No going above Mach1! - SonicBoom discussion

We might as well unban OHKO moves, they only have 30 accuracy after all...
Except for the obvious Dragon Rage, which has perfect accuracy (Dragon Rage is technically considered a OHKO move in L5 LC (which it wasn't in Ps2 and Advance because of 41 + HP Chansey lurking around, and she would have probably been ubered anyway)).
Sonic Boom would just centralize the game so much. There's really no avoiding that at all. Throw in the "no skill factor" (similar to OHKO moves in its indiscriminate nature) and there you have a terrible addition to the LC metagame.
Sorry for bumping this couple week old thread, but I wanted to additionally point out that there was no mention of weather effects in this thread whatsoever (I don't think I missed an instance of it but I may have). It's a really big factor in this discussion; while it isn't bad to look at SR+Sonic Boom coupled together, I think teams centered around this strategy (a huge amount of teams, I suspect, if it were legal) would be also looking into an auto-weather pokemon. It would be simply better to instead look at all the Pokemon who don't get gibbed by a combination of SR+SB+Weather.

Snover and Hippopotas are already used a lot, so it wouldn't be hard at all to find a place for them on a team built on dealing 20 damage + residual/entry damage. Hippototas himself in particular, as he can set up SR as a lead and the rest of your team can go to town. Not to mention, priority is already used to death, so we can imagine how all this would end up playing out.

I'm sorry to say, Sonic Boom doesn't look like it will ever show it's face in Little Cup as the current rules stand. Berry Juice or some other radical change could perhaps make Sonic Boom less ridiculous, but I wouldn't bank on it. In fact, just testing it doesn't sound too fruitful either; a move being pretty clearly overcentralizing except MAYBE when a potentially broken item is allowed doesn't sound too tempting to spend time on.

I'd probably prefer 1HKO moves being allowed before Sonic Boom, on a personal note. I mean, there is a very high chance that the 1HKO move will miss. Sonic Boom, on the other hand, is practically a free kill on 90% accuracy. Sure, ghosts and soundproof don't care, but there are few and those packing SB will be packing something for ghosts, I'd imagine, or at least have a ghost killer or two in the back row.

Sorry again for the bump :I

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