NU Uber Moves (Won by Robert Alfons)

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Round 1

fatty vs. spookysocialist
SANJAY vs. EviGaro
lightning1870 vs. Robert Alfons
RedzoneX vs. Earlio
ChrystalFalchion vs. Rapture
Eden. vs. SenorRojo227
Skelos vs. Mindnight
Metal Sonic vs. Romanticist
ItzViper482 vs. Assassin Rogue
MiyoKa vs. BOUFF
Shadestep vs. Drud
Rakan vs. Luthier
ItsYaBoi1337 vs. blazenix
Shaneghoul vs. Cheryl.
Twixtry vs. Lax
pinktidal vs. neomn
0Nl vs. Eclipse
Jarii vs. Holiano
Raseri vs. HNBL
PursuitOfHappiny vs. carcy
cyanize vs. Taskr
quziel vs. @Bye1
KoldKappuccino vs. @Bye2
Stan Soojung vs. @Bye3

all matches were made here

  • games must be taken place on ps! under bh, although if i catch any cheating with evs or abilities you will be nu tour banned.
  • i'm taking subs as well so if you'd like to join please do so!
  • there's no real deadline for this, but these games done reasonably quickly, no johning
  • send me your teams before your games using either crypto or paste, and tell me when you're playing, it'll just make life easier
  • as executive tournament director if you do not like the post you will be disqualified
and lastly, have fun! ~
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