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The First Annual Sword and Shield NU Secret Santa

Howdy everyone, and welcome to the first rendition of Secret Santa in the lovely tier of Sword and ShieldNU! The holiday season is upon us, and the action of giving and receiving gifts is a quintessential cornerstone of the holidays!

If you don't know, Secret Santa in concept is an anonymous exchange of gifts, where you give a gift to a random person, and you receive a gift from another. For the first NU Secret Santa, it will work similarly to that of a teambuilding workshop (similar to that of our very own NU Teambuilding Lab or the NU Bazaar). The project will work in an identical fashion to those. Each participant will send me a PM (either here on smogon, or on Discord @Aawin#9927) with a specific Pokemon or Core in mind for another participant to build with. Every idea will be assigned to a participant and you will have until the deadline to build a team with the assigned Pokemon or Core. Once the deadline has passed for building, each request will be sent to the person who requested it.
General Rules for NU Secret Santa
  • Post "in" or some sort of relevant message to indicate that you want to participate in this thread​
  • Given the deadline, if the team cannot be completed during the time frame, don't sign up for Secret Santa. Failure to abide by the deadline will lead to you being disqualified from the event for future renditions.
  • As tempting as it may be, sharing what you submitted or received ruins the fun of the project, so don't do that either​
  • Once you complete the build and it's confirmed by me in PMs, post it to the thread @ing the person who you were assigned with the Pokepaste of the team and an explanation for the build!​

Submission Guidelines
  • Like I previously mentioned, submit your cores in my Smogon PMs or on Discord (contact info for that is above). This should be done before the signup deadline.
  • For Pokemon and Cores, it is preferred that it be kept viable by NU standards, but if a niche/unmon is requested I won't be too much of a stickler on that (i.e 1 zu mon + 5 NU mons is fine)​
  • Cores are preferred in comparison to Pokemon submissions, unless one of the Pokemon in the core is difficult to build around notoriously or not ever seen in NU​
  • Specific build style for a more individually tailored team (balance, hyper-offense, etc) can also be noted when submitting your Pokemon / Cores​
  • If you want to have the Pokemon in your request have a specific set, please mention that in the submission​

Final notes
  • Feel free to sign up even if you're new to the tier! I am not an incredible teambuilder, but I will try to help out with any issues if those come up.​
  • You can change your request before the deadline. Notify me of this change in the PM.​
  • Have fun!​

Deadline to sign up will be December 17th (12/17) @ 11:59 gmt -5 (EST)
Deadline for building will be December 31st (12/31) @ 11:59 gmt -5 (EST)
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