surprising indeed, shinryu. :P

congrats to mercy, he required a massively impressive week 17 to win and that is exactly what he got. and yes, i did forget to make a pick: pittsburgh at san fran. i had trouble making my mind up on that one anyway, but i recall feeling pretty bad (as a steelers fan) about pittsburgh's chances in that game. had i made that pick, i would have just switched to the giants this week for the guaranteed first place. :3


would anyone be interested in joining a yahoo pick 'em league next year? or just moving the entire competition over to that format? would probably be a lot easier on killah :D


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I really wish I hadn't fucked those two weeks when I didn't pick seriously, I could've contended. Lots of fun, gj all around, thanks Killah for running this.
Killah thanks a lot for having run this!
Mercy congratulations man!

Next season I hope to actually pick all the weeks, I left the forum a long ass time.


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very fun tournament, had an awesome time with it so thanks Killah for all the work. So sad i changed my tennesee pick to Houston last minute as I would of had an outright 2nd place overall:p.

@Steeler - yes, yes, yes.

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