endzone, but he was found down by contact.

You may know Jordan Love was one garbage time incompletion from reaching a perfect passer rating. That incompletion also stopped him from having exactly 1/3rd of Dak Prescott's pass attempts.

The Cowboys have not reached the Conference Championship game in 28 years, where they beat the, uh, Packers. Their closest attempt was in 2017, a 3 point loss to the, uh, Packers. That is the 3rd longest streak in the NFC, behind the Commanders and the Lions, who can snap the streak with a home game next week.

The Cowboys are 1-10 in their most recent games against the Packers. This game is a third-worst defeat by points - through probably not by importance - with Rodgers beating them 45-7 and 28-7 in 2013 and 2015.
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i'm a Bills fan but always took the Lions (McNabbs Eagles i really enjoyed too cus lots of time with fam in Philly and ties there) on as "my lowkey NFC team" (i was baptised a Bills fan late 90s [so no, didnt see the SBs lol] still decent but grew up drought era) but Lions was just a love lob off friends from there, loving music from there (that helped shaped me, icp/eminem/slum village/esham/etc)

so while ill never be a flake and claim em as "MY TEAM "WE DID IT!"" im always happy for them to do well and if the Bills don't win it I'd love to see Detroit do so.

my one friend joked to me when i did say that to him (Lions fan) and he's was like "take your NFC lob for a team with hope you're already a Mets/Knick/Isles fan too, don't make your life harder"(lmaoo - that was when they were down too).

and also tbf the grandpa who gave me the Mets was also a Dodgers fan before they moved (he didnt like how Yankees fans were even in the late 50s/60s LMAO so he held out till Mets popped up) so we still root for them too lol. least i got some excuse to appreciate the Dodgers when we all know the bandwagon gonna keep growing lmaoooo.
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The Buffalo Bills are cursed. They need a roster overhaul. Get rid of K Tyler Bass and WR Stefon Diggs. Get younger on defense. Get more passing options for JA 17. Another wasted year…


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if the lions make the superbowl I want to drive to detroit, go to a bar, buy a lions t shirt, and blend in for a day

where does pat mahomes rank in terms of greatest qbs of all time
im a bills fans and tho im not ENTHUIASED BY THIS MATCHUP i will refuse to be a hater... if he's not knocking on 5-7 already just look at who most think is top 5: Brady, P. Manning, Montana, Elway, Marino -- i think his resume even so young STILL into his career is very effing promising to not just be a top few but perhaps... just perhaps that top guy.

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