Nintendo UK Presents: Pokemon X&Y Battle Tournament


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Tournament Registration

Nintendo of UK is hosting a series of tournaments under VGC rules at local GAME shops across the UK. Prizes for the event include a bye at the UK VGC national championship and even a week long trip for two to Japan!

Four different competitions are open to compete.
  • Ages 13 and older can compete in the Ultimate Pokemon Expert Tournament for a chance to win a bye at UK VGC National Championship and a Week long trip to Japan
  • Ages 12 and younger can compete in the Junior Expert Tournament for a trip to win a buy at the upcoming UK VGC National Championship and a weekend trip to Alton Towers theme park
  • A Player age 16+ and 12- can team up to compete in the Ultimate Team tournament, a Multibattle tournament, for a chance to win a £250 Nintendo UK Online Store voucher and a trip to EGX London
  • Newer players can enter the Pokemon Apprentice tournament for a chance to win a mega bundle of 3DS games valued at £300
Participating Store Locations and Dates:
Nintendo Life said:
Bullring, Birmingham - 1st March
GAME Churchill Square, Brighton - 1st March
GAME Murraygate, Dundee – 2nd March
Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle - 8th March
GAME Hamleys, London - 8th March
GAME St. David’s Centre, Cardiff - 8th March
WestQuay, Southampton - 15th March
GAME Meadowhall, Sheffield - 15th March
GAME Castle Street, Banbury - 15th March
Bluewater, Kent - 22nd March
GAME Back Of The Inns, Norwich - 22nd March
GAME Victoria Centre, Nottingham - 22nd March
Intu Trafford Centre, Manchester - 29th March
GAME Westfield Stratford City, London – 29th March
Intu Braehead, Glasgow - 5th April
GAME Cribbs Causeway, Bristol – 5th April
The prizes are all pretty rad, so you're in the UK, get to team building and aim big!

Thanks to Nintendo Life for the original article from which most of this information was pulled from.

yere mate
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Now, even though I can make it to Cribbs Causeway, call me insane, I would like to, but I don't think I want to. I'm not the most confident battler, you see.

I may, however, change my mind. There's still a while 'till April.

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