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for the better
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After 4 months of wait, we've finally gotten our HOME drops! The DLC timing means that we also get a bunch of quickdrops from OU, meaning the metagame as we once knew it is now a story from the past. Here's everything that we got, including the PUBL unbans!


and here's what we lost



very excited to see how the meta develops from here on out, and you can expect some update from the council later today!​


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good mon, it has removal in defog and recovery in roost and has decent special bulk. can also function as a special attacker, water + flying stab is good in pu.

I'm a big weezing fan. It's a great check to the fightings and tauros and has amazing defenses and can spread status with wisp and can set tspikes and can be annoying spamming sludge bombs/flamethrower.

being immune to spikes is a big deal in pu, which chimecho is. It has recovery in roost and can act as a cleric with heal bell. It also gets draining kiss and cm, which can lead to some shenanigans

i was really looking forward to this mon. It is a big buff for tr teams and is a also a good physical threat with a fantastic ghost stab in poltergiest. It also got access to knock off this gen.


decently fast mon with usable attacking stats which also has defog! also gets access to flip turn which is pcool and again water + flying stab combo is good in pu.

last time tauros was in pu, it was held back by the fact that it had to make a choice between heavy duty boots and life orb because the removal was awful. This time, there are a bunch of good spinners and defoggers, which should help that issue to some extent and maybe make tauros broken!?

Solid mon, grass + ice stab with earth power as coverage along with ice shard as priority is pretty good. The snow defense boost makes it decently bulky aswell. Can support the team for a few turns with veil aswell ig. You can also try building a semi snow team with beartic sandshrew-A with aboma ig.

Cool mon, great defenses and has a fire resistance thanks to thick fat, has phasing option in dragon tail to not be a free setup and can annoy teams with leech seed + spd drop from apple acid.

Articuno is back and it'll do articuno things again. Offensive sets with terablasy ground, or defensive sets with haze or a pivot with u turn, this mon can do it all.

banworthy mon imo, bulk up sets can be too powerful given its solid bulk. Access to tera makes setting up way easier. You only need to run brave bird as the attacking move, the 4th slot after bu, roost, brave bird, can be some like agility, substitute ig. Can act as a removal with defog on non bu sets.

Good addition to the tier, fast spinner, great special defense and has access to haze to help against cheese, tho im not really sure if it can spin vs ghosts easily unless investment in spa.

Lurantis has both good and bad addition to the tier. good additions are that it has defog and is a usable water resist, bad ones being contrary superpower and leafstorm. It can muscle past / use as fodder flying types with tera electric.

decently bulky spinblocker with access to fluffy and has good utility tools like roar, will o wisp. It also got a good ghost stab in poltergiest which can make some way for bulky sets.

If there was a mon i was most excited for, it was sandslash. Spikes + Removal + Knock on 1 mon good defense stat is insane role compression imo. Maybe sand offence is now real with hound + sandshrew+ sforce dug.

Hard hitting mon, tho very frail and not very fast without a scarf and scarf turns it into a guessing game but if you guess right, it claims a kill. Bulk up sets with trailblaze may become overbearing. Spiritomb, Sableye'll give this mon a trouble but tera dark is pretty cool turns sableye into a fodder. This mon has broken potential.

Tinted lens hurricane will be really cool into non chansey teams. Something like nasty plot, agility, roost, hurricane / air slash can be pretty scary if not prepared for.

I'm a fan of sableye, big buff to stall imo. Sableye stops a lot of cheese and knocks a lot of stuff. Also does well into tauros, medicham, cool mon.

Good rapid spinner who is decently fast and can spin reliably due to having good dark stand in aura wheel hungry forms and knock off. Cool pivot aswell with parting shot, good mon!

Furret gets tidy up! Lets fucking go!!
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Gligar, Piloswine, and Sneasel are all huge losses.

Aqua Breed Tauros: Just go ahead and ban this, it's Combat Breed but better.
Morpeko: Tera locking it into its current form could really change how this mon is played. Looking forward to using it.
Furret: Thanks to Tidy Up, Furret might actually be viable for once.
:Lurantis: :Cramorant: :Swanna: :Braviary: :Cryogonal: :Sandslash: :Morpeko: So we got a whopping 7 new hazard removal options, IMO this will help building by quite a bit. I do have a bit of worry that Braviary will be broken, but we shall see.

:Toxicroak: :Appletun: :Farigiraf: :Ursaring: :Samurott: :Medicham: :Indeedee: These might also be problems but whose to say really. For Medicham at least we have Spiritomb AND Sableye.

:Abomasnow: dramatically buffs the viability of Snow teams. We only have Beartic though, but Beartic is rather hard to switch into.

:Weezing: will be a really good glue option I imagine. Solid supportive movepool and physical bulk.
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:sv/primeape: :sv/indeedee:
Immediate brokens, rage fist is a bonkers move and with taunt/bulk-up/rage fist/drain punch it can easily become impossible to switch into and just steal games, and indeedee is just the one we currently had thats already good on crack. At least it doesn't get expanding force anymore I guess. Medicham, oricorio, and possibly lurantis all might deserve looking into a bit later but don't seem immediately problematic.

:braviary: :Cramorant: :Cryogonal: :Furret: :Lurantis: :Morpeko: :Noctowl: :Oricorio-Pau: :Sandslash: :Swanna:
A lot of new hazard removal wow. Not all of them are good and not all of them will actually want to run it but its a massive step up from what we had before. (Someone please make furret work I'm begging you)

Other mons that look notable:
:Naclstack: Hate.
:Mabosstiff: Insane wallbreaker, have fun switching into this.
:Weezing: Very nice wall with all the new fightings, both levitate and neutralising gas are great.
:Houndstone: Very good physical wall with fluffy, and now that it has poltergeist and we have sandslash sand teams might have a chance?
:Abomasnow: Seems like a potent wallbreaker by itself and snow teams might have potential even with our limited abusers, good luck breaking glastrier in snow.
some quick thoughts about some of the drops that I think should be banned

- should be a no-brainer ban, I think we've figured out that PU is just not a tier where Oricorio can be healthy in. Tera switching up the type of Revelation Dance makes it just far too broken especially since it can run so many viable tera types. This in tandem with Quiver Dance and really good speed is just far too much for the tier. We've experimented with trying to make it not broken before and its failed every time and none of these new drops really impact that original sentiment

- should be quickbanned for now but I could see us revisiting it in the future. at first glance, eviolite+bulk up rage fist just seems way too much for the tier

- indeedee-f is primarily checked by the fact that its kind of weak and that is slower than a lot of meta staples. indeedee-m, however, tackles these problems a lot better as its much stronger and outpaces many things its female counterpoint does not. furthermore, i just don't really think we have the darks/steels to deal with this at the current moment.

:toxicroak: :lilligant: :tauros-paldea: :glastrier: - other pokemon that I think could be broken but I wouldn't ban just yet
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Melt Gibson

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there's old friends and new friends and even a bear!!

:primeape: agree that this should probably be banned, rage fist + eviolite is quite frankly just absurd. Gurdurr is already one of the best mons in the tier and this has even less problems, don't see it being healthy in any capacity. open to being proven wrong! but bulk up sets seem silly.

:sableye: MY STAR BABY IS HERE OMG :3 probably super swag and has a similar niche to utility alopersian, knock and prankster shenanigans with hard recovery is always cool, gravity bullshit might also be worth considering

:oricorio-pau: agree with sensei axew that PU is just not a tier where oricorio can be healthy, it's violently unpredictable and the ability to pick and choose its counters isn't something that's good for the tier IMO

:indeedee: again, agree with sensei axew, indeedee-f is held back by being relatively weak and indeedee-m solves that issue handily. again, just seems very silly and i don't think this will be okay.

:cramorant: probably a decent fat defogger, i can see gulp missile being super annoying and tera gives this thing a lot more options defensively. very cool!

:braviary: offensive sets on this seem a bit silly, i'm ngl. the power and speed alongside very strong abilities and solid coverage all around don't bode well on paper. scarf sets in particular seem ultra dumb.

:ursaring: you're gonna see a lot of me saying "eviolite makes this really dumb!!!" and the bear is no exception, jesus christ it's fat, statusing it is just generally a poor idea, and the coverage and setup potential are rather absurd. not sure i like the prospect of this in the tier.

:lurantis: if/when the QD squad gets sent back to hell this seems very very solid, superpower and leaf storm have potential to be quite silly. getting knock back is also pretty cool and it provides us another defogger, def see this making a solid home for itself in the tier.

:toxicroak: probably a little silly lol, comparable to hisuian sneasel and i do not like that one bit

:abomasnow: auto-snow? and veil? in the tier with beartic? jesus fucking christ dude

:naclstack: have fun breaking this LMAO

:weezing: so so good to have, a check to the fightings is awesome and neutralizing gas seems like it has decent applications all around

:mabosstiff: let's remember what NU taught us and not try to switch into this thing and proc stakeout ty for coming to my ted talk

:houndstone: hate. this seems like a super obnoxious physical wall and not having an auto sand setter is the only thing keeping this and sandslash tame.

:swanna: probably very nice, dual stabs/ice beam hits a lot of shit and it's got a decent stat spread

:samurott: same as swanna but this can also run physical or mixed and has access to knock, quite frankly insane and i don't know how balanced this will be??


:farigiraf: wyrdeer plus, probably not okay just due to the sheer amount of cheese this provides. armor tail protecting you from sucker is kinda fucked lol.

more in depth thoughts later probably ty love you
:primeape: absolutely the best new drop of the tier and I'd say incredibly ban worthy

:Articuno: Oh how I've missed you

:tauros: A less than welcome back but I think PU is more well equipped this time around?

:Medicham: A really fun mon to have around, I dont think she'll be broken but at this point I clearly cant tell anything about this gen

:weezing: Super great wall to have in the tier and will fit nicely here, especially with all the fighting types.

:Braviary: Definitely one of the most fun to use new drops, interested to see how others will develop this bird

:naclstack: Pain in my ass oh my god

:Chimecho: Lovely little cleric in the tier, happy to see it here, it does some good stuff Im not gonna lie

:sableye: Ah cool a prankster mon

:Illumise: :volbeat: oh...

:Swanna: A really good defogger that helps the tier a lot, another drop im happy to be using a lot right now

:Trevenant: Probably not a great mon but I do enjoy having him here.

:Probopass: Incredibly solid mon, slow volting/rocks/Body Press is really really fun to have

:Phione: Super gimmicky mon right now but I do enjoy some gimmicks here and there

:Lurantis: I cant tell if this mon is very good yet, other than defogging I dont know if she really does too much without tera
Here are some thoughts on the 7 mons I used across like 4 games:

:articuno: Your fighting types better be running stone edge, because if not you are walled by Articuno. The bulk is amazing, it gets recovery + uturn, and we all remember it from 2 months ago. Tera Dragon goes hard.

:Cramorant: GULP MISSILE!!!!!!! I love the idea of gulp missile, and even though someone pointed out that Cramorant probably worse swanna, this mon can theoretically paralyze an opponent, or at least chunk it, before going down, unlike Swanna. I used it alongside Articuno so that way I can play as recklessly as I wanted with gulp missile, but defog/roost/hurricane/surf + gulp missile is enough of a reason to run this guy while the electric types and freeze dries are hidden among the rest of the drops. Also go physdef.

:Sandslash: Ever wanted to make a Swalot cry? Just me? I haven't used this mon to its full potential, but eq + knock is nice for making swalots cry, it can run double dance with spin and sd, it gets rocks, it's a ground type, and offers just so much that I have yet to explore.

:Lurantis: This mon is why I got to experience being the best PU player according to whoever showed up first at the room tour leaderboard for 10 seconds. It somehow lived a Combat Tauros CC. I think that Lurantis is not S-tier, but it's not not bulky, grass and fighting coverage have been valuable in the past and prob still are, it can defog if you want, and it gets recovery.

:Morpeko: Honestly, not total trash. Persian-a has taught us that electric and dark is good coverage. Compared to persian, it's a physical attacker but it's not bulky or as fast. However, it spins, has a signature move that compresses move slots and raises speed, still has parting shot/knock/twave, is stronger unboosted, and gets electric STAB without tera.

:Indeedee: I see why it was banned. I would have liked to steal more games with it first, but yeah.

:Furret: Run knock off, trust me. It didn't fit on my team but it seems cool still
So a mon I think people are really underrating is Noctowl. This mon is crazy.

Yeah it has its issues but its still crazy strong.

this is low ladder tbf. And i shows what is noctowls biggest issue. slow and that accuracy issue and its kinda bad ph.def...

Definity a mon people must keep an eye on. it ko a 252 sp.def carbink! Kinda nuts..

Also ape is just dumb good it got qb.

cya later.
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Prelim PU post-Home DLC1 (

Above is the team I've played a few games with. I'll give a little run down, however, I want to express how not good I am. This team did get me to a PB elo though, so that's good.

:abomasnow: - Yeah, mostly here for veil to enable Furret and Masquerain. It does a decent job and it doesn't feel too terribly passive. Brick break is there for mirror matches, but I'm not married to it, so I'm welcome to criticism and (light) bullying for it.

:furret: - The main boy that I wanted to try as soon as I learned it got Tidy Up. I will say, I'm not super impressed. Maybe even a little disappointed. I find that it just doesn't survive much and create enough pressure. I might not have THE set for it though. I find that it really gets upstaged by:

:masquerain: - This thing I've had SO much success with. It has won me most of my games. It's been a staple. Very good behind veil. I don't think I need to say much.

:houndstone: :chansey: - The defensive core of my team. They are both very good at coming in and sponging hits for me. I'm very thankful that neither have felt super passive, but I may have been getting lucky against me opponents.

:basculin: - Good cleaner. Flip turn is real nice. Again, I don't think I need to say much.

I'm open to any and all criticism. If you're having better luck with Furret, please let me know. Happy battling!
Arbok @ Leftovers
Ability: Shed Skin
Tera Type: Dark
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Coil
- Gunk Shot
- Earthquake
- Sucker Punch

This set probably isn't very good but its honestly pretty fun. I prefer Shed Skin to Intimidate to I can set up a bit more easily on both Houndstone and standard Weezing. Tera Dark is to boost Sucker Punch and to help against Sableye. Knock is a thing this mon got but I don't think any set you could run on this thing would use it. I would mostly recommend using something like Skuntank instead but this guy isn't completely useless so its something.

Sandslash @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Sand Rush
Tera Type: Dragon
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Earthquake
- Knock Off
- Stone Edge

Kind of a crutch mon but I like having him around cause its a decently bulky Ground-type that has both Knock and Rapid Spin and in this economy its neat role compression. EVs and the last slot could go any way really. I actually did try AV Slash but hazard chip is killer.

Melt Gibson

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More in depth thoughts about some mons now that I've had time to build and play in the meta.

Possibly the best offensive pivot in the tier right now? If it isn't, it's damn close. Physical and special sets are great, you have a little 4mss but not too much that it's a huge problem, and the speed, while missing out on a few benchmarks, is more than enough to get you by.

Sableye and Spiritomb are a pain in the ass for this, but otherwise it completely wrecks shop. TB Fairy could be neat tech to take advantage of those since you don't use it for much else on this mon. Secondary Psychic STAB making Weezing not a real check is also suuuuper good.

Speaking of, this is undeniably a top 5 mon in the tier and probably a top 3 defensive mon. Tera Psychic lets you BS your way through so many matchups, and your natural defensive profile is already so good. Clear Smog makes some matchups feel playable. Very very solid and a worthwhile addition to literally any team.

:swanna: :medicham: :weezing: :leafeon: :sandslash: :komala:
[free team to keep this post from being too short]
:morpeko::xy/morpeko: Morpeko Appreciation Post:xy/morpeko::morpeko:

Morpeko is an underrated mon that i havent been seeing a lot of, so I wanna talk about it!
Peko is a great spinner that matches up great against the most common ghost sableye since it cant just enter for free and wisp you. It also is not at all passive, and can dish out some good damage with it's high power stabs. It gained knock off in gen 9 which makes it great at forcing progress along with rapid spin, and can even pivot with parting shot or volt switch. It has a ton of coverage like seed bomb for sandslash and psychic fangs for weezing and pauros. Its signature move aura wheel is super cracked, being 110 base power and raises your speed, and changes type each turn to mess with resists! And as mentioned by
Melt Gibson, if you tera, you can lock into one form to keep aura wheel in one type.


Offensive Utility (Morpeko) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Hunger Switch
Tera Type: Electric / Dark / Ghost
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Knock Off
- Parting Shot
- Aura Wheel

Offensive spinner peko! He's great at making progress with knock, spin and parting shot and can do good damage as well! Tera to power up one of his stabs, or ghost to patch up weaknesses!

BAND! (Morpeko) @ Choice Band
Ability: Hunger Switch
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Dark
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Parting Shot
- Aura Wheel
- Psychic Fangs / Seed Bomb / Rapid Spin
- Knock Off

A set ive been having a ton of fun with is band peko! Most people dont expect peko to hit hard, and even after the surprise factor hes still a great breaker and cleaner! Coverage can be swapped for spin. I like tera dark to jack up the power of knock and aura wheel since the tier doesnt have many dark resists.

thats all, sorry for the long post lol.

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so yesterday- nah nvm...
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the new drops/changes are so fun oml
super fun to use and is rly nice utility between knock/spin/pivot and has strong stabs while being immune to prankster. only complaint is speed tier is a little awkward but once it gets a wheel it's a pain to deal with.

so fat. annoying to break and sits in on a lot of great mons. status working on nacl with ngas is rly big for it.

also really annoying + salt cure + hazards + defensive tera. great bulk and is a rly solid defensive option rn. hard not to just spam it but it can be sub fodder which is annoying.

one of my favorites to use rn. a premier special tank and freeze dry is great, rly hates knock but the mons it pairs with well sponge it up nicely for it. pp stalls random mons with no effort as well.

soooo good. still figuring out partners for it but it makes insane progress with acid and leech is super annoying for most mons. with tera too it just becomes even more annoying to deal with.

kill button. both stabs are walled hard by sab like mentioned earlier in the thread but usually ends up in great positions once it's in safely. whether it's forcing defensive tera or just forcing 50/50s it gets multiple options a game to do so.

had the most fun with this guy, tail glow prankster is fun and bug can be rly awkward to switch into. usually can cheese an opportunity to setup thx to encore and it's fun to randomly nuke a bunch of mons.

neither of these 2 got any worse and are arguably better since the premier special walls that recently dropped are fire weak. great speed tier for both too.

tbh i was rly excited for snow when drops first happened but after playing around it feels kinda underwhelming. fires/fighters are rly good rn and aboma matches up rly poorly into the good spdef mons rn.


for the better
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hi, we've gotten a lot of questions about the slate / the survey so i thought i'd clear some things up. note that these are my own opinions, not everyone else's on council. people also wanted to see voting reasonings so i'll be sharing mine!

to start off, i think the metagame is in an awkward spot - not because anything is broken, but because while our defensive pokemon are good, they're somewhat awkward to build with. for example, articuno, appletun, cryogonal, and probopass are all capable of handling most of the tier's special attackers but charizard. this means that you'll often have to use naclstack or cramorant to cover that matchup, pokemon that don't offer a lot defensively outside of doing this one thing (not excellently, i might add), or accept that you'll need to tera articuno / cryogonal. this makes building rather awkward at times, as it means you'll have to sacrifice something. obviously, considering how fire answers are the ones that create this awkwardness in the building process, it makes sense to look at charizard in particular. pyroar, on paper, should be easier to deal with due to lack of flying coverage for appletun. we didn't vote on it as we didn't think it'd make sense to vote on a pokemon that's been around for months now, but this reasoning is why me and others on council wanted it on the survey, to gauge if the community felt the same way

as for the slate itself, we just added whatever we thought was worth voting on, including everything we voted on last week that avoided the banhammer. we admittedly should've posted about the slate before it happened, apologies for that


do not ban: very good breaker for sure, and probably underexplored as of now, but it doesn't feel very stupid; it needs choice specs to do some good damage, and can't do much vs cryogonal and articuno unless it decides to use tera blast rock / fire. wouldn't really mind taking another look at this if physically offensive sets become actually good, but as of right now to me it just feels like a great slow breaker with an awkward defensive typing and a weakness to hazards. i don't think veil sets are particularly great either, as you really only get 3 turns for whatever's in the back and your answers don't care a lot about you setting veil for yourself

do not ban: this pokemon is excellent, but it feels pretty similar to abomasnow in the sense that all of its answers are very good pokemon that we've been seeing a lot of. speed tier issue is even worse, as even a set like choice specs that feels like it should be borderline broken can't force out that much, as a lot of walls it "threatens", like weezing, can simply outspeed it. epack / boots recover 3 attacks/recycle is the best set, but it's nothing more than a very solid tank that's actually a very welcome presence in the builder

do not ban: to be quite honest i don't think this thing is very good. i think it's outclassed by samurott and swanna for the most part, and it doesn't have the coverage nor the strength to keep up with this metagame (gogoat and leafeon are no longer our only water resists). not a terrible pokemon by any means but nowhere as good as it was months ago

do not ban: it's very scary, and i very much get the sentiment on paper but it's not very easy to build with, sits at a rather awkward speed tier, and doesn't get as many opportunities as it'd like. another pokemon i think could probably become stupid with time but for now i'm just not seeing it. subbu sets can potentially steamroll teams but those sets feel fishy and don't appreciate how fast-paced this metagame can be, while choice scarf feels unreliable as speed control due to its weakness to rocks and how fast our other scarfers are. it also really, really wants to be able to switch moves. boots 3 attacks roost is the best set but again it just doesn't get that many opportunities to break, it's not that bulky for a pokemon with that speed tier, and brave bird recoil adds up very quickly

do not ban: scary breaker, frail, not very fast. even in matchups where it feels like it should run you over, the speed tier and bulk make it manageable. most sets really hate how common neutralizing gas weezing is (non-cb sets do a pathetic amount with zen headbutt). the scariest set imo, choice band, is very prediction reliant, and pokemon like those in a generation with tera are even more high-risk, high-reward. setup sets are done better by paldean tauros imo, as even after a trailblaze medicham is slower than plenty of our scarfers (haunter, swanna, morpeko, alolan dugtrio). those sets also don't get many opportunities due to its aforementioned poor bulk and average speed tier. its reliance on tera in certain mus also makes it feel fishy at times, but the same way it can use tera to flip the script the opponent can too

do not ban: i'd like to see more of rain before deciding what to do with it, if anything. we're still in the early stages of the metagame and people are experimenting with different things, so i think it makes sense for something like rain to look like a potential concern. but yeah, scary on rain if it gets a belly drum off, which is not the easiest thing to do, and overall decent and good for the tier outside of this one playstyle. worth keeping an eye on

do not ban: very fun breaker and wincon that can run a lot of different sets, but none of them are really amazing; it just has a lot of good sets. the speed tier is unfortunate too, and so far it just hasn't been a very concerning presence in the tier. i like it a lot, i'm glad to see it sticking around

ban: i think this is the best pokemon in the tier, and it's quite annoying. the speed tier is very good now that pokemon like alolan persian, electrode, and the raichus are less common. i wouldn't really call it broken, but its ability to just pivot around all game while having multiple great sets makes it quite annoying; answers to special sets like articuno don't enjoy taking a choice band brave bird, while "answers" (it pivots on all anyway) to physical sets like weezing don't want to eat a surf or hurricane. manageable, kinda, but in a metagame not completely settled i'd rather see something like swanna gone than it potentially ruining the tier for a while, but i'm fine with it staying

do not ban: scary breaker and the speed tier is really good to revenge kill a lot of slower, frail-ish pokemon, giving it a lot of chances to get in and click buttons. despite that it's not very good vs certain of all our walls due to its inability to ohko/2hko a lot of them and being sorta easy to trade with, while anything that isn't body slam is going to do rather mid damage, making it somewhat easy to pivot around

do not ban: the better fighting in my opinion. speed tier, bulk, and not being reliant on huge power in neutralizing gas weezing meta makes it more consistent, but it's still balanced; kinda tera reliant in a lot of matchups, and needs a decent amount to go its way to be able to sweep with trailblaze sets, while other sets like cb / scarf are very good but nowhere near stupid. great addition to the tier, overall
Can we talk about how broken this pokemon is? I've been using the below set on the ladder and it just absolutely cleans up. The giraffe is so bulky that once it starts to set up, you're basically cooked. Very easy to win with and VERY annoying to play against and stop.

Best defense I've found so far is fast encore. Anyone else encountering these issues?

:farigiraf: :Girafarig: :farigiraf:
Fridge Giraffe (Farigiraf) @ Leftovers
Ability: Armor Tail
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 28 HP / 252 SpA / 228 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Agility
- Calm Mind
- Stored Power
- Dazzling Gleam

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