Not able to connect to Pokemon Showdown?

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Bit new here if it isn't too obvious but, I was just attempting to check out Pokemon Showdown again and for some reason I cannot get into the site?
Unless there's been a URL change, I cannot play the game and last I checked I've not done anything to break the rules and get myself banned in anyway.

The error I'm getting is this.;

The url;

If this is a "Internet Issue" then there shouldn't be a problem? I know my internet isn't god-tier that's hard connected to my router.
But, would bad internet cause such an error?


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This is a known issue with the SSL cert and is being worked on as I type this. In the meantime should work whilst https:// is down.

Edit: a restart to the server is needed to resolve the issue and is imminent, shouldn't be more than 10 mins.
Edit 2: issue resolved
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