Tournament NUPL VII Commencement


Banned deucer.
Guys, Tommorow is draft, get a little bit serious and send your
replays to the discords. I wish Good Luck to you guys tomorrow.
I might not be there...But....LETS START MEMING:

I am one of the normal people. (these memes are the Krusty Krabs memes. lol)
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As an old washed up has-been, I found myself worrying that this year's young managers may not know who I am or why they should draft me. So I have put together a collection of my greatest hits, showing how I have bested many of DPP NU's best players through the years. Managers, please take a look and remember me when it's time to draft.

Back in 2014, I was already an old washed up has-been, but that didn't stop me from haxing and defeating the mighty Heysup!

Some of my fellow old washed up has-beens may remember that Oglemi used to actually play Pokemon. As you might expect, I easily defeated him thanks to hax!

In the first NU Classic, I won DPP NU Cup by getting lucky against three straight opponents, including an extra dose of hax for the formidable Finchinator!

In the following year's NUPL, I proved I still got it by haxing the shit out of DPP NU God Bughouse for an ez win!

And to prove that I can do more than just get lucky and win, here is an old-school match where I didn't get lucky and lost -- to random scrub srk1124! (sorry don't know you)

I hope this gives all the managers enough data to make the right choice in the draft.

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