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I think Santu is an underrated NU player, but dodmen is the best overall player remaining (he was also the second or third best overall player in the entire field), so he is clearly favored. I think dodmen's NU competence and gameplay is underrated, but Santu's out might be picking riskier teams such as Stall and perhaps more ballsy offenses in order to turn the table in his favor from team preview, which he seems to be good at doing (not a shot at his play at all, btw -- team picking can be just as important as anything else and he clearly is a competent player to get here). Predicting dodmen to take it in 3, with a lopsided game or two thrown into the mix given likely team choices.

Kushalos vs Teddeh is the better series of the two and it pits two of the more stubborn teambuilders of the tier against each other -- expect Kushalos to go with his normal, unset-filled approach while Teddeh will stick with his 2-3 old, reliable builds that have gotten him here. I think that they're probably both best in their comfort zones anyway, but Teddeh likely has a natural match-up advantage and has had a harder pool of opponents over the past few rounds, so I'm going to favor him to take it in 3 close games -- this could surely go either way though and I'm looking forward to seeing this set.

gl everyone and grats on making it this far!

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