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This thread will serve to let you guys know when we add new content / updates to the NU Hub on-site, so you can know exactly when stuff goes up without having to check it all the time. We've got several projects already undergoing, so be sure to click that "Subscribe to this Thread" button and follow the Hub updates! :D

do that ^

I'll also update the title and post in this thread when something big is put up. Cheers!

<@FLCL> subscribe 2 nu hub thread dis if u cry errytime xD

note 2 self: list of things 2 do

- hub organization (idk what you want with this)
- update viability thread (im on it)
- update theorymon thread (i could do this, but is it really that important?)
- suspect discussion (if i knew what you wanted to do this would be easy, this should have gone up a long time ago)
- c&c thread update (i don't know where you're going with this anymore,
- mass pm to new members (this is easy enough and could be done in like 5 mins)
- figure out a senate system / members (why don't we just keep what we have now until the end of the gen? There likely won't be a lot of votes between now and then, it's a decent system and has been reliable)
- update qc with new, active members (treecko, nica, whitedmist?)
after our beloved NU mods have been lazy for the past month or so, the NU hub finally received a whole slew of updates. wow!

recent changes:
  • the main page got a slightly new and improved look for the "recent news" section. check it out! raseri will be taking charge of keeping the news up-to-date. he also posted about some recent senate updates that you may or may have not noticed. congratulations to annoyer and ebeast for becoming part of the senate???
  • the projects page is up-to-date... i think. or at least it's more relevant than before.
  • project neverused got its own page in the hub! all the good underrated or creative sets being discussed will be featured on that page. it's not much right now, but django will be updating it whenever he can so you can keep a look out for it.
  • NU RMTs received its own page as well. this will give recognition to teams of great quality that are posted in the RMT subforum. flcl and i will be updating it with whatever we see fit. for now we added the five most recent (and decent) NU teams. what's with all the snover?
  • the usage stats and tier shifts page doesn't look as ugly as it was before! whoever the fuck formatted that page in the first place is insane... i tried to make it more presentable. it's still in the works though, but we'll try to add some written content soon!

stuff to look forward to, maybe:
  • a little more fluff for the usage stats page like i mentioned above. maybe a few descriptions summarizing the history of NU's past changes.
  • the POTW (pokemon of the week) page still looks like shit and the project kind of died down. a certain someone is looking to reboot the project though; expect the page to be updated and expect to see the thread being revived!
  • art will hopefully be done for pages that are missing them. i'm pretty much the only guy doing NU hub art right now; if anyone's interested in drawing, ask one of the NU moderators (or me works too i guess?)! if your work is of acceptable quality, it will be featured. and if you don't have an artist badge (
    ) yet, doing work for the hub will help you towards earning one!

you're welcome zeb. :>
(p.s. i did most of the updates... django sucks at html)
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