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lol is that a random Arceus behind Tangela?! I dig how Shaymin's back hide looks like actual grass (unlike the original cartoony design) :)

I like your style - icepick, I particularly like your Thundurus :d

you love grass pkmn?


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It's not that I love grass pokemon. Grass pokemon are the greatest, and there's simply nothing I can do about it.
please stop painting like a boss you are making everyone else look bad now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna weep in the glory of your artwork


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Godly tangela and electric dreams are both sublime. I really like the humorous ideas you use as foundation for the images.
That Hulk painting has somehow gone unnoticed. Humorous, brilliant and one of the best art pieces on Smogon. (I have poor taste)
How to draw like icepick: I don't even know how the fuck is he so good?

Also the texture on that last piece is amazing


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Facebook cover (for Smogon, not for me obviously)

Evoke collabo

Neat I'm in a magazine

Work in progress longboard painting

So much to take in... That Facebook cover was the best out of a good bunch. The collabo is so vivid and detailed, and your project is coming on nicely.


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Oh my god, can I use the ampharos/electric sheep pic as an avatar? Soo cool!

Ps, youre gunna have the sickest longboard on the block

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congrats on the magazine feature man, thats really fantastic. always really loved the way you use color to establish depth. i like all the kind of sharp geometric cuts you define shapes with in those pokemon pairings. really awesome stuff, always look forward to your posts.


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The texture work on this painting is insane! Your black, orange and cream colors and swirly brushstrokes give the impression of a bright sea of fire with smoke flowing out of it, while the visible brushstrokes and undefined edges of the wings add to the chaos. All of it helps sell just how monstrous Charizard is here. Nice work!

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