NU Uber Moves (Won by Robert Alfons)

uhm so regarding the drama around Metal Sonic and bsu, Whimsicott changed form Strength Sap to Topsy-Turvy 7 days ago, due to how set-up heavy this already was, people wanted a way balance it out ig

you guys can either rematch or let someone take the win ~

also regarding he plays at the end of the match, still kinda confused as to why bsu didn't topsy-turvy on the delphox, as it prob would've won the game but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
MiyoKa vs. (Rakan vs. Luthier)
KoldKappuccino vs. EviGaro
Twixtry vs. (spookysocialist vs. fatty)
quziel vs. Shadestep
Stan Soojung vs. Skelos
Jarii vs. Shaneghoul
(RedzoneX vs. Earlio) vs. (Eden. vs. SenorRojo227)
Taskr vs. Eclipse
Raseri vs. ItsYaBoi1337
Robert Alfons vs. Assassin Rogue
Rapture vs. carcy
neomn vs. bsu

didn't actually expect people to john for 10 days lol, for the guys in brackets you've got 2 days to get your gamed done otherwise im coinflipping and the deadline for others is 7 days, also the guys in brackets: your 2 days won't override into the 7 day deadline

as a reminder here is the list
Meloetta - Psystrike
Sceptile - Nasty Plot

Emboar - High Jump Kick
Hitmonlee - Gunk Shot
Machamp - Mach Punch
Rotom-C - Seed Flare
Slowbro - Steam Eruption
Sneasel - Close Combat
Virizion - Psystrike

Golbat - Topsy-Turvy
Houndoom - Blue Flare
Rhydon - Diamond Storm
Steelix - Shore Up
Uxie - Recover
Whimsicott - Topsy-Turvy

Aurorus - Fire Blast
Barbaracle - Waterfall
Delphox - Quiver Dance
Drapion - Shell Smash
Garbodor - Recover
Mismagius - Moongeist Beam
Sandslash-Alola - Taunt
Sigilyph - Quiver Dance
Slowking - Steam Eruption
Toxicroak - Close Combat
Vileplume - Strength Sap
Vivillon - Focus Blast
Xatu - Heal Bell

Accelgor - Nasty Plot
Aromatisse - Recover
Braviary - Extreme Speed
Granbull - Wish
Jellicent - Defog
Piloswine - Precipice Blades
Qwilfish - Gunk Shot
Rotom - Moongeist Beam
Samurott - Shift Gear
Seismitoad - Shore Up
Shuckle - Toxic Spikes
Tauros - Swords Dance
Vaporeon - Geomancy

Absol - Gunk Shot
Charizard - Seed Flare
Cryogonal - Focus Blast
Dodrio - High Jump Kick
Druddigon - Knock Off
Hitmontop - Knock Off
Kangaskhan - Close Combat
Lilligant - Fire Blast
Ludicolo - Origin Pulse
Medicham - Knock Off
Omastar - Giga Drain
Sawk - Gunk Shot
Scrafty - Shift Gear
Scyther - Earthquake
Skuntank - Knock Off

Archeops - Oblivion Wing
Drampa - Core Enforcer
Incineroar - Knock Off
Magmortar - Seed Flare
Mesprit - Quiver Dance
Minior - Diamond Storm
Persian-Alola - Knock Off
Spiritomb - Spectral Thief
Turtonator - Giga Drain
Vanilluxe - Earth Power
Vikavolt - Nasty Plot

Cinccino - Icicle Spear
Clawitzer - Origin Pulse
Eelektross - Recover
Exeggutor-Alola - Spacial Rend
Ferroseed - Magic Coat
Gastrodon - Strength Sap
Gourgeist-Super - Hex
Guzzlord - Celebrate
Hariyama - Swords Dance
Jynx - Blue Flare
Lanturn - Will-O-Wisp
Malamar - Psycho Boost
All Oricorio - Quiver Dance
Passimian - Spectral Thief
Pinsir - Shell Smash
Poliwrath - Recover
Raichu-Alola - Quiver Dance
Regirock - Shore Up
Typhlosion - Steam Eruption
Weezing - Parting Shot

Abomasnow - Spore
Kabutops - Spikes
Lycanroc-Midday - Precipice Blades
Quagsire - Thousand Waves
Raticate-Alola - Play Rough
Regice - Cotton Guard
Sableye - Hex
Shiftry - Shell Smash

Ambipom - Close Combat
Audino - Defog
Gallade - Shell Smash
Komala - Extreme Speed
Liepard - Parting Shot
Lurantis - V-Create
Manectric - Quiver Dance
Probopass - Giga Drain
Pyukumuku - Mirror Coat
All Silvally-Formes - Shore Up
Swanna - Oblivion Wing
Togetic - Oblivion Wing
All Wormadams - Strength Sap

please no veil thanks
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