Tournament NUPL IX - Week 3

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Deadline: Sunday, May 16th @ 11:59pm GMT -4

Reminder to everyone: Game 1 of the Bo3 has to be played in SS NU. Game 2 and 3 are decided by the loser.

:ss/frogadier: vs :ss/blastoise:
Freedom Frogadiers (4) vs The Pablostoises (4)
SS: S1nn0hC0nfirm3d vs snaga
SM: EviGaro vs Santu
ORAS: Teddeh vs Ren-chon
BW2: Bughouse vs SoulWind
DPP: Honko vs ima
ADV: Heysup vs Roseybear
Bo3: gorex vs watashi

:ss/heliolisk: vs :ss/talonflame:
The Holy Heliolisks (4) vs Tailor-made Talonflames (4)
SS: Accelgor vs Kink
SS: Alpha Rabbit vs OnArceus
SM: Jrdn vs Xiri
ORAS: Chaitanya vs Thiago Nunes
BW2: Chill Shadow vs Yugon
DPP: HSOWA vs Staxi
ADV: JabbaTheGriffin vs Triangles
Bo3: Kiyo vs Sensei Axew

:ss/piloswine: vs :ss/vivillon:
The Pile of Swines (4) vs Vibrant Vivillons (4)
SS: GOAO vs Davon
SS: teal6 vs tlenit
SM: elodin vs McSim
ORAS: obii vs soulgazer
BW2: PDC vs Star
DPP: byronthewellwell vs vivalospride
ADV: col49 vs Stockings
Bo3: Finchinator vs jcbc

:ss/musharna: vs :ss/cacturne:
The Moneymaker Musharnas (4) vs Catacomb Cacturnes (4)
SS: Luck O' the Irish vs roxiee
SS: Confide vs Sabella
SM: PinkDragonTamer vs Eternally
ORAS: quziel vs Lycans
BW2: DnB vs Jyph
DPP: Expulso vs brewfasa
ADV: Jisoo vs nightcore
Bo3: Punny vs Garay oak

If I made a mistake please contact me asap. Good luck everyone!​
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