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User name: zaeoy

Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV, SM, ADV

Timezone GMT-4

Availability: Will not be around between May 29 - June 11


formerly bruised
User name: Elvira

Tiers Preferred (not binding) All

Timezone GMT-4

Availability: Anytime Fridays and Saturdays, Sundays Thru Thursdays anytime after 9:30 PM -4
User name: Be13costa

Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV, SS, BW

Timezone GMT-3

Availability: Work in the morning but outside that free 100%


formerly GymLeaderCauster
User name: Causter

Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV

Timezone GMT-5

Availability: Very dependent on work schedule but I usually have two days off a week plus some afternoons after opening shifts.
User name: toinha

Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV, SM

Timezone GMT-3

Availability: A little busy during college exam week but always able
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