NU CCAT Step 4: Playtesting

I created them and played some of my friends (who are decent battlers), and why can't Combusken have Baton Pass? (I'm really sorry if I'm being stupid)
What I meant by "if you haven't used it" is "if you haven't played with them on the Smogon PO server and have had at least some success with it, don't post it."

And Combusken can't have BP because it is an egg move, and there are no female DW Torchics, and since only the mother can pass down DW abilities, a Speed Boost Torchic can not have Baton Pass.


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I created them and played some of my friends (who are decent battlers), and why can't Combusken have Baton Pass? (I'm really sorry if I'm being stupid)
Because: Male Pokemon pass down Egg moves and Female Pokemon pass down DW abilities. Since only Male Torchic was released, there is no way to pass down the DW ability. Thus: Speed Boost + all egg moves are illegal on Combusken. And I concur with Zebraiken: Combusken sucks lol.

Also that Spinda is just BEGGING for CB Sawk to come in, it takes 49.66% - 58.56% from unboosted Superpower then OHKO's almost twice over (177%-210%) with Close Combat. Yes, that is factoring the +1 defense. Sawk does 266%-313% without it. Also you are walled 100% by Exeggutor who can laugh in your face since Superpower + Return doesn't OHKO (and most Exeggutor can outspeed anyway since you're running 0 speed). So yeah not very good. If only Spinda had access to Rapid Spin with Contrary...

edit: forgot to mention superpower isn't legal on contrary spinda on smogon PO yet
What game are you playing?

Love the concept, but Prankster Liepard is currently unreleased

Most of the people I have played against dont run Stealth Rock for some odd reason. Maybe im just not high enough on the ladder :P

Then there must be a glitch in PO, because I have used it without the message saying its ability is unreleased and have a few replays of it doing work.
this guy is so anti meta

Absol @ Life Orb
Trait: Justified
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
-Sucker Punch
-Swords Dance
-Night Slash / Taunt

You don't event need a Swords Dance to destroy with this guy, he' so powerful it's not even funny. Sucker Punch destroys everything not resistant and Superpower kills everything else. Night Slash is superior IMO but Taunt can support Sucker Punch antics in some situations. Switch in on Slowbro or something and wreak havoc.
Make that Superluck, and if you get the read on your opponent you can NS for a +2 crit chance while it tries to setup to dodge a SP. It won't be outspeeding stuff, but its attack is crazy for this tier.
Guys, just a reminder, at 11:59 PM EST tomorrow, the submission period will end and the voting period will begin, so get in any sets you haven't posted yet and try to buff up your posts to make them more appealing!
Needs moar Pinsir.

Pinsir @ Life Orb
Ability: Mold Breaker
Nature: Jolly
252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP
--Swords Dance
--Stone Edge

Hits hard and semi-fast, works kind of like Sawk I'd think. You could run Close Combat with Moxie over EQ but Mold Breaker EQ helps it beat down Weezing and such.
^ This.

Pinsir is an amazing mon in NU. I've been using it for a long time in NU (first mon I've put on my NU team, and is still there in fact), and time and time again it proves to be amazing. Basically the set that Benny in a Jet posted is the one you would be wanting to use, but IMO, focus sash is much more reliable, because then you aren't draining your health, and you can at least get one last hit in against something that would have KO'ed you before.

I think this mon would make a great addition to the team. With the right teammates to take out his counters, pinsir could very well go for a sweep with SD and E-quake.

I don't even need to post damage calcs for this. With his moveset and ability, he hits pretty much everything in the metagame for an OHKO after SD, aside the pure fighting types that scramble around.


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How about SD Samurott?

Samurott @ Life Orb
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
-Swords Dance
-Aqua Jet / Taunt

SS Samurott is awesome. He's got decent enough bulk to get at least a +2. Megahorn can wreck shit up with it's 120 BP. Unfortunately, it is a bit unreliable. Waterfall is STAB move. Together, they get perfect neutral coverage. Aqua Jet is priority to hit anything that is fragile. It also lets it kill targets that have been weakened by it's teammates. Taunt can be used instead of Aqua Jet to allow Samurott to set up easier, but priory is awesome and better IMO.

Also, he has an amazing mustache/beard combo.
Unfortunately, it comes down to that last moveslot. While taunt gets rid of toxic, then you will get outsped by faster threats that can KO samurrot. Swellow for example. And if you run priority, you run the risk of getting burned, paralyzed, put to sleep, or poisoned. And with LO hacking away at his health, then we have a prob here.

He just doesn't seem that reliable as he has only 4 moves he can use.
Cuz I'll never stop plugging this guy ever, and he has a couple minor advantages over others:

Rampardos @ Life Orb
252 Atk/252 Spe/4 Def
Jolly / Mold Breaker

Rock Polish
Swords Dance
Stone Edge

Literally 1hko's everything in the tier with the appropriate boost. Outspeeds Scarf Sawk and slower after RP. 1hko's even stuff like Throh and 252/252 Eviolite Wartortle at +2 with the proper move (assuming 1 later of spikes and SR). Priority outside of fake out is fairly rare in NU, and rampardos outspeeds ALL non-scarfers in NU (including dumb stuff like Electrode and Ninjask). Even resisted, it'll take a fair amount of damage from most Fake Out users though, which makes other non-recoil item choices viable options. Hell, even stuff like RP Torterra takes ~73% minimum from +2 Stone Edge, meaning that coverage moves aren't really necessary except to cover very specific threats that can be caught with entry hazard damage. Jolly is needed to beat most walls and beat all variants of torterra to the punch so that it isn't a sweeping impediment.


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How about SD Samurott?
I've played around with Samurott a bit before and really I can only echo what tennisace said earlier about it:

Completely and totally underwhelming. It's slower than everything it really wants to hit, and doesn't hit anywhere near hard enough. I replaced it for SD Absol and I don't even miss the resistances Water-type brings.
I mean it was okay at best but certainly outclassed at SD + priority and its bulk was really nothing to call home about.
The submission period is now OVER. All posts suggesting new sets after this is posted (bar me ninja'ing anyone who decided to wait until the last minute to put their poke in) will be ignored. We will now begin the voting stage. As we have 26 hopeful pokes, you may vote for three sets so all sets can get some representation. The vote will end on Monday, November 28 at 11:59 PM EST.

Remember- Playtesting (or at least experience from seeing the set in action) is not required before you submit your vote, but it is recommended. You can also head on over to the big NU forum and ask people's opinions of a set you plan on voting for there. I can not stress this enough, as both the Ubers and OU CCAT had problems with their chosen Forgotten Wonder, which can be avoided through not just voting on a whim.

Also, you may change your vote at any time throughout the stage by editing your post with your original vote. Please do not post twice with your votes, as it will augment the stats when the votes are counted up (I'm probably not going to check every single post to double-check the vote, so be honest).

The set of the poke we chose is not set in stone. If you really like the premise of a set, but don't agree on the placement of EV's, the nature, or a moveslot, vote for it anyways if nothing else strikes you. We can always change it.

The sets you can vote on are. Listed by time of submission. The illegal sets were not included in this list, but if you change your OP to a legal set, it will probably be added.:
Offensive Kangaskhan
LO Cinccino
RP Torterra
SD + 3 Attacks Absol
Sub/ SD Absol
SD Quick Feet Ursaring
Curse Miltank
Specs Exeggutor
DracoSwap Altaria
Coil Arbok
Mixed Zebstrika
Hone Claws Metang
Sweeper Vileplume
LO Relicanth
DD Altaria
Cotton Guard Altaria
SD + Spikes Cacturne
Mixed Magmortar
Bulk Up Throh
Belly Drum + ESpeed Linoone
OTR Slowking
CB Ninjask
LO SD Pinsir
SD Samurott
Double Dance Rampardos

My votes go out for OTR Slowking, RP Torterra, and Bulk Up Throh

Have fun going through all of this everybody! >:)

Also, I'm pretty damn surprised we have not gotten a single suggestion for the top poke (and probably the most diverse) in the tier, Mesprit, but I digress.

EDIT: I forgot to add the fact that you're first choice will count for two votes and receive two points towards the total, while your second and third choice will receive one point.
SD + Spikes Cacturne
LO Cinccino
Belly Drum + ESpeed Linoone

all three require team support but I think they would all be really interesting to build a team around. Cacturne honestly looks like he could take advantage of the majority of the metagame, so he gets my top vote.
LO (SD?) Pinsir
Specs Exeggutor
LO Relicanth

I think these pokemon would make good partners with each other. My mind is thinking that this team should be an offensive team so some mons that can hit hard off the bat would be great.

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