No-Playerlist Mafia - Game Over: Assassins and Unclesam win

Welcome to No-Playerlist Mafia
Because people actually did sign up.
Approved by billymills and LightWolf

For Players:
1. There is no posted playerlist. Kind of the point of the game. There are as many as 30 players.
2. You may not share role PMs during Night 0. Starting on Day 1 you may share your role PMs freely. However, no screenshots. Also, no impersonating hosts/other players.
3. You may not talk to any dead player about the game. Other than that, you can talk to everyone, but you should definitely exercise caution when talking to other people. That friend who's "not playing" may just be a member of the other team... If you're dying to talk about the game, talk to the hosts.
4. Every Day will last 48 hours initially, and may be shortened to 24 hours at the hosts' discretion. During the Day you should post "lynch <user>" or an equivalent in bold. "No lynch" is also valid, though stupid. Whoever receives the most votes will be killed in the lynch. A tie will result in a "No lynch." Any votes cast for users who are not playing will not be counted. It doesn't matter if you edit your original post or make a new one, but only have one bold at the end of the Day or your vote will not be counted. Votes cast for someone not in the game will count as "No lynch." Also, there might be Day actions.
5. Every Night will last 48 hours initially, and may be shortened at the hosts' discretion. During the Night you should PM both hosts whatever your action(s) for the Night are. We will also accept actions on IRC. You may also choose to send a PM saying you are idling during the Night. If you have a Night action and do not send in a PM, you will be subbed out.
6. There are items in this game.There may be resurrects and recruits. Basically, anything's possible.
7. If you're inactive in this game it'll be pretty awful. If you're not going to be able to be active, please just don't sign up. Any time a substitution is made it will be announced in the thread, but the names of the players subbed out and in will not be listed.
8. IRC access is practically necessary for mafia on Smogon, so try to get on IRC at least once a cycle. Joining the game's channel is NOT mandatory (though encouraged, because it should be fun/chaotic), but make sure to contact the hosts privately if you choose to not join the channel. If you have any questions about IRC, ask the hosts for assistance and they'll ask someone who actually knows something about IRC.
9. Trying something new this time, and the way PMs are written will be purposely varied, as well as possible inclusion of grammatical/spelling errors. So if your PM has something minor like that wrong with it, or you see that someone else's PM has problems, don't make too much of it, because it might be us trolling you.
10. If you do not have an info role, you will only receive results if your action failed because of another player's action.
11. Please make sure the person you are asking is eligible before you ask them whether they are in this game. We don't need this being a huge drain on the community. If you consistently pester people who are ineligible to be in the game, or who are on the "definitely not playing" list, then you may be godkilled.
12. If you are subbed out of the game for any reason, you and your sub will both be able to be targeted with any roles. Say MagicMaster87 subs out and Kannon takes his place. Users will now be able to target either MagicMaster87 or Kannon, and it will have the same effect.
13. To pass an item, PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - Pass <item> to <user>.” If you pass an item to a person not in the game, the item will go into Limbo. If you are nightkilled or lynched while holding an item, it will be sent to Limbo. At night any player with a night action may PM askaninjask and Daenym “Getting <item> from Limbo.” This will replace your normal night action, but will have the same priority that your normal action would have.

For Non-Players:
With any luck, we'll have plenty more signups than needed. But if you didn't get in, don't worry! Obviously, because there is no playerlist, only the hosts know who is actually playing. Therefore, users who are not in the game can still do plenty.
1. If you did not get in, you will not receive a Role PM or any other form of notification. Once "All PMs have been sent" is posted in the game thread, that's all the notification you'll need.
2. Anyone who signed up, either publicly in the thread or privately via PM/IRC, is allowed to post in the game thread. However, if you do not add anything to the game with your posts you will lose this privilege.
3. You are welcome to create a fake Role PM. The hosts will help you with making your fake in whatever ways we can. Some sample PMs will be posted in the thread to give you an idea of what is expected.
4. Any non-players are also valid subs if we are forced to sub out a player. Substitutions will be announced in the game thread, but who is being subbed out and in will not. Players who sub in will also not know who they subbed in for.
5. Everyone, whether you signed up or not, is encouraged to join the IRC channel for the game. In the event of subbing someone out, we will most likely try to find someone on IRC.
6. Possibly the most important thing, if you are a non-player but you feel you are having a significant effect on the game (such as pretending to be part of the village or a neutral or otherwise), definitely let the hosts know about it, since that’s hilarious.
7. Don't forget to think outside the box. Just because you're not "playing" doesn't mean there isn't a lot you can do.

We know you haven’t read the rules, but since there’s some new stuff you might want to.

Oh, it kind of goes without saying, but if you make any channels/spreadsheets for this game please add us. We're both pretty excited to see them.

To the casual observer, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

It was a small field on the edge of a forest. The grass everywhere was tall, and the trees were just dense enough that it was tough to see anything inside the forest. Other than a barely noticeable breeze, everything was still and silent.

But to the experienced eye, one could notice certain movements. A shadow flashes past here, a leaf rustles on the ground there. The light seems slightly refracted in that corner, and then it’s gone. These movements were primarily caused by the inhabitants of this place, the Invisibles. The Invisibles are a diverse community, one that has recruited members from all around the Earth and beyond to create a set of invisible houses on an invisible street in the middle of an unfortunately quite visible field.

However, not all is well in the Invisibles’ town. A small but capable group of individuals has been alerted to the presence of this invisible village at the edge of the forest and they wish to destroy it. These people will stop at nothing to take over this town and use these invisible technologies for themselves. They call themselves the Assassins. They aren’t invisible, but they might as well be, as these men have been effectively trained in stealth.

There’s a political movement rising in this city as well. While the citizens are happy with their current way of life, those in power are upset at their lack of additional power. These men in power have created for themselves the Stalinist Coalition for a Better Tomorrow. Nobody has ever seen or conversed with a member of this mysterious new political party. Nobody knows quite how many people are in it.

There is one member of this invisible town who is not invisible (at least, there was one). The Alchemist had agreed to a deal in which he made goods for the townsmen and in exchange he was permitted to live in the invisible town. After an unfortunate accident involving one of his creations, he was banished from the town by those in charge. After losing everything, he hopes now to come back and get revenge on those who shunned him.

In unrelated news, Daenym has died in an unfortunate hunting accident. He was:

askaninjask said:
Dear Daenym,
You are a Role.

You are a role in this game (or maybe just a role template). You were put in this game because you did something cool that askaninjask or Daenym noticed. You happen to be invisible.

At night you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - verb <user>”. Your target will be verbed.

Any other special things about your role go here.

You are holding the Item. With the Item, you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - Use Item”. You will use your item.

You are allied with the Invisibles. You win if the Invisibles outlast the Assassins, the Alchemist, and the Stalinist Coalition for a Better Tomorrow.
Then askaninjask tried to join, but someone had already put Stealth Rocks up on the field, so he’s boned.

Daenym said:
Dear askaninjask,
You are A Ninja.

No, not a Ninjask, but an actual ninja. People often try to ask you things, but ninja are so stealthy that it’s tough to get a hold of you. Able to become perfectly hidden at a moment’s notice, you were often employed as an assassin, many times by large, powerful organizations, and frequently to kill madmen.

At night you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “NX - Godkilling <user>.” Your target will be godkilled without question.

During the day you may PM askaninjask and Daenym “DX - Throw a smokebomb at <name>.” Your target will be replaced by someone who is not in the game (a NIG).

You also know that the above two actions can be used whenever you want.

You are allied with the Hosts. You win if the game isn’t a total trainwreck.

The Playerlist:


Dead People

kingofkongs - The Soldier - Invisibles - Killed silently N1
Walrein - James Bond - Assassins - Killed alongside Ukranians N1
Yeti - Ezio Auditore - Assassins - Lynched D2
jumpluff - Waldo - Invisibles - Killed silently N2
theangryscientist - Joseph Stalin - Stalinist - Lynched D3
imperfectluck - Chameleon - Invisibles - Dissected N3
Blue Tornado - Fox - Assassins - Lynched D4
Slim Guldo - The Emperor - Invisibles - Dissected N4
billymills - Bilbo Baggins - Invisibles - Shot N4
Aura Guardian - Bacteria - Invisibles - Lynched D5
Acklow - Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur - Invisibles - Cut open N5
da letter el - No See Ums - Invisibles - Shot in the head N5
LonelyNess Layell - Invisible - Invisibles - Sliced open N6
LightWolf - Chimera - Alchemist - Lynched D7
little gk - Harry Potter - Invisibles - Shot N7
Bass - Chimera - Alchemist - Lynched D8
Paperblade - Shou Tucker - Alchemist - Shot with two different things N8
Wild Eep - Michio Kaku - Invisibles - Sniped N9
Accent - Imaginary Friend - Invisibles - Lynched D10
Quagsires - Invisible Walls - Invisibles - Lost D10
Midou - Gravity - Invisibles - Lost D10
Spiffy - Lee Harvey Oswald - Assassins - Won D10
zorbees Fatecrashers - Solid Snake - Assassins - Won D10

Players Confirmed Not in the Game

- Ditto
- Pidge

Once PMs are all sent, it is Night Zero.
All role PMs are now out and the game officially begins now.

Obviously, no sharing these until Day 1.

If you have not received a PM by this time you are not in the game.

It is now N0. N0 ends 48 hours from this post.
Ya, Lynch TAS
Guys, claim to me, I'm invisible! I have proof that I'm part of the invisibles! I am talking in Invisible, that's why!
He is bad guy not good therefore bad thus should be lynched
All other individuals wishing to solve the murder mystery, the one that you will know about if you are somebody I am wishing to talk to, are urged to contact me so that we can work together. I am feeling pretty Yellow, if you know what I mean.

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