NOC [NOC/MultiFaction FFA] Pay to Slay Mafia AKA the game that should have been OC but it's NOC. And the winners are... SaM2 and JALbees!


Chwa for no reason!
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idk m8 im just saying it seems dumb to go after someone who doesn't have a partner when there are still three teams left that have both members


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Blueberry - samoyed, zorbs
Jello - vooper, m2h, bluedoom, duskfall, Former

Since the rules were vague and since this is your only chance to uh talk to each other, I'm going to make the executive decision that the game won't have earlier-than-deadline lynches. Lynches only happen at deadlines and only if there's a majority. Due to vote change shenanigans being possible, no one in the thread truly knows when a hammer would happen anyway.

So carry on and have fun, folks :)

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