np: BW Ubers Suspect Round 3 - Dazed and Confused

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After a long break for SPL, Ubers Suspect testing has returned, raring to go. We're ratcheting up the controversy with a great one here: Moody Clause.

Ubers Suspect Leader sickness has claimed its second victim, Poppy. I have not appointed a specific co-leader, so feel free to consult any Ubers mod if you have questions about the test.

The way this will work is as follows. After 2 weeks of laddering, the Ubers Council will convene to decide whether the metagame is stable enough to move to a large-scale measure. The only reason this would not be done is if the metagame is so uncompetitive that it does not function at all. At this time, they can also vote to amend the clauses in certain ways as a further option in the vote. After this meeting, we will look at the ladder and use a set of requirements to determine who can vote. We're taking a page from OU's book and setting the requirements at a Glicko2 rating of 2000 and a Glicko2 deviation of 55 or lower on the Ubers SUSPECT ladder. Note that this time there will be an Ubers Suspect Ladder, which will replace the normal Ubers Ladder. Also be aware that, if we are not satisfied with the amount of people who qualify with the above ratings, we may lower it; do NOT rely on this, however.

Here's a timeline:

  • Tuesday, April 2: Ubers Suspect Ladder goes up with Moody Clause removed, replacing the normal Ubers Ladder.
  • Tuesday, April 16, 11:59 PM: Round finishes. A screenshot will be taken of the ladder and a thread will be posted to identify yourselves.
  • Thursday, April 18, 11:59PM: Special applications are due and we will start voting.
  • Sometime after the round ends but before we begin voting, we will have a council meeting on #uberscouncil on SynIRC. The date and time will be announced further down the road when the council members' schedules allow.

Good luck, and may the Smeargle be with you.



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Smeargle will destroy everything you hold sacred
I predict that moody will be banned. After what happened to bidoof, moody seems like its broken. I expect to see alot of octilleries, smeargle, bibarel etc.
I will ladder under my main alt (Sweep). I am intrigued at how many people actually use Moody, and how effective it will be in this metagame.


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Chances are, Moody will not be all that effective, but Moody seems like a garbage way to win, and I doubt it'll get unbanned, due to the extreme luck/hax factor. I will attempt to ladder (PS is REALLY slow at home) under blitzlefan along with some combination of numbers (eg blitzlefan123). Kind of curious though... BIDOOF FTW!
smeargles gonna be a bitch to deal with
Kyogre used Sleep Talk!
Kyogre used Roar!
Kyogre's attack missed!
Smeargle used Baton Pass!
edit: also does the glicko2 rating refer to the standard one used on ps


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edit: also does the glicko2 rating refer to the standard one used on ps
There are multiple different sections on the top 100 ladder page: there's your position on the ladder, your name, your ACRE, your GXE, your Glicko2 and your deviation. The Glicko2 is the 4 digit number (well, it should be 4 digits) on the far right, just before the +- sign and the smaller, 2 or 3 digit number (which is your deviation btw).
My issue with Moody is that it will aggravate the skill-level problem on the ladder. It's bad enough with all of the oblivious noobs that don't know what they're doing; all Moody does is give them a realistic opportunity to win. Definitely against it.


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This is the test I'm looking forward to the most BY FAR, just because of the newer folks who haven't extensively played Ubers before Moody got banned. It'll give everyone an opportunity to experience the horrors of Moody firsthand. Now this clause has the dubious distinction of being the one explicitly banned from Ubers. Moody was actually disallowed in OU, but allowed in Ubers for some time. This is no holdover from OU like banning Brightpowder, it was deliberately banned specifically from Ubers!

The biggest reason I was perfectly okay with the Moody ban was the fact that Smeargle could have it. The other Pokemon with it (Octillery, Bibarel, and now Glalie) can sit there and hope to survive long enough to demolish the other team, and I am not convinced they would be all THAT bad, but Moody and Baton Pass on Smeargle is a very effective combination that I feel will be particularly difficult to handle. Just pair it up with a BP receiver Dialga and the game is as good as won most of the time, unless the Moody boosts are particularly unlucky. There are of course ways to disrupt this strategy, such as using moves such as Taunt and Encore, but it seems there is always the option for Smeargle to use Magic Coat or carry a Mental Herb. But we'll just have to see how the metagame works itself out.

The thing about Moody was that half the time it was okay, but the other half of the time it turned the game into shit. Hopefully now that there is an actual Suspect Test going on, we can see whether or not the metagame can handle Moody properly. Can this problem be solved by something simple like sticking something with Taunt on every team, or would the metagame have to be pretty much turned upside-down to deal with it? For all we know, maybe the metagame has already changed enough to make it no longer ban-worthy! Either way, exciting times to come! I'll certainly enjoy this new toy to play around with while I still can!

In closing, I'll just say to everyone to keep an open mind. A metagame is not a static thing. No matter what happens, this test will be a good learning experience for those not too familiar with it, and a way to experiment in a new environment how to handle a remarkable threat for those who are. If anyone can figure out how to let Moody be a part of a fun yet competitive metagame, you people can!
This MAY sound dumb and simple and against most of what we do, but I've always been a fan of selective banning: Moody should be allowed on all Pokemon that get it except Smeargle. I always felt the same way about Blaziken and Speed Boost. The only reason Blaziken is Uber is because of Speed Boost. Again, it may sound dumb and plain, but that's just the way I think.
Haha, this will be an interesting suspect test. and I am interested to ladder and see what happens! I'll post my findings later. The vote is going to be one of the most interesting votes in a while.
of course, fortunately all of them are weak to either thunder (perfect accuracy under rain) or aura sphere, but I never really liked using mewtwo o.O
and not everyone uses rain


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preemptively planning on voting to retain the clause, I said this about Evasion test, but Moody is a completely different issue because of the implications it could bring to the metagame. I'll stay openminded, but I don't think moody is going to be healthy for the meta at all
Having moody unbanned will just cause the ubers tier to become a lot more luck oriented though it'll be quite interesting seeing how well moody will fare in such an offence intensive metagame.
maybe in voting we could put an option: ban moody only on smeargle? since the others can't really bp the boosts
maybe in voting we could put an option: ban moody only on smeargle? since the others can't really bp the boosts
There is absolutely no way this is happening. it has been discussed over and over again and generally speaking people believe complex bans should only be applied in extreme circumstances like Drizzle and Swift Swim. All it does is opens whole new can of worms of what we can and can not ban on individual Pokemon to make them not broken.

Back to the subject of the Moody test. I really think it has a strong possibility of being unbanned since evasion clause was lifted which if I am not mistaken was a huge reason Moody was banned in the first place. I am really looking forward to testing moody BP Smeargle this round since I never got to try it out when it was legal.


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Arceus with Perish Song is a 100% stop to anything that attempts to abuse Moody. It is a perfectly viable move on its defensive sets.
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